CRAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Did they Walk on the Moon 47 Years Ago with 1960’s Technology? (VIDEO)


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“All Truth passes through three stages . . .

First, it is ridiculed . . .

Then, it is violently opposed . . .

Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.”

-Author Schopenhauer-

 “In an age of universal deceit,

telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

“Whoever controls the past, controls the future.”

George Orwell

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this:

If we’ve been bamboozled long enough,

we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.

We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth.

The bamboozle has captured us.

It’s simply too painful to acknowledge,

even to ourselves,

that we’ve been taken.

Once you give a charlatan power over you,

you almost never get it back.”

Carl Sagan

“It is easier to fool people

than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

-Mark Twain-

Life is not so much a battle between right and wrong, as it is a battle between Truth and Lies, as this generally precedes, and ultimately leads to good or evil. Truth leads to good. Lies lead to evil. Life is wonderfully simple.

The simple fact is, half of all crimes are “conspiracies”. Half are done without forethought, in the heat of the emotion of the moment, and half are plotted out in advance, thus making them conspiracies. Those who would like the public to ignore half of all the crimes in the world by ridiculing those with an intellect to perceive such duplicity are simply those perpetrating the crimes in the first place.

We have to understand that if a tiny spider, the size of a dime, can meticulously plan and trap its prey weeks in advance, than the human mind, if so inclined to evil, can do so much more evil, much farther in advance. Additionally, a lie, or a conspiracy, is the only crime that can exist without tangible evidence. If someone is murdered, there is dead body. If someone steals, there is the material possession. Yet, when someone lies, where is the lie? A lie is the only crime that you cannot touch, that you cannot see. A lie is purely ethereal. This is why lies are the favorite misdeeds of habitual criminals. After all, out of all of the crimes committed in the world which people are put in prison for, how many of them are there for simply lying?

The origin of crime is the lie, or conspiracy, invented beforehand to cover up the crime before it is even committed. When crimes are committed on an international scale, then international lies are needed. This is why multibillion dollar corporations have consolidated all television networks, magazines, and newspapers. It is to control your perception of reality, not to offer you reality. As someone who worked as senior editor in news for two years, I can testify to this fact. We referred to our broadcast as a “show”, not “news”, simply because it was completely contrived from the top down like any corporation, where the “anchors” (readers) simply regurgitated the scripted words from unseen superiors. Don’t believe me? Simply watch the clip below and notice that all the major networks are receiving commands from a central authority.

Click HERE to see this amazing proof.

Highly respected and Pulitzer Prize winning “Watergate” reporter Carl Bernstein had this to say about exactly who it is who has central control over the media . .  .

“More than 400 American ‘journalists’ (that we know of) have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. In many instances, CIA documents show that ‘journalists’ were contracted to perform covert missions for the CIA with the consent of the managers of America’s leading news organizations. Among the executives (that we know of) who lent their cooperation to the CIA, were the heads of Time Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associate Press, United Press International, and Reuters.

I think that just about covers everyone.



If indeed the “moon landings” during the notoriously unscrupulous Nixon administration were part of a Cold War deception, then you better believe that the CIA played a central role in the deception, which was entirely presented by the above media outlets, already proven to be under their direct control. Furthermore, unlike any other event in recorded history, there was absolutely no independent press coverage of such a monumental occasion. Whatever television pictures and photographs presented to the public were entirely controlled by the Federal Government, Richard Nixon, and the CIA.

Regardless of who killed Kennedy, whether it be Oswald or another, the president remains dead. Regardless of who orchestrated 911, three thousand remain dead. The uniqueness of the “moon landing” conspiracy, unlike the others, is that it is the only conspiracy that I know of which is positive. It was a lie that made everyone feel good. Trying to take that away from some is like telling them their home team cheated to win the Super Bowl. They are in no way interested in hearing such a thing, even if it is True. In the same way, I once asked a renowned college professor at a prestigious university what would he think about the issue if he heard Neil Armstrong himself confess to the deception. He replied, “I’d still think we went.”

When I was a child, believing in Santa clause was so much fun. When I found out it was merely a deception to make me feel good, I was devastated. Believing that we live in a magical world where men can fly to the moon on their very first attempt with 1960’s technology is fun too, even though the feat cannot be repeated nearly five decades later, by any nation on earth, including the one that allegedly did it first nearly fifty years ago, even though all truth reminds us that the South Pole, and Mount Everest, and First Flight, and the Light Bulb, was never, ever achieved on the first attempt, and certainly never abandoned once achieved, never again to be repeated.

Why do so many people believe this lie? Because they want to. They want to believe this lie. Believing this lie means they live in a better world than they actually do. Yet the fact is, they do not. They live in a world of deplorable million-man genocide, horrific rape, vicious murder, hateful racism, and unthinkable child molestation, and yet, for some reason, they think that in a world such as this no one would do such a dishonest thing as faking a moon landing. Believe it or not, this is the number one reason I hear from smart people, who in their longing to be part of a society of pride boosting Santa Clause science, cannot see the plainness of the simple fact that technology does not go backwards.

If it were so easy to go to the moon on the very first attempt with 1/10th less computing power than is found today in a ten dollar Walmart watch, then there would be bases there by now, nearly fifty years later. The South Pole has temperatures that reach below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (-73 C) and hurricane force wind speeds, yet there are bases there. Why? Because it is humanly possible. If it were humanly possible to reach the moon, there too would be bases there. The fact that there are not, is proof itself that it cannot be done.

After Columbus arrived in the “New World, within a year, numerous other European nations traveled to the new world.  After Lewis and Clark ventured to the American west, shortly thereafter, citizens everywhere traveled to the American west.  After the Wright brothers accomplished powered flight, within a year, numerous others repeated their technological accomplishment.

Charles Lindbergh first flew across the Atlantic in an airplane in 1927. Fifty years later, there were millions of airplanes flying across the Atlantic. Soon it will be fifty years since America allegedly had men leisurely playing golf on the moon in complete safety with 1960’s technology, all on the very first attempt. In comparison, the 747 aircraft, built after seventy years of successful aviation history and millions of manufactured aircraft, was developed at the very same time as the “Apollo” spacecraft, the first ever vehicle to take men to another planet, yet the 747 took one year longer to construct and endured over 160 failed attempts before it finally got off of the ground!

When it comes to perceiving the truth in a world full of lies, historically, the majority has always been deceived, and later proved wrong, by the minority of their contemporaries, whom they persecuted and considered deceived at the time, when in fact it was they who were deceived. Does a person know it when they are deceived? No, they do not. You see, you can be sincere . . . and be sincerely wrong.

The majority of scientists thought the world was flat. The majority of astronomers thought the earth was the center of the universe. The majority of physicians thought bleeding the sickness out of a person was a cure. The majority of Americans thought Nixon was honest. Likewise, a majority of scientists, astronomers, physicians, and Americans think the moon landings were real, yet their titles and majority do not equal truth, as history has well proven . . . and will prove again.

