Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable?

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable? | davd-rockflr1 | Consciousness Government Control Internet Censorship New World Order Sleuth Journal US News

We’ve all been acutely aware of this ploy. What strikes me about the timing of such a move, pulling the plug on the internet and otherwise, is how important communications are to crises. With so many looming potential devastating scenarios and the survival of our loved ones and each other so important, this is something to be very conscious of as well as prepared for.

Personally, I have no doubt this will either herald or accompany whatever nefarious major move is next.

When you think about a supreme court justice in a deliberately high profile statement warning of a renewed approval of internment camps, the existence of which we’ve followed for a very long time with the plethora of FEMA camps being erected in addition to the existing arenas and stadiums said to be ready for similar uses, …it stands to reason that a communications black-out would be their best way to work freely under the cover of informational darkness.

Not that anyone in authority is listening to our protests, but it’s clear the awakening is shining a very uncomfortable light on their ramped-up intrusions on the freedoms, protection, health and well being of the US and world populations while massively empowering untold millions of awakening souls.

It’s A Worldwide Crackdown

The notoriously fascist and warmongering US is something of the exemplary capstone of this militarist movement, but we’re seeing the same strategy in Saudi Arabia and Turkey and many other NWO allies to muzzle and detain dissidents. These maneuvers are apparently being “tried out” once again, a tactic used to condition and soften western minds to these ideas, just as they’ve used Cyprus and Greece and other countries to test out reactions to their draconian banking intentions.

The global plan knows no national boundaries.

They know they have their hands full with the fiercely independent American mentality, so they come at it from all angles. That they’ve openly listed the types of Americans who are potential terrorists in plain view should make anyone shiver. We are now, and always have been, their #1 enemy. Managing their cattle is their primary concern.

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable? | world-brain2-602x640 | Consciousness Government Control Internet Censorship New World Order Sleuth Journal US News

The Two Edged Sword of Censoring the World Mind

The Controllers have a dilemma on their hands and they know it. The rampant spread of awareness that has taken place via the internet, and now further enhanced by the use of hand held devices of all sorts has informed and empowered a massive change in humanity. While we know the creation of the internet had at the outset underlying goals of surveillance and control, Truth is a virus to their system they were not prepared for.

The collection of data and information, called the World Brain by eugenicist H.G. Wells many decades ago, was envisioned as tool for control. Little did they know what an awakening it would spawn in such a short amount of time.

In addition, trying to muzzle a population always has a major backlash. This is why the militarization of law enforcement and the proliferation of detainment camps are integral to their program. Eventually the population will blow, which is clearly their intention. Treat people like potential terrorists, remove their freedoms and start harassing them and you’ll get the population plenty riled up.

And these elitist bastards are making sure it happens – while they skip town to their hideaways and the polarized plebes fight it out.

Preprogramming – Threats, Threats and More Threats

It’s coming at us from all sides. Hollywood has laid massive groundwork with their “end of the world” scenarios played out to dutifully programmed audiences for decades, vividly imaging and planting into the hive mind everything “enemy” from asteroids and aliens to plagues and cyber-terrorism. Mainstain news augments this program with scientifically packaged potential polar EMP catastrophes, dutifully played out by “Homeland Security” drills which also intimate outside EMP, cyber and otherwise attacks by foreign powers.

Add the very real yet Orwellian suppressed threats posed by Fukushima, geoengineering, GMOs and the like, and the on-going WW3 buildup via the roll out into the Middle East and Syria crises and the overt targeting of Iran, and you’ve got a clustered humanity ready to scream “help – save us” with any incident right on cue.

It gets even more surreal when you factor in the parallel Orwellian police state crackdown playing out on American streets, paralleling the war scenarios being perpetrated in countless countries. And this is not just in the US but in the other compliant pawns such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Russia and their ever increasing brigade of New World Order sycophants. They can’t seem to climb on board fast enough.

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable? | global-collapse-391x300 | Consciousness Government Control Internet Censorship New World Order Sleuth Journal US News


They all know something’s coming, something big. Whatever triggers this next phase, it will be a deliberately timed chain reaction that will make the world’s head spin like no other time in recent history. So what would you do to cover your next move on a population you want to subdue, quell and disable?

Shut down communications.

Don’t let the subjects talk to each other when crunch time comes, because information is power. If you don’t think they realize how massive our awakening is and the extent of its empowerment you’re living in a dream. These are psychopaths who’ve been planning this worldwide takeover a long, long time. This infinitesimal small minority of sick would-be controllers actually think they can pull this off but are strangely aware and fearful of our power.

We will not go quietly into the night, nor can we ever be extinguished.

While our spontaneous combustion has no doubt blown their minds, they have their mechanisms in place. We were asleep way too long leading up to all of this, but we’re not too late. Fatalism is not in our spiritual vocabulary, because they are operating on a very low density vibration and our time is always now. Theirs isn’t. What they want to perpetrate is so contrary to spirit and nature it cannot succeed.


Their machinations may appear to succeed for a while,  just as this current tide of lies, control and intended depopulation seems at times to be unavoidable, but their tower of deceit will crumble.

Truth wins by default. Always.

Their sole craving is power. Everything we’re witnessing on the world stage is a means to this. It is contrary to everything that underlies the creative power of the Universe. The parasite may feed for a while, but the true natural body will fight it off.

Truth and love are regenerative, while they are not. They must be synthesized. We however are eternal conscious awareness, infinite potential awaiting its full potential.

We’re not too late, off schedule, or destined to despotic rule. This potential reality is how it already is at a very deep level, but more importantly each of us is now awakened to fulfill our infinitely creative and powerful role in this grand finale.

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable? | Take-heed-1 | Consciousness Government Control Internet Censorship New World Order Sleuth Journal US News
The communication lights at some time will go off – it will not take much of a pretense, but they will do it. Whether it be a major false flag nuke event, phony cyber attack, or an “enhanced” earth change in order to create the image of the big emergency, they are poised to try anything.

It could be very soon, so be prepared. Have your alternative means of communication and survival in place.

Most of all, emanate love – in all its forms: righteous anger, passionate information sharing, full on non-compliance, intense spiritual intention or tapping into infinite peace. Or all of the above. They are not contradictory.

Respond to the call. The hour is late. Let the rest go.


Much love always, Zen


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