Internet “Outage” to Kill Free Press?

Internet "Outage" to Kill Free Press? | Internet | Conspiracy Corner Free Speech Government Government Control Internet Censorship

“In the Last Days many shall travel from place to place (airplanes)

and knowledge shall increase (internet).”

Daniel 12:4

 “Knowledge is power.”

 -Francis Bacon-

 “The masses are controlled by stealing their knowledge of the Truth.”

 -Bart Sibrel-

As society seems to be heading toward an ever increasing downward spiral into oblivion, all the while Reagan era deregulation permits a few individuals to own and control all of the traditional media outlets, the internet may be the only remaining realm of genuine free speech and free press.  As such, it is a great threat to the establishment.

Yes, the CIA and NSA have their brigades of computer operatives with multiple personas dismissing real conspiratorial crimes on Wikipedia and other websites as “lunacy” to combat the revelation of hidden truth, yet this in and of itself is free speech, though I think it is a misallocation of honorable taxpayer resources for our alleged servants to be spending our money to lie to us.  The fact remains, somewhere out there on the web, the truth is being told.  If these government agencies were to take down a specific site for being too informative, it would only add credence to the authenticity of their testimony, and they know this very well.  The only way to extinguish information being published on the internet which the government deems harmful to their secrecy without bringing further attention and thereby credibility to it, may be to shut the entire internet down.

Naturally, the governmental establishment would not do such a drastic thing unless the information being disseminated would have drastic consequences not of their choosing.  Furthermore, to take multiple layered advantage of such a move, they would, of course, blame such an endeavor on the “Enemy of the Month.” . . . Iran? . . . North Korea? . . . What about an alliance between the two?  It would also channel all news promulgation into just three or four television news programs, which are about as independent and free as a shackled prisoner in solitary confinement.  The purpose, of course, would be complete media control.

I don’t believe that such an event as the internet going down would lead to martial law, yet it would undoubtedly lead to what some refer to as “soft martial law”; an increase in travel restrictions, road check points, and mandatory identification presentation.  Going from our “free” society of today to a greater sense of “soft martial law” would be a great first step toward complete martial law in the near future.  This would be an ideal method for the Powers-that-Be, as gradualness is their often used artfulness.  Having some national distraction simultaneously to this event, perhaps a Middle-East war, would be optimal as well.

Why would “They” do such a thing? . . . Your guess might be as good as mine . . . I would suspect that it has to do with step-by-step preparation for an international disaster that they foresee as inevitable . . . Economic collapse . . . A staged nuclear war . . . A planned disease epidemic . . . A power grid failure . . . An incoming comet, asteroid, or rouge planet . . . What did “Homeland Security” chief Janet Napolitano say the day of her premature retirement?

 “A natural disaster,

the like of which the nation has never seen,

is likely on its way.”

 -Janet Napolitano-

You better believe that whatever she foresaw, the government would want absolute control over the media during that time.  The best way to do this, is to prepare for it in advance.  Independent internet reporting of the facts that the government doesn’t want the public to know about would not be permitted during such a disaster.  The only way to make this happen, is to take the entire internet down.

Be prepared for it.

Transfer all of your funds into a bank branch that you can walk to.

Print hard copies of all important documentation.

Create a survival protocol for this eventuality.

 “Light has come into the world,

yet people love darkness instead of light

because light (knowledge) exposes their evil.”

 John 3:19

Brother Bart-


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