Why is it so difficult for to see the truth?

Very simple . . . Pride.

“The Pride of your heart has deceived you.”

-Obadiah 1:3-

Pride is simply the unwillingness to be wrong, just as humility is the willingness to be wrong. The great thing about being wrong, which is what I had to finally admit about the moon landings, is that I am learning something new, and I am no longer walking through life in error. The bad thing about being right all the time, is that I cannot learn anything new, and I am living my life in a self-deceived state, which is the very worst form of deception. When someone else deceives me, if I try hard enough, I can eventually figure it out, after all, I know that other people cannot be trusted all of the time. Yet when I am self-deceived, it is nearly impossible for me to overcome, because the person I am relying on for “facts” is myself . . . and of course I can trust myself! . . . even when I am wrong.

When someone considers themself smart, this is the first step towards their ignorance. They boast about their years of experience and degrees, and thereby pour concrete around their finite knowledge, unawaringly calling their stone mound of limited facts, the entire universe of truth. If you try to tell them they are wrong, they will defend their post to their emotional and intellectual death at all cost, all the while attempting to defile you with their venomous words for pointing out their mistake, even if you are right, just like those previously mentioned throughout history who believed in a flat world and a bleeding recovery.

Just like OJ Simpson’s lawyers, who later admitted they knew of his guilt and were only “doing their job”, no matter how plain the evidence, their deceptive lawyer-like minds have an explanation for why facts are fictions, and fictions are facts. With every evidence submitted as to why the moon landings were falsified, no matter how condemning, there is always a zealous pride-filled counter-explanation to throw away the truth and institute a lie in its place, just like OJ Simpson’s defenders with misplaced zealously.

Just because someone has an explanation for something,

does not mean that the explanation is true.

Rather than looking for the truth, at the cost of being wrong, the majority of people, because of their blinding pride in the accomplishments of themselves and like-minded others, instead “Gather around them a great number of teachers to tell them what their itching ears want to hear”. (2nd Timothy 4:3) In other words, rather than looking for the truth, they look for people to agree with what they already believe, so as to prove themselves right.

The real question is, if you had cancer, would you want to know? . . . Or would you rather have your doctor lie to you and tell you that everything was just fine . . . even though it really wasn’t? Sometimes you have to cut off a diseased limb to save your life. The same is true of the “moon landings” of the Nixon administration.

If the “moon missions” were real, then they hold a place of prominence in the annals of human history. If they were not real, and Billions of Dollars were embezzled from the taxpayers to lie to those who funded the missions, being told that they were genuine, then this would be criminal fraud, and the taxpayers would deserve reimbursement for the offense. In fact, the faking of the moon missions, because of pride and arrogance, would be more important of a moment in historically than if they had actually gone.

This Great Truth is being withheld by the minority of society against the vast majority.


Because they think they are better than the rest of us.

My life story regarding the “moon landings” is a conversion story, much like an ancient religious leader who persecuted the Truth, whom then he became their leading advocate. My father was in the Air Force. I grew up around the latest aviation and technology. I loved it! On July 20th, 1969, I was only four years of age, quietly asleep in bed. My father, as a celebrated military officer, was given a VIP package of commemorative photographs of the event, which he gave to me as a cherished present. From the age of about four to fourteen, these pictures covered an entire “sacred” wall in my bedroom. It was a shrine (like a religion) to the intellectual prowess of humankind. I saw these images, every day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, for ten years. This means I propagating the desired belief in their authenticity, three thousand six hundred fifty times before I even considered the possibility that they were misrepresentations of reality . . . That’s a lot of brainwashing!

Fortunately, at the age of fourteen, I saw an enlightened television program featuring an interview with William Kaysing, a NASA contractor during the Apollo “moon missions”. He asserted, quite confidently, from first hand experience, that the impossible Apollo flights were staged to increase the prestige of the United States during the height of the Cold War, and in the pit of domestic discontentment because of tens of thousands of young American boys dying needlessly in an ambiguous foreign war in Vietnam. Nixon himself said that the Vietnam War protests were the Number One cause of American strife.

After watching the program, I went to my enshrined bedroom “wall of infamy” and looked, for the first time, with new eyes, at theses surprisingly telling pictures. Sure enough, just like the man said, stunning evidence of photographic anomalies were hidden in plain sight! (They say this is the very best place to hide something investigators are looking for!) I just had to have “eyes that see”, after all, a famous prophet notably said that most people “have eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear”.

I equate this with a saltshaker always being placed in the left kitchen cabinet, on the third shelf, on the left side, for ten years. If your spouse inadvertently moves it to the left kitchen cabinet, on the third shelf, on the right side . . . you don’t see it, even though it is right there in front of your eyes! . . . There you stand, with the cabinet door wide open, the salt shaker right in front of you only inches away (though on the right side of the shelf rather than the left, where you were trained not to look), and you do not see it! . . . There I was, looking at the same pictures of the alleged moon landings over and over again for a full decade, yet not seeing quite obvious inconsistencies and abnormalities that would quickly give away the deceptive criminality of the event, if only I would look beyond my programmed response!

In a way, like naïve Adam and Eve, you can’t blame people for initially being deceived, after all, which is a more pleasant realm to live in, one in which your country or world continually lies about science, integrity and spending, or one in which your country or world is scientifically unsurpassed, honorable and financially honest? Naturally, people almost always seem to see the latter, simply because this is the kind of realm they would rather live in.

Fortunately, at the age of twenty-four, I had become a filmmaker, and happened to be editing a movie one day for the very producer of the show I had seen as a fourteen year old, ten years earlier, about the moon landing fraud! “Do you remember that man you had on your show who said the moon landings were fake?” I asked, “What was his name? I’d like to talk with him.” The rest is history.

I went from being the biggest fan of the moon missions to eventually becoming the most outspoken critic. Why? Because I was open minded and willing to be wrong when the evidence presented itself to the contrary of my first opinion, even if that evidence was unpredicted, unprecedented and very depressing.

Hitler, the master of deception, said that it was actually easier to get away with a Gigantic Lie than a small one, because small lies are so common, and therefore anticipated, so that no one would expect the audacity of a grand deception. This is precisely the psychological tactic that was used in precipitating and maintaining the monumental, yet very simple, lie of the “moon landings”, all with 1960’s technology. A feat which cannot be repeated today!

