ISIS Helps Other US-Backed Terrorists Seize Syrian Oilfields

ISIS Helps Other US-Backed Terrorists Seize Syrian Oilfields | syrian-oilfield | Special Interests World News
[image: AP/Hussein Malla]
Terrorist-infested US-supported Syrian (Un)Democratic Forces (SDF) advanced near the Al-Omar oilfields in eastern Deir Ezzor – after US-supported ISIS fighters joined their ranks.

On Saturday, Syrian forces drove ISIS fighters out of the oilfields. A counteroffensive let SDF fighters advance near them, seizing the al-Sijan oilfield north of al-Omar, government troops forced to retreat.

It’s unclear whether Syrian forces will contest the SDF for control of Al-Omar and other area oil and gas fields, their production an important revenue source for Damascus when operating normally.

Weeks earlier, Syrian Gas Company’s Deir Ezzor representative Amin Hamid said ISIS fighters controlled nearly 80% of area oilfields and most gas deposits, seizing them in April 2014.

Now their fighters are largely routed, some shifted to other Syrian areas, Washington helping them regroup.

With SDF and government forces contesting for the same territory, clashes between them may follow – despite an agreement to avoid them.

Syria belongs to Syrians, no one else, especially not America and its terrorist foot soldiers.

Separately, Saudi minister for Arab affairs Thamer al-Sabhan traveled to Raqqa on the pretext of reconstruction talks – rescuing regime ISIS fighters his real purpose, according to Arabic-language al-Arabi al-Jadid news.

Riyadh is a key backer of anti-Assad terrorists in Syria, supplying them with arms, munitions and chemical weapons.

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