Jersey City Cops Go To Wrong Home and Hold Family at Gunpoint

Jersey City Cops Go To Wrong Home and Hold Family at Gunpoint | kesha-moyd-jones-150x150 | News Articles US News
Kesha Moyd-Jones said police entered her Jersey City home with guns drawn, mistaking it for another home down the block.

A Jersey City woman says police tackled her husband and held her family and guests at gunpoint when they responded to her home by mistake on New Years Day.And to make matters worse, the police refuse to apologize to her traumatized kids, she says.

“I was terrified and I didn’t know what was going on,” said Kesha Moyd-Jones, who is a legal secretary at the state Attorney General’s Office in Newark and lives at 351 Randolph Ave. “They came with the attitude of ‘shoot first and ask questions later.’ ”

Police Capt. Edgar Martinez said the department does not comment on ongoing internal affairs investigations.

Moyd-Jones said she was entertaining company at 9 p.m. on New Years Day when her bell rang, so she went to the balcony of her second floor apartment.

“Oh my God, there were about 20 police cars and more were pulling up,” Moyd-Jones said today. She said her husband had just returned from walking their dog and he was standing outside the open front door.

Moyd-Jones said the cops asked for a different address on the block, and my husband told them they were at 351 Randolph.

“I yelled down ‘Look at the door.’ Then they asked him if a Kesha lives here and as soon as he said ‘Yes, that’s my wife,’ they threw him to ground and jumped on him.

“I yelled down ‘Get off my husband’ and I thought maybe he’d done something and I yelled ‘What’s going on?’ They looked up and said ‘We are looking for Kesha.’ and when I said ‘I’m Kesha,’ the next thing I know is they took out their guns and came in.”

Moyd-Jones said she was afraid to open her apartment door, but one of her guests opened the door and the officers entered with guns drawn and trained on her and her guests. The officers were yelling “Where is the gun?” as they ran through her home, she said. Her 9-year-old son was frightened, hid and urinated on himself, she said.

Moyd-Jones said she could hear someone on the police radios saying “Kesha has a gun. She’s going to shoot her boyfriend,” and officers told her someone called the precinct and the caller told police the caller was going to kill her boyfriend.

“I said, ‘First of all, I don’t have a gun and I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a husband,’ ” Moyd-Jones said. “I said ‘Why did you beat up my husband if you thought I was going to shoot him?’ One of the police officer said ‘You got a mouth.'”

Moyd-Jones said one of her friends told police he had to use the bathroom. He too urinated on himself after an officer said “‘You ain’t going nowhere.’ They had their guns pointed at all of us.”

That’s when one of the officers suggested calling the number used to contact the precinct. When they did, it rang but no one picked up.

“They went downstairs and talked to my neighbors and they said they never called police,” Moyd-Jones said. “This is when they realized they had the wrong house and they came upstairs and said ‘All clear,’ as if they shouldn’t have known that when there was a different number on the door.”

Moyd-Jones said she called the precinct the next day and an officer told her “They can come to my house any time they want if they get a call. He said their main concern was for their officers’ safety. I said ‘What about us, they were a threat to us.’ All this was done in front of my kids.”

Moyd-Jones said she asked if an officer could be sent to her home “to apologize to my boys because I teach them to respect the police. He said ‘Apologize? That’s never going to happen.'”

Moyd-Jones filed a complaint with the police department’s Internal Affairs Unit, but she is not hopeful it will do any good. She said the officers there “were like, it was an accident. No one was hurt. Get over it. … But people were hurt emotionally. They traumatized us and that’s not right. When they saw 351 on the door, they should have known right there they were at the wrong address.”

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