During the injurious riots protesting the Vietnam War, president Nixon decided that a unifying pep rally of a successful “moon landing” was just what the American patient needed!  Do you really think that Nixon was going to risk killing three “National Heroes” on “live” worldwide television, when simply failing to rescue kidnapped hostages would ruin you for life as it did president Carter a few years later?  How then could Nixon absolutely guarantee a successful moon mission? . . . To stage it! . . . Not to mention that it was technologically impossible at the time to begin with.  In fact, according to NASA contractor William Kaysing, who worked for six years on the Apollo program, a classified interdepartmental memo, which he personally read and approved, estimated the likelihood of a successful manned mission on the first attempt at a mere one in ten thousand chance.

Some assume that if the Soviet Union or Chinese intelligence agencies found out that the American moon landings were fraudulent they would “spill the beans” to the rest of the world.  This is simply not true, and again, thinking only one step farther than programmed to do so, reveals the truth.  If wars are created for the profiteering of the “Military Industrial Complex”, as many forward thinking people including president Eisenhower now realize, then foreign “adversaries” of America may be merely created by the CIA, for profitable ends by the billionaires pulling the strings behind the scenes, who have been making money off of war, “cold” or otherwise, just as Eisenhower warned, since the Revolutionary War.

Think about it: America has been engaged in some kind of war for two hundred fourteen years of its two hundred forty year history, more thajn 90% of the time. As such, the Soviet Union and China are, in fact, in-league with the United States government, despite mainstream media appearances.  (Just imagine a fake wrestling match.) This being the case, these overseas entities would not bring the truth of such an American scandal into the light to injure their co-conspirator brother. Any “bad blood” the United States appears to have with foreign powers is merely staged for the very purpose of keeping their complicity a secret.

Even if these two “super-powers” were actual enemies of America, they still would not expose the truth about the moon missions.  For example, if I had a picture of the president with a prostitute, would it be more profitable for me to give it away free to the press, or to blackmail the president, year after year, with ever increasing tolls until the day they died?  If such countries really were enemies of America and had proof of the moon landing fraud, it would serve their interests much more to keep such knowledge to themselves and blackmail the United States, year after year, administration after administration, to get the behind-the-scenes negotiations to favor them, whether it regarded trade, arms, debt, or anything else they so desired.

There were, in fact, no “independent” tracking stations for the Apollo missions.  The only entities that had such capability were the United States’ own government agencies (who were complicit in the cover-up) and the aforementioned countries, who profited from keeping the secret. Additionally, NASA launched the “Tetra-A” satellite shortly before the Apollo missions to simulate transmissions coming from the moon so that their ground crews could rehearse the “moon landings” during their many simulations.  Conveniently, it was purported that the Tetra-A satellite “accidentally burned up” in the earth’s atmosphere just before the first moon mission, that way the government satellite could secretly still be in service, performing the same simulation function during the “moon missions”. Furthermore, a retired ground crew member recently acknowledged that they could tell no difference whatsoever between a “real” and a “simulated” moon mission.

From Wikipedia regarding The Apollo Fraud:

“Some people insist that the Apollo moon landings were a Cold War deception of the Nixon administration.  However, “empirical” evidence is readily available to show that manned moon landings did occur.  Anyone on earth with an appropriate laser and telescope system can apparently bounce laser beams off three retro-reflector arrays reported to be left on the moon by Apollo 11, 14 and 15, suggesting deployment of the lunar laser ranging equipment at asserted Apollo moon landing sites, implying equipment constructed on earth was transported to the surface of the moon.  In addition, in August 2009, NASA’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter claimed to send back high-resolution photos of the estimated Apollo landing sites.  These government issued pictures show not only what is reported to be the faint shadows of the descent stages of the lunar landers allegedly left behind, but also apparent tracks of the astronauts’ walking paths nearby in the lunar dust.”



At first (and only) glance, these appear to be relevant arguments, yet each one is, surprisingly, most easily and unconditionally refuted with only a modicum amount of further investigation beyond the initial conditioned interpretation. First of all, it has recently come to light through “whistling blowing” that intelligence agencies regularly use “Wikipedia” for propaganda purposes, as they can anonymously post intelligent sounding pro-government thesis to the masses, often deliberately contradicting and smugly belittling more truthful “conspiracy theories” of very real crimes of the authorities in power for whom they work.

When they use words like “empirical evidence” is readily available to show that the manned moon landings did occur” . . . It not only shows their arrogance (which, in and of itself, demonstrates their blindness to the facts), it also exemplifies their desperation to make an argument that is so much losing ground that they have to resort to the administration in power tactic that if you don’t agree with them you are somehow deficient in intelligence.

It was proven in 1962 that a laser can be bounced and calibrated off of the moon without a manmade reflector thereon, simply due to the reflectivity of the lunar surface.  Secondly, Russia put a manmade mirror on the moon’s surface during the time of the Apollo missions for this same claimed purpose, using instead an un-manned probe that would not have to suffer the biological ravages of lethal space radiation.  (See the March 1959 issue, Volume 200, Number 3, of the magazine “Scientific American”, article entitled “Radiation Belts Around the Earth”, to see how deadly and impenetrable space radiation is beyond the safety of low earth orbit where the space station currently resides, at an altitude of merely 205 miles above the earth . . . The moon being about 239,000 miles away.)

Thirdly, seeing how all of these lasers have their data computer controlled, it would only take one computer hacker, if they so desired, to manipulate the data shown on a scientist’s viewing monitor, which they could completely manipulate, making the very employees of NASA ignorant of the facts. This was precisely the case at “mission control” during the “moon missions”, where dozens of computer “operators”, actually just read the preprogrammed data screens like news anchors, who do not write their own words, openly admitting afterwards that they could tell no difference whatsoever between a flight “simulation” and a “real” flight.

To say that additional “new” photographs from the criminal NASA are evidence that “prove” the moon landings were real . . . is laughable.  They already faked high resolution, full body pictures, of an “astronaut” standing right on the “moon’s surface” nearly fifty years ago, so what is it to fake additional pictures now, with almost five decades better “Photoshop” technology, of such simple things as “tiny shadows” or “scratches” on lunar satellite photographs, which are supposed to be from human foot tracks or Apollo lunar landers?  These diehard believers are just seeing what they want to see, like a naïve spouse of a cheating partner, accepting the fox’s evidence that they didn’t steal a chicken.

Additional arguments against the fraud are reported to be the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the industry who contributed to the “moon missions”, who, allegedly, would have had to have been informed of the fraud and kept it secret. Again, seemingly a good argument, yet it is not with only a little extra thought and investigation.

Do you really think the CIA was stupid enough to tell hundreds of thousands of contractors the goings-on of a top-top-secret project? Would the CIA really be so careless as to tell the person making the rocket’s door handle, the glove, or the boot of the spacesuit, that they were actually faking the moon landings? Do we really think the CIA is that stupid to tell so many low-level people something they wanted to keep secret? Furthermore, to say that because my uncle worked at NASA and believed the moon landings were real, is proof that they were real, is like saying that because my uncle worked as a vender at the Super Bowl and believes that the game was honest, that this is proof that the football players didn’t cheat to win!

