Israel Again Terror-Bombs Syria

Israel Again Terror-Bombs Syria | israel-bombs-syria | War Propaganda World News
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Israel wants war on Syria continued, Assad removed, pro-Western governance installed, and Iran isolated ahead of targeting its sovereignty the same way.

Does Trump support this agenda? It’s unknown. Yet US warplanes continue terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure sites, and reports suggest he may deploy combat troops, escalating conflict, not working to resolve it diplomatically if he gets America more involved this way.

On Wednesday, Lebanon’s Al-Jadeed television reported one or more Israeli warplanes terror-bombed targets in Syria’s al-Qatifa mountains, located near Damascus.

The attack occurred from Lebanese airspace. Another report said a convoy transporting weapons was targeted.

Launching preemptive attacks on the sovereign territory of another nation constitutes naked aggression, Israel guilty numerous times before. The IDF said it doesn’t respond to foreign reports.

Israel’s Golani Brigade is notorious for ruthlessness, Ariel Sharon one of its first commanders.

Earlier, an unidentified soldier said it attracts the most criminal elements in Israeli society – including “psychopaths, the poor, orphans, Israelis who live in small towns, immigrants, illiterates, people with mental problems, drug and alcohol abusers, and people with criminal records.”

On Tuesday, Israeli ultranationalist war minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Hezbollah during a Golani exercise, saying:

“(T)his might be the best answer to all the threats and all the fiction that we hear from across the border. Those who haven’t seen the Golani Brigade exercise – better carry on hiding in an underground bunker.”

On Tuesday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against attacking Lebanon, saying its fighters will strike sensitive sites in response – including the Dimona nuclear reactor and a huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa.

“In the face of Israel’s threats to destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure, we will not abide by red lines,” he stressed. “We are not advocates of war. We are in the defense position,” he added.

Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Katz threatened to target “all of Lebanon” in response to a Hezbollah attack.

Israel is a ruthless rogue state, the region’s biggest threat, especially with strong US support.

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