Israeli Activists Protest Against Israeli Military and Gaza Operation

Israeli Activists Protest Against Israeli Military and Gaza Operation | 121117-edinbugh-gaza-protest | Government Corruption News Articles Protestors & Activists War Propaganda World News

People all over the world have been protesting against the military actions in Gaza all week, there have even been protests within the colony of Israel among Israeli citizens.

There are many people in Israel who understand the situation and don’t buy in to the government propaganda as past generations have.

According to Press TV:

“Nearly 150 Israeli activists have staged a demonstration in Tel Aviv to protest against the Isralei regime’s airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip.

The demonstrators, who rallied at Tel Aviv’s Habima square on Saturday night, slammed the military aggression as part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “election campaign.”

They chanted, “Children in Sderot and Gaza want peace.” They also chanted slogans against the “occupation” of Palestinian territories by the Israeli regime.

Earlier on Wednesday, anti-war activists also held a similar demonstration outside the house of Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak in Tel Aviv, calling him the “No. 1 terrorist” in the Israeli regime.

At least 50 Palestinians have been killed and more than 400 others wounded since the beginning of the recent Israeli air strikes against the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Many women and children are among the casualties.

Israeli has authorized the mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists, preparing for a possible ground invasion of Gaza.”

For well over a year now peace activists in Palestine and Iran have been teaming up with other peace activists in Israel and the United States to spread a message of love and unity among people of all geographical locations…..regardless of what all the crazy politicians say.

One of the most popular of these efforts is the Iran loves Israel and Israel loves Iran campaign, which started out as a viral Facebook phenomena where Iranians and Israelis would send messages of love to one another and reassure each other that the hateful rhetoric put forward by governments and media outlets are totally out of line with the true feelings of the average person.

Wars belong to the politicians, the weapons manufactures and the bankers, it is their hate and their propaganda that drives the violence in these conflicts.

The people at home just want to live long, happy and peaceful lives.

The following is the front page quote on the Iran Loves Israel web page:

“Nothing about war is healing. It doesn’t plant seeds of change – only of discord and pain. The people of Iran, like our counterparts in Israel, are vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking.

We need a transparent arena where ideas can be exchanged, thoughts developed, and discourse inspired by our similarly ancient cultures.

Although many countries in the Middle East suffer from debilitating international stereotypes, we can unite to transform the media’s image of us as violent and intolerant aggressors to loving and cooperative partners.

As we go through the crucible of our inherited animosities, we can burn away our superficial differences and together emerge with a greater understanding of humanity.”

The Israel Loves Iran web site has an equally positive quote on their front page:

“Once you see your enemy as a human being similar to yourself, being expressing his love and understand he doesn’t hate you as years of propaganda succeed to make you believe, you can never go back to blind hate, then you can start to know each other and you will be ready for peace.”

I am sure that these groups are working hard on awareness efforts to bring these issues to the rest of the world and let people know that the conflict is not between the people but between the governments, so there is no reason for the people to get killed and caught in the middle.

As of right now protests around the world are growing exponentially as the violence escalates in Gaza.

The IntelHub will be paying close attention to all aspects of this issue as the story develops.


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