Just like a pyramid of power in any business, what the employee, the manager, and the regional manager knows about the business’ actual agenda, is completely different than what the CEO at the very top knows. Remember, there were only three people (“trusted” government employees) who were actually there at the time. As you will see in my film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” (linked below), the three crew members were indeed on the rocket, they did launch into earth orbit on July 16th (to attain realistic “zero gravity” flight photography), they did splash down in the ocean eight days later (to add to the realism), yet the rest, everything beyond earth orbit (which is only what they can do today), was completely contrived, like a masterful illusionist, by satellite data manipulation, complete media control, and professional movie sets. After all, what is easier to do, to actually build a rocket and travel to another planet with 1960’s technology on the very first attempt, or simply make a movie about it? The age old argument “The simplest explanation is the true one“, which many “Apollo proponents” use to suggest the “moon missions” authenticity, actually proves the fraud instead!

The simple fact is, it is easier to fake a moon mission than to actually do one . . . the exact reason why the film “The Martian” was filmed in an earthly simulated television studio, rather than on Mars.

Some of the best evidence supporting the fraud is the fact that in 1998, when the space shuttle flew to its highest altitude ever, three hundred sixty-five miles, one third higher than they normally flew, they were asked to descend to a lower altitude by mission control due to lethal space radiation they encountered, by approaching too close to the “Van Allen Radiation Belts”, which don’t even begin until one thousand miles altitude (and continue for an additional twenty-five thousand miles). That is to say, they were six hundred thirty-five miles away from radiation that was so intense, that the crew reported they could see the radiation with their eyes closed as sparks of light hitting the retinas of their closed eyes. When this happened, CNN inadvertently reported of the moon landing fraud.

“The radiation belt surrounding earth is more dangerous than previously believed.”

Apparently, not a single journalist on the entire planet figured out, except for myself, that this statement totally contradicts the authenticity of the moon landings! . . . here’s why . . .

The only time in world history when human beings are said to have traveled through the twenty-five thousand mile thick radiation field called the “Van Allen Radiation Belts”, which unbeknownst to most, surrounds earth starting at an altitude of one thousand miles and extending twenty-five thousand miles beyond that, the only claimed transversing is during the alleged “moon missions”.

Radiation Belts 2


Why is it then that astronauts some six hundred thirty-five miles away from this radiation, twenty-nine years later, know more about the radiation than the Apollo astronauts who claimed they were in the middle of it eighteen times to the moon and back?

Remember, the recent discovery proves that the radiation is . . . “more dangerous than previously believed”. What is “previously believed” if not based on the previous reports from the “experts” of the radiation, the Apollo crews, who were allegedly the only ones in all of world history to have ever traveled through this radiation (and eighteen times at that, to the moon and back), all with no ill effects and no reports of any kind of the visible sparks of radiation being seen, as were later reported by the space shuttle crew from hundreds of miles away, not even in the middle of it as the Apollo crews supposedly were!

Of course, this is simply not possible.

What does this mean?

It means that the people who claimed to have previously been inside the radiation field lied about being there! Of course too, if the “Apollo” crews never went through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, as this contradictory report reveals, then they certainly could not have gone to the moon either, which the traversing of this radiation would require!



Why does no one connect the dots with this very revealing information except me? Because the dots lead to a horrific truth that would break the spirit of the entire American nation, proving that most people would rather believe a pleasurable lie, than a painful truth.

In December of 2014, NASA sent their brand new “Orion” spacecraft, unmanned, directly into the Van Allen Radiation Belt, at a 3,600 mile altitude, and then u-turned it for a prompt return to earth.

What is worth studying at 3600 miles?

 The purpose of the “Orion” was to . . . “to test the instruments”. What “instruments” were onboard the Orion spacecraft? GEIGER COUNTERS TO MEASURE THE RADIATION INSIDE OF THE RADIATION BELTS AT 3600 MILES.

Didn’t NASA already have these measurements decades ago from the Apollo moon missions, if indeed men actually went through the radiation belts 18 times? Why is it so important to “test the instruments” at a 3,600 mile altitude inside of the radiation belts? . . .

To see if humans can survive transversing it . . .

. . . for the very first time!

Apparently today’s new generation of NASA engineers, some in their twenty’s, have stumbled upon this significant NASA contradiction. Though they were probably led into the space exploration field by the motivation of the seemingly glorious inaugural “moon missions” of the 1960’s, the fact that such a feat cannot be duplicated even today with five decades more advanced technology, and that aside from theses alleged moon missions of the Nixon administration, no one has ever gone more than 400 miles away from the earth in the nearly fifty years ?

Kelly Smith, one of these twenty-ish engineers, was selected as the official “Orion” mission spokesperson in the following NASA video press release. Notice that at :43 seconds into the film, Smith confirms that the radiation belts are made up of “Extreme Radiation”. At time 3:06 he again refers to the belts as “Dangerous Radiation”. Finally at time 3:36, for the third time, Smith plainly states, “We must solves these (radiation) challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

The question is, if the solution to the dangerous radiation belt problem has yet to be invented (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”), then how is it that the Apollo crews during their alleged “moon missions” went through this dangerous and extreme radiation nearly fifty years ago when the necessary equipment to survive doing so has yet to be invented ? (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”)

Click HERE to view these most revealing remarks.

Did Kelly Smith reveal this contradiction accidentally or intentionally ?

When I asked NASA’s press office to interview Kelly Smith about this matter, they refused to grant him permission to talk with me. When I emailed a list of mostly harmless questions about the Orion mission, NASA politely answered all of them. When I submitted a more difficult inquiry about Kelly Smith’s three statements about the dangerous radiation of the Van Allen Belts and how the radiation problem must be solved before NASA sends astronauts through them, NASA refused to reply to these questions, as if I had never asked them. When I asked for the readings of the Orion spacecraft’s onboard Geiger Counters in REM, NASA said that such information was a secret and that I would have to file a “Freedom of Information Act” request to attain the measurements. When I asked why such information about the radiation belt’s strength in REM is a secret, NASA refused to answer and then terminated all further communication with me. (Just 1 REM per hour is five times a lethal dose. As you will read below, the Radiation Belts contain up to 100 REM per hour.)

When NASA sent publicly funded probes and spacecraft to measure the temperature of the sun and the amount of hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere, this information was readily available to scientists and to the public, after all, why would a measurement of a part of nature be a secret? Likewise, the amount radiation in REM in the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the earth is simply a part of nature and, as such, there is no reason whatsoever why such elementary measurements of nature should be a government secret . . . unless disclosing such measurements would reveal the impossibility of the Apollo crews having gone through them and surviving with decades older technology, seeing how NASA just acknowledged, accidentally or otherwise, that such protection from this “Dangerous” and “Extreme” radiation has yet to be invented by the space agency and “must” be invented “before we send people through this region of space.”

