Israeli Undercover Forces Terrorize Palestinian University

Israeli Undercover Forces Terrorize Palestinian University | israel | Special Interests World News
[image: © Birzeit University / Facebook]
Occupied Palestine is an unreported war zone in the West, media scoundrels ignoring daily Israeli state terror – including against women, children and students.

Horrific incidents happen with disturbing regularity. Every day is Kristallnacht in Palestine. Israeli rampaging continues unaccountably.

On Wednesday, Israeli undercover border police agents disguised as journalists invaded Birzeit University on the phony pretext of seeking a terrorist suspect.

Israel is at war with all Palestinians seeking freedom from occupation harshness, wanting control over their own lives, their fundamental rights respected.

Anything related to these objectives is considered terrorism or incitement, even treason.

Student council leader Omar al-Kiswani was beaten and arrested, two other students injured by Israeli gunfire.

A university statement condemned Israel’s “barbaric (campus) intrusion,” adding:

“The kidnappers, carrying firearms in their backpacks, entered the campus during working hours and attacked the student in front of the Student Council Building, located at the center of the campus.”

“The operatives forced and pinned the student to the ground while firing their weapons, endangering lives.”

“Protecting this group’s intrusion into the university was an armed Israeli army unit.”

“The unit detained the university’s guards in the guards’ room and proceeded to use their firearms against the students while providing cover for the kidnapping operation.”

“This is not the first violent intrusion by Israeli army forces, who systematically invade the university’s campus – even though it is specifically protected under international humanitarian law – and constantly harass students, faculty members, and staff at Birzeit University and other Palestinian educational institutions.”

These type incidents happen multiple times daily throughout the Territories, Israeli soldiers conducting violent pre-dawn raids, bursting into Palestinian homes while residents sleep, terrorizing them, traumatizing children, making political arrests.

The world community and Western media pretend not to notice. Israel does what he pleases against Palestinians unaccountably – high crimes virtually never punished.

Student council member Yahya Alawi said plain-clothed agents carrying press equipment “identified Omar and called over to him as if they wanted to interview him, (then) beat him, pulled out their weapons, and a large group of occupation soldiers stormed through the main entrance of the university.”

Students threw stones at Israeli forces. They responded with live fire. Birzeit University students were targeted many times before, dozens assaulted and arrested.

These type incidents are politically motivated, targeted individuals guilty of no crimes.

Students and other activists are repeatedly harassed, detained and brutally interrogated.

Separately, Israel released Mamoun Farhat after serving a five-year sentence – immediately rearrested, denying him freedom.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, “Israel has been employing this policy recently against prisoners from East Jerusalem to deprive their families and friends from celebrating their release.”

Over 6,000 Palestinians languish in Israeli gulag harshness for the crime of wanting freedom from Israeli viciousness.

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