Iranian Military Presence in Syria: Advisors Only

Iranian Military Presence in Syria: Advisors Only | iran | Special Interests World News

Iran has no combat troops in Syria, no military bases – advisors only on Assad’s invitation, operating from Syrian facilities.

Israeli claims otherwise are bald-faced lies. So is Washington’s designation of Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism – the accusation applying to America, Israel and their rogue partners in high crimes of war and against humanity, not the Islamic Republic, the region’s leading peace and stability advocate.

On Saturday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem accused Israel of lying – falsely claiming the presence of Iranian combat troops in Syria.

There are none, advisors only, aiding Damascus combat US/Israeli-supported ISIS and other terrorists.

Iran stood by Syria from the earliest days of US-launched aggression. “(W)e thank the Iranian people and leadership for their help,” said al-Muallem, adding:

“Since the beginning of the crisis, Iran has supported Syria in the war against terrorism backed and financed regionally and internationally, (its military advisors) work(ing) by the side of the Syrian Arab Army.”

He denounced the presence of US and other foreign forces in the country – there illegally, supporting terrorists, wanting Syria’s government toppled.

Pentagon-led warplanes continue terror-bombing vital infrastructure, massacring tens of thousands of civilians on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington and Israel support.

Al-Muallem said don’t “believe any statements on an agreement about the south of Syria unless the US forces withdraw from al-Tanf area” they illegally occupy.

Russia called for the withdrawal of all foreign forces near Syrian’s border with Jordan and Israel.

Tel Aviv denied a reported agreement with Moscow on their removal, Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya saying:

“I cannot answer if it is being realized, but as far as I understand, the parties that were involved in reaching an agreement are satisfied with what they have achieved.”

Separately, he was quoted saying “an agreement (was) reached. I cannot say now if it is being implemented. (E)ven if the agreement is not being implemented now, it will be in the near future.”

Days earlier, media reports indicated Moscow, Washington and Jordan agreed on the withdrawal of foreign forces from southern Syria – along with US/Israeli-supported terrorists agreeing to surrender their heavy weapons.

Israel, Iran and Syria deny any agreement was reached, discussions apparently continuing on this issue.

Iranian, Hezbollah and other military elements invited by Damascus are legally entitled to be in Syria, combating terrorists, a scourge vital to defeat.

On Sunday, Iranian military spokesman General Massoud Jazayeri said “Iranian advisers only went to Syria at the request of the legitimate government,” adding:

“Iranian-Syrian relations are deep and strategic. They are not affected by lies.” Hezbollah forces from bordering Lebanon are involved in combating terrorism at Assad’s request.

Jazayeri stressed Tehran has no intention of withdrawing its military advisors from Syria as long as they’re needed to combat terrorism – weakened in the country, not defeated.

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