Quite interesting . . . yes ?

When I discovered absolute proof (actual, on camera evidence) that the Apollo astronauts never left earth orbit (contained in a newly discovered unedited NASA reel which was never broadcast to the public; debuted in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon) and showed this controversial videotape to a news director at NBC, he turned pale white, practically fainted, and collapsed in his chair exclaiming, “Oh, my God! It looks like we didn’t go to the moon!

“I know”, I said, “What do we do?”

This man, who held the betterment of America in his hand, thought for a long time . . . and then eventually . . . “chickened out”. He said, “I cannot broadcast this with a clear conscious. It will cause a civil war. I will not be the one responsible for that.”

While I disagree that the public knowing the truth about the moon missions would cause a civil war, they would probably demand governmental reform and start investigating other matters of corruption and deception. Naturally, criminals would rather not get caught and preserve their way of life which reform would inevitably dismantle.

Oddly enough, when Bush Jr. was president, he went on national television and proclaimed that “The United States will return to the moon as a logical first step to Mars and beyond”. Did no one besides me notice that if they really already went to the moon six times, why would they need to do a “first” step over again for the seventh time? He was even so bold as to go on to say that “First we will need to learn how to protect the astronauts from lethal space radiation.” Am I the only one curious enough to ask, “Why not do it the same way that worked so good the first time they went to the moon?

In August of 2009 it was reported, albeit as a news oddity (and it certainly was) that a “moon rock”, personally given to the president of the Netherlands by Neil Armstrong in 1969, who supposedly handpicked it off of the “moon’s surface” himself, was opened forty years later from its hermitically sealed container by a curious museum curator after they had watched “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. Following microscopic examination, the rock was verified to actually be a deceptively authentic looking piece of petrified wood instead! Yet again, not a single journalist, except for myself, asked the question, “If the moon rocks are fraudulent . . . What about the moon missions?

If more people would only view with an open, deprogrammed mind, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, which contains newly discovered video evidence of the moon landing fraud, then they would see, with their own eyes, recently uncovered unedited behind-the-scenes outtakes of false photography of the “moon missions”.

The scene contained therein has never been broadcast to the public.  In it, Neil Armstrong is using a one-foot diameter model of the earth, from low earth orbit, to create the illusion for the television viewers, that he and his crew are half way to the moon, when they are, in fact, still in earth orbit. This is absolute proof that, though they were on the rocket in low earth orbit, the crew never went any further, due to lethal space radiation.

This revealing footage is even dated by NASA’s own computer clock as having taken place two days into Armstrong’s flight, when he is supposed to be half way to the moon, or some 135,000 miles away from the earth, yet he and his crew are clearly shown (in these newly discovered unedited outtakes of the broadcast) to still be in earth orbit, and are instead, falsifying the television photography to deceive the viewing public of their real location. The CIA is even heard on a private, third audio channel, prompting Armstrong to respond to Mission Control’s questions, only after four seconds have elapsed, in order to create the false impression of an increased radio delay, so as to appear to be much farther from the earth than he and his crew actually were. (Jump ahead to time 32:02 – 40:50 in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” by clicking HERE if you do not wish to view the entire forty seven minute documentary and only see the newly discovered unedited out-takes of Neil Armstrong falsifying mission photography during the historic and now infamous mission.)

If the “moon landings”, which were done with such ease on the very first attempt, with 1960’s technology, though they cannot be duplicated toady with nearly fifty years more advanced technology, are so obviously real, then anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Why then are there hundreds of websites, with tens of thousands of hours spent on their construction, in existence to refute the insane rantings of morons? As Shakespeare so famously said, “Thou does protest too much.” Another historical commentator said this . . .

“The likelihood of one individual being right, increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.”

Even former president Clinton, once holding the (allegedly) highest office in the land, doubts the authenticity of the moon landings.  On Page 156 of his biography “My Life” he states:

“Just a month before, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague, Michael Collins, aboard spaceship Columbia and ‘walked on the moon’, beating by five months President Kennedy’s goal of putting a man on the moon before the decade was out. The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened.  I said sure, I saw it on television. He disagreed; he said that he didn’t believe it for a minute, that ‘them television fellers’ could make things look real that weren’t. Back then, I thought he was a crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on TV that made me wonder if he wasn’t ahead of his time.”

If a president of the United States is finally admitting his doubts as to the authenticity of the “moon landings” (albeit, after he safely left office) and is calling those who perceive the truth of the event “ahead of their time”, shouldn’t you also reconsider your thinking on the matter, if you haven’t already?

Not too long ago, I interviewed the second man to not walk on the moon, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. He sat down with me thinking that I was going to interview him in order to help him make money off of a book he was promoting. Instead, I had a television monitor set up to ask him about my newly discovered unedited outtakes of false photography from his “moon mission”, in which he was actually the camera operator orchestrating the deception.

You have to understand, at that moment, with two professional television cameras there, a crew of about five people, as well as professional lights and microphones, he thought, for a brief moment, that the news story of his fraud had just broken worldwide! It was at this time that he exclaimed in anger (at time 8:58 – 9:11 in the link below), “And this makes you a real famous person that has discovered this and reveals all this stuff! What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself (your career) like this!” He even shouted back (at time 8:30 – 8:38), “Well you’re talking to the wrong guy! Why don’t you talk to the administrator of NASA! We’re (only) passengers! We’re guys going on a flight!” (See these time specified clips here in Astronauts Gone Wild by clicking HERE.)

The question is, if I was wrong with my accusation, how could I become famous from exposing nothing? Therefore, this statement itself is a blatant admission of guilt, because he didn’t say I was wrong with my assertion, rather that I had impure motives for revealing the truth. Additionally, if he was only a “passenger” as he plainly stated, then that certainly means that he never piloted the lunar module to the moon’s surface as he previous claimed, because a passenger and a pilot are certainly very different from one another! (Merely orbiting the earth for eight days, entirely under the control of NASA, is what made him only a passenger, not a pilot, as he firmly admitted.

Aldrin finally remembered that I was not with “ABC” (news) as he previously believed, rather “ABC-Digital”, the name of my independent television production company at the time. At this point, when he realized that the discovery of the fraud was isolated, by a lone television producer, not to be broadcast worldwide by a major television network, he started backpedaling on his admission of guilt and started to reassert, though not very convincingly, his mission’s alleged authenticity. When he finally realized that he had made a critical error in judgment by acknowledging twice, with the above two incriminating statements, that I was right in regard to my revelation of the truth, he demanded that the cameras be turned off and threatened to sue me if I showed his admission of guilt to anyone. (See this at time 10:10 – 10:18 in Astronauts Gone Wild  by clicking HERE.) Certainly if these two statements were not an admission of guilt, he would have no problem releasing them to the public.

