ISIS…Another Excuse To Be Afraid?

ISIS...Another Excuse To Be Afraid? | isis1-460x287 | Propaganda US News

It doesn’t take much anymore to rekindle the lingering embers from uncertainty and ignite raging flames of fear and blind vengeance in the hearts and minds of innocent Americans, once again; First, the screams of a young woman from a mountain’s edge crying for help…then a series of second-hand threats and if that isn’t quite enough throw in a couple of alleged be-headings to prime the pump. And, thanks to an ever accommodating media who anxiously jump at the opportunity to revive good ol’ 9/11 fears spooking us real good just before another anniversary of the tragic 2001 September event, Coincidence, or?

Is this our government’s reminder or that of a new enemy for us not to forget 9/11 fears? It’s as if they are secretly admitting; “…there are still many freedoms we need to take away from you and we need ya’all to get really afraid again, so you won’t think twice when you learn that you have to chip in more of your ‘take-for-granted’ privileges in order to remain safe…”, albeit from the fear of yet ‘another’ foreign hybrid terrorist group. They hope you have forgotten what they inadvertently revealed to us before; “…you never want to waste a crisis”,…(especially if it is a manufactured one)!

Following each new sound bite a poll is taken to check the latest news’ effectiveness, as if testing the results of the announcement’s ineffectiveness. Push into the minds of the conditioned listeners new, but second-hand information and wah-lah the polls change and the majority of those tested now want to kill the bastards before they get us. A predictable outcome or a surprise? Or is this another propaganda spree or another hollow threat to justify boots on the ground (which we no longer have) or a second attempt to right an unnecessary war into a just one?

Good grief! Has our country’s truth, its integrity and confidence in ourselves actually been polluted to such an extent by false messengers and double speak that all we have left are these despicable methods to secure our temporary support behind the elites’ ever-changing agendas. Where will our image be once we fail again, with this latest excuse? Will there still be enough truth left to proudly call ourselves Americans or will we just continue to implode behind our ever failing institutions? Are we being hijacked again? Or are we just waking up? Do WE even have a back-up plan? Do any of us really care? Besides, what can we do about it as we dangle from the strings of our puppeteers?

When the word ‘God’ was first used in the phrase which now appears on the value we assign our labor; ‘In God We Trust’ the word ‘God’ meant ‘Truth’ and the government feared us… ‘We The People’! …Today the word God means one of a million or more beliefs denoting some dogma of religiosity. TODAY ‘We the People’ are afraid of our government and what they will do or otherwise convince us they must do to/for us next, even if …it is supposed to be for our own good (ACA) and safety (TSA).

Should we stay tuned for 9/11 2.0 and more bombing or after Boston and Benghazi is it 4.0?

…Truth speed.

Eli Mellor lectures educating the public on how to protect themselves and their property from overzealous law enforcement.

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About The Author

In late 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini headed a revolution in Iran. The Shah sought refuge in the West. American citizens were held hostage for 444 days. When Ronald Reagan became President, the hostages were released. Throughout this grievous period of American history, the Administration in power continued to assure America that Khomeini’s regime was destined to be ‘short-lived’ weeks or months at the most and that Iran’s actions toward us were not justified. Eli Mellor strongly disagreed with this characterization. On December 16, 1979, ‘The Los Angeles Times’ published Eli Mellor’s first manuscript questioning the Administration’s rationale for this nation’s stance during the hallmark crisis. Mr. Mellor’s manuscript was subsequently published in the ‘Washington Post’, ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Boston Globe’ and various newspapers throughout the country; more than (22) twenty-two million copies worldwide. Ronald Reagan changed his national campaign slogan in 1980 and adopted “The Time Is Now”, the title of Mr. Mellor’s publication. The principles and perceptions enumerated in the first of what are now three manuscripts, served to invigorate certain policy makers. Amplifying upon his earlier works, on December 16, 1990 (11) eleven years, to the day later, Eli Mellor took his message to the cold streets of Washington D.C. He helped organize and lead the largest anti-war demonstration since Vietnam. In just (30) thirty short days, over 340,000 demonstrators converged on Pennsylvania Avenue with Eli Mellor and his message and second manuscript, “The Time is Still Now” at the forefront. Eleven years later, on December 14, 2001, just five weeks after 9/11, The Washington Times published Eli Mellor’s third manuscript, “The Time Was-or Is Still Now”. Four years before, in Eli’s simple thesis: “Twelve Good Reasons Why The Time Is Now” he identified twelve social impediments we face as citizens and reveals the means to overcome them, Mellor stated, “We can no longer trust our government or ‘the status quo’ to lead or tell us the truth. In the near future key American institutions will be threatened and major corporations will come together to control citizens’ minds, assets and manipulate their attention. The middle class will disappear”, he told his supporters in 1997. Today, his decades of warnings and forecasts have become clear reality. Truth is, Eli Mellor was right along. For more than 35 years, Mr. Mellor’s manuscripts and dire warnings have represented a stark prognostication of events to come. His unique style and the questions he asks goes to the heart of the origins of social decay and transformation in Western Civilization. The integrity of his apocalyptic wisdom continues to withstand the test of time. In his “Anthologies of Eli”, Mellor’s “Think on This” excerpts delves deep, examining human behavior, offering us a new language to open new doors and begin healing the souls of all people. In so doing, his work promises to help generations to come and shorten this calamity by identifying long held social misperceptions (beliefs) and the failed policies they created which, if left unattended , will continue to morph into even more effective tools of a ruthless slave master resulting, he predicts, in an unprecedented contentious setback for humankind; second only to the ‘great fall’. Mr. Mellor is an insightful and provocative thinker. Everyone can benefit and enhance their personal well-being from his distinguished insight. You are welcome to read his “…”Think On This…Anthologies” on Sleuth Journal, LinkedIn and follow Eli @EliMellor, Reddit and Facebook. You may submit your comments or questions to Eli Mellor at

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