Seeing how my job as a filmmaker of thirty years is to make fake scenes look real, this truly is my expertise, and how I first discerned that the moon missions were false. In fact, years ago, in showing a colleague of mine, with more years professional filmmaking experience than I, a recent unrelated film I had just completed, he complimented, “I really liked the way you captured the sunset at the end of your movie.” I smiled and said, “That was actually an electrical light, not the sun.”

In the case of the NASA scenes that were allegedly lit solely with the bright sunlight on the atmosphereless moon, the shadows from one object, or person, compared to another, should always, without exception, run parallel with one another and never intersect. Yet, in several of the photographs allegedly taken on the moon, shadows from one object or person run at a different angel than the other and eventually intersect. This would absolutely never happen in sunlight, as the sun, the alleged only light source in the “moon” pictures, is one million times bigger in volume than the Earth, and therefore evenly lights in the exact same direction of any given area.

See the direction of the SHADOWS below.



Shadows Shadows*

on the “moon(with Electrical light)

According to NASA, no electrical lighting whatsoever was used on any of the “moon missions”, simply because of allegedly being on a heavenly body in very bright sunlight, which doesn’t have clouds or atmosphere, made supplemental lighting completely unnecessary and a waste of precious electrical power. In fact, according to NASA, because the moon has no atmosphere, the sunlight there is twenty times brighter than on the Earth, so the last thing any photographer on the moon would need is an electrical light that would cast intersecting shadows!

In the now infamous National Geographic special on how the moon landing hoax was supposed to not be a hoax at all, in a vain attempt to still hold on to the corporate lie (which they subsequently removed from Youtube because I exposed the following blatant deception of theirs), they went to a California desert at night to “simulate” the alleged conditions on the moon. They dressed up an actor in an “astronaut” costume, had them stand a few feet apart from a television crewmember, brought in one electrical light to simulate the sun, and basically said, “See! The shadows of the two people standing near one another DO intersect in our ‘moon simulation’, so filmmaker Bart Sibrel is wrong!”



The very simple fact is this: Why didn’t they just wait 12 hours and use the very same desert during the day with REAL SUNLIGHT to accurately depict the very same real sunlit condition on the moon?!?! The filmmakers claimed, “We can’t duplicate the sun”, yet they easily could have if they only filmed in the very same spot 12 hours earlier, in natural sunlight! They went on national television trying to prove “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” wrong with the exact same evidence that PROVES ME RIGHT . . . all the while telling everyone the exact opposite!

The point is, their shadows in their little demonstration intersected because their “moon simulation” was lit with electrical light! . . . All the while they claimed that this proved that the moon missions were real, when their very demonstration proved that the moon missions were FAKE instead! Think about it! In their “moon demonstration”, with electrical light, the shadows DID intersect, just like some of the Apollo pictures, right? Yet, they said, “These results directly contradict the conspiracy claims” (which are that the pictures from NASA on “the moon” were lit with electrical light, not sunlight). They told this blatant lie in a deceptive attempt to confuse the viewer from seeing the truth, when in fact, these very results of theirs PROVED the conspiracy claims to be TRUE rather than false!

Do you see this?!?!

They went to the desert at night, allegedly, to get a black background like on the moon, yet this was not the point of the experiment! The point of the experiment was to see which of the two casts parallel shadows: SUNLIGHT (as claimed by NASA) or ELECTRICAL LIGHT (as claimed by me), because the assertion I made in my film was that the reason the shadows intersect in some of the NASA pictures is because they were lit with electrical light in a television studio instead of sunlight outside on the moon as they falsely claimed, where the shadows would NEVER intersect!

Did you get this?

I just discovered a VHS copy I made of their one time broadcast (later pulled from Youtube) and uploaded this devious attempt of theirs to lie through their teeth to the viewer. Here it is:

Click HERE to see how they lie to prove a lie.

The National Geographic Channel simulated the “Apollo” pictures (matched them) by using ELECTRICAL LIGHT NOT SUNLIGHT, which means that the Apollo pictures were taken with ELECTRICAL LIGHT, not sunlight, meaning they were TAKEN ON EARTH! . . . All the while they tried to mislead the audience into believing the exact opposite of the truth, that this deceptive “evidence” of theirs proved the moon mission’s authenticity, when in fact this exact evidence proved the exact opposite, that the NASA pictures were ALSO taken with electrical light, therefore, they were taken on Earth!

The National Geographic program further lied in their “special” when they said “only a very small group of people believe that the moon missions were fraudulent”. Really??? Is 45 million of 300 million Americans a “very small group” ??? (Not to mention nearly 2 BILLION people in other non-brainwashed countries that know the facts!) If the group of believers of the truth is so “very small” as they falsely claimed, then what is the National Geographic Channel (a propaganda arm of the United States government) doing wasting an entire exclusive hour of television, and tens of thousands of dollars in production costs, trying to convince such a “small minority” out of their “crazy” and “insignificant” error, or are these extensive resources being spent because of the growing millions who are awaking to their senses, that networks like these are trying to keep the multitudes Perpetually Deceived?

Their own “expert” on the program, as to the moon landings alleged authenticity, the one of such astuteness that he proved me right when he was trying to prove me wrong, admitted that his life’s work is to convince people that the moon missions were real. Why would this be anyone’s life’s work if the “moon landings” were, unquestionably real and the numbers opposed to him were so “very small”, and the people opposed to his belief were merely “crazy” as the program insinuatedWould you spend your entire life’s energy trying to convince crazy people who thought the world was flat that it was round?! Of course not!

Even the scene at time 30:37 – 31:06 in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (Click HERE), in which the astronauts appear to be “floating” around in 1/6th gravity, is so obviously a simple, yet very convincing, “slow motion” effect, that in the National Geographic program they deliberately “zoomed in” far past the soles of the astronaut’s feet touching the ground in the original NASA footage, in a blatant attempt to alter the original evidence, because showing the unaltered clip of the bottoms of their feet only getting an inch or two off of the ground, would have conclusively proved that they were on Earth and not on the moon, where they should have been able to leap a yard or more high because of the much lighter gravity! When you simply double the speed of the footage with professional video equipment, it becomes blatantly obvious that the convincing “1’6th gravity floating effect” is nothing more than a rudimentary “slow motion” effect. Truly, this ALONE proves that they are NOT on the moon, rather on Earth!

“Myth Busters” did the very same thing as the “National Geographic” special, simulating (matching exactly) the “Apollo” picture’s intersecting shadows with electrical light, proving that the pictures on the “moon” were lit with electrical light, not sunlight as claimed, meaning the “moon landing” pictures were taken on earth, as no electrical lights were brought to the moon.

It was when I pointed out these deceptions in their programs, that the producers (who were corporate NASA surrogates) refused to have me on their shows, or deleted my previously recorded interviews from their content, because not only could I prove on national television that the moon landings were fraudulent beyond any doubt, I would have also exposed their blatantly deceptive arguments to make their misleading points on national television, something they were not about to allow me to do.

Think about it! If a television program about the moon landing deception (really produced to reassure the public that it was not a deception against mounting evidence to the contrary) refuses to have on their show the world’s leading advocate on this very subject, or deliberately deletes conclusive evidence from him of the fraud from their content, how can they at all be trusted to be presenting the truth in the first place? If the moon landings were so obviously real, then they would let me speak uncensored, and show the newly discovered video evidence without any fear whatsoever!

Do you have eyes that perceive . . .

or only eyes which see what the magician wants you to see?

NBC, for a program on their “Discovery Channel”, paid me thousands of dollars, flew me to New York City, put me up in the very expensive Waldorf Astoria hotel, all because a new, independent-minded, producer of theirs wanted to air my side of the story, as well as exclusively showcase the first network broadcast of my newly discovered unedited video evidence of behind-the-scenes photographic fraud from the “Apollo 11” mission. When NASA got wind of their intended broadcast of this condemning footage (how they found out is a mystery), they threatened NBC with permanently disconnecting their “live” camera from the International Space Station, if they dared broadcast these excerpts of blatant false photography from the first “moon mission”. (Remember, another NBC news director previously viewed the very same evidence and promptly concluded that it conclusively proved the moon landing fraud, though disappointedly said, “I cannot air this. It will cause a civil war”.)

Seeing how the Discovery Channel and NBC regularly used and boasted about video feeds from this camera of theirs on the International Space Station on numerous ongoing television programs, they succumbed to the NASA threat, and never aired the interview of me painstakingly explaining my newly discovered condemning NASA footage, which they had already filmed and purchased exclusive rights to, even though it cost them tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Do you still believe there is a free press outside of government control?

I was even once invited to the NASA launch headquarters in Florida as an official member of the press, with personalized credentials, a formal written invitation, and a scheduled appointment, yet when I asked an “Apollo” astronaut to confirm that he actually left Earth orbit, because I had newly discovered evidence to the contrary, I was promptly, and forcibly, removed from the property by security forces, with the threat of arrest if I persisted with my questions. If you had been there and witnessed this firsthand as I and my camera crew did, you would have sworn that we were in North Korea or the Soviet Union, rather than the “free” United States of America with an alleged “free” press.

The only television program to ever broadcast the condemning footage I uncovered of unedited outtakes of false photography from the first “moon mission”, was Tech TV’s enormously successful talk show “Unscrewed”. In fact, the show was so popular, that their viewership doubled every thirty days for the first twenty-four months it was on the air! Despite being the highest rated program on the entire network, bringing in the owners of the channel untold millions of dollars, the show was abruptly canceled immediately after airing the recently uncovered inflammatory footage of “moon missions” forgery. This was a not so subtle warning to other broadcasters who might make the same error in judgment. Since then, knowing this penalty of termination hanging over their heads, no other network has dared to air, on any of their programs, any relevant portions of this monumental newly discovered unedited footage of NASA outtakes, which emphatically proves that the “moon missions” were false.

Click HERE to watch the interview.

The simple truth is, if I really walked on the moon with indisputable evidence, and someone thought otherwise, I would find that hysterically funny! If someone asked me to swear on the Bible to that “fact”, why in the world would I object to taking an oath of such an “obvious” event? Instead, the astronauts in question reacted to the request as if I walked up to them in the company of their wife and asked them how their hidden mistress was doing! If they really walked on the moon, me saying otherwise would be like throwing a feather at them! Why would anyone be violently mad at someone for throwing a feather at them? If, on the other hand, I were exposing a real crime of infidelity that they had gotten away with for decades and built lifelong reputations on, then you could certainly see why they would react with such violent hatred. (See time 00:00 – 2:00 in Astronauts Gone Wild by clicking HERE to view.)

I met privately with “investigative journalist” Geraldo Rivera in New York City to give him a copy of “A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Moon“, which included the newly discovered condemning video evidence.  While I later appeared as a guest on his show on the anniversary of the event, he made it clear to me that though he may be personally suspicious of the “moon missions” authenticity, he is not able to say so publicly and keep his job.  The only way that I could appear and present my case on his show was if I did not show the NUMBER ONE key piece of evidence of the fraud.  Why would this matter . . . if they really went to the moon?  Instead of showing the absolute proof of the fraud, Geraldo chose instead to show the sensational “punch”. Subsequently, one has to question his credentials as an “investigative” journalist, rather than a Pop-Culture Propagandist, when he knows the Truth and refuses to share it with the masses.

Click HERE to view Sibrel on “Geraldo at Large”.

The same is true of the New York Times.  While “investigate reporter” John Schwartz interviewed me in-depth on the topic of the “moon landing” fraud, the story which he actually wrote was about “how interesting it is that some people doubt the moon landings“, rather than an actual investigation into possibility that indeed the missions were a Cold War deception.  When I asked him about the newly discovered condemning video evidence of the astronauts staging their photography of being “half way to the moon” when they were still in earth orbit, he replied, “I can’t explain that“, and then went on to say that such an investigation along these lines would result in his termination by his superiors.

USA Today, along with many other newspapers, television and radio stations, “reviewed” my documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, basically toting the party line, saying things like “ludicrous” to describe it. Really? Four out of five people who actually watch the 45 minute documentary, with the condemning new evidence debuted in it, reverse their opinion as to the “moon missions” authenticity!!! In fact, in each and every case, when I tracked down the actual person who wrote the critical review and asked them, “What did you think about the newly discovered unedited footage of false photography from Apollo 11 showcased in my movie?”, they replied, “Well . . . I didn’t actually watch the movie. I wrote the review on the concept of the film, not the actual content.”

Can you believe this?!?! “Professional” “journalists”, for major magazines and broadcast television stations, write reviews about films that they don’t even watch?!?! Why aren’t people like this fired for incompetence or dereliction of duty, instead of being promoted to positions of national authority??? This is what is “ludicrous”, along with the idea that a scientific achievement that was done on its first attempt in the 1960’s with technology that is fifty years old cannot be duplicated today!!!

Four networks, so far, have paid thousands of dollars for the exclusive license to broadcast this newly discovered amazing NASA footage, only to be told at the eleventh hour NOT TO DO IT by senior network executives (who are likely under the direct influence of the United States government, whose criminality would be exposed by airing it). The BBC did this very thing only three days before its scheduled broadcast, after they had licensed the condemning footage nearly a year in advance at the cost of thousands of dollars! I was informed that a senior US government official telephoned the president of the BBC and put pressure on them not to air the program. The BBC even bribed the executive producer of my film with additional thousands of dollars to sign a contract not to publicize their recanting and the reason for it.

In fact, this “anonymous” executive producer of which I spoke, who put up approximately a million dollars to help produces these two films of mine exposing the moon landing fraud, has an IQ nearing 200, and is a board member of an aerospace company which is presently building rockets for NASA! Wouldn’t such a person know whether the moon landings were real or not??? Of course they would! THEY DO KNOW! They KNOW that they were FAKE, a Cold War bluff against the Soviet Union, as well as a domestic “pep rally” for the Nixon administration during the Vietnam War’s detrimental national protests. They KNOW, from an engineering standpoint, that the 1960’s NASA “low bidder” equipment that only put a man in orbit for the first time a few years earlier, could NEVER have successfully landed on the moon on their first attempt with 1960’s technology, especially considering the fact that the feat cannot be repeated today with fifty years of more advanced rocketry technology.

Although the technology allegedly used to “put a man on the moon” was not classified, because the missions were “supposed” to have been done by a non-military “civilian” government agency (NASA), the specific details of the hypothetically miraculous machinery, according to NASA, are nevertheless “unavailable”. This is because all of the flight telemetry data, as well as all of the technical specifications of the “Apollo” spacecraft, were deliberately destroyed by NASA after the “moon missions”! You would think that such important, one of a kind, and supremely valuable design at a cost of FORTY BILLION DOLLARS, would be kept for just short of all eternity, in case such expensive to attain information would be needed again in the near future . . . Yet the exact opposite is the case.

How did the lunar lander power air-conditioning against an outside temperature of 252 degrees Fahrenheit (122 C) down to an amazing 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C) inside for three days nonstop with a bank of, essentially, car batteries? No one will ever know! All of the schematics and electrical diagrams of the lunar lander were deliberately destroyed! How did the “moon” rocket go 1000 times farther than the space shuttle with less advanced engines? No one will ever know! The rocket diagrams and blueprints were removed from the archives and are nowhere to be found! All of this was done so that if a curious and astute propulsion or electrical engineering student in the future were to do the actual mathematical calculations, they would be able to expose the fact that the “moon” vehicle, in reality, did not have the electrical battery capacity necessary to power the air-conditioning down 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 C) from the outside temperature, nonstop for three days, nor did it have the fuel necessary to leave Earth orbit to begin with, as the newly uncovered video evidence clearly proves by the crew’s falsification of being half way to the moon!

Don’t believe me? Watch the video clip below in which I read the super intelligent “Apollo” rocket designer’s original mathematical calculations to “Apollo” astronaut Eugene Cernan as to the only way possible to reach the moon, a methodology which NASA never used.

(See this at time 31:40 – 32:46 in Astronauts Gone Wild by clicking HERE.)

When the government told the man in charge of the “moon” rocket to adjust his numbers “a little bit” to reflect a fictitious way to reach the moon with the available resources and technology of the time, he immediately recanted on his fuel calculations by a factor of more than 32,000 percent! Did I mention that this man in charge of the “Apollo” program’s authenticity, Wernher von Braun, was a former World War Two Nazi whom our own government’s State Department is on the record for saying that, had he not prematurely died shortly after the “moon missions”, he would have been immediately thereafter indicted for War Crimes for overseeing the genocide, and the cover-up thereof, of hundreds of innocent people?

Another leading scientist at the time, James Van Allen, the discoverer of the radiation belts who so humbly named them after himself, originally said that the lethal radiation belts previously spoken of in this article, through which the “moon mission” crews would have been the only astronauts in history to have ever traversed in order to leave the safety of Earth orbit and reach the moon, if indeed their missions were real, would be “10-100 times more deadly than a lethal dose”! Under pressure from NASA, he too, like Braun, dramatically recanted his original findings in order to make it appear as if the moon landings were possible. Don’t believe me again? Below is the link to his original published findings in the respected national journal “Scientific American”, in which Van Allen spoke plainly about the radiation belts beyond earth orbit being an obstacle for practical space travel to the moon and beyond, just as Kelly Smith of the Orion mission did.

Van Allen himself said this, in an article published in 1959 in “Scientific American” magazine after NASA sent probes with Geiger counters into the radiation belts:

“Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 REM per hour, depending on the still undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 REM would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight.”

Click HERE to read: Van Allen Belts Deadly Radiation

Even “Apollo” astronaut Alan Bean, when I interviewed him unprepared for my challenging questions, accidentally admitted ON CAMERA that he DID NOT travel through the lethal “Van Allen” radiation belt (which is well above where the space station is or where the space shuttle or any other non-“moon mission” crews has ever flown). When I pointed out this error to him, he merely said, “Maybe we did (go through the radiation belts)”. When I asked him if he experienced any unusual phenomenon from traveling through the radiation belts, he said “No”. When I pointed out to him that a crew of the space shuttle, decades after his alleged “moon” mission, on the highest altitude of any space shuttle flight, more than 600 miles away from the intense radiation belts, experienced radiation that was so severe, even from more than 600 miles away, that they could see the radiation as sparks of lights through their closed eyelids, Bean then suddenly remembered seeing the same phenomenon! When I pointed out to him that this space shuttle crew was the first of any astronauts in history to report this strange phenomenon, he changed his story a third time to keep up with the revelatory facts, and immediately recanted what he had just said about seeing the radioactive “sparks of light” in the first place! . . . Absolutely amazing!  (Did I mention the fact that each astronaut who was interviewed at length asked for Two Thousand Dollars an Hour in CASH for the honor of being lied to?)

(See Alan Bean’s accidental truth telling, and failed attempt to cover it up, at 13:41 – 18:53 in Astronauts Gone Wild by clicking HERE.)

(You can also see at time 27:30 – 27:45 in Astronauts Gone Wild by clicking HEREthat Cernan says that the descent engine to the lunar surface was “very loud”, while Bean says that “you couldn’t hear it because of the vacuum of space”.)

Not only are all of the specifications, blueprints, and telemetry data of the miraculous NASA 1960’s technology that allegedly went to the moon on the first attempt nowhere to be found, all of the original television transmission videotapes, estimated to weigh about two tons, have also been mysteriously “lostinside the Federally Secured National Archives! Why? Because naïve director Ron Howard, whose own wise grandfather warned him that the moon landings were staged, requested that all of the original videotapes be transferred to High Definition for an I-Max documentary he was producing to commemorate the “moon missions”. Prior to this, the highest quality version of the original footage that anyone had ever seen was deliberately fourth generation (a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy), in order to disguise the falsification detail of the fake “moon” landscapes.

When this moon-landing-believing prominent film director asked for the original NASA videotapes of all of the “moon walks” to be transferred to High Definition in order to be projected onto a screen that was nearly 120 feet by 100 feet for the first time in history, for all the world to see at a resolution that was at least four times greater in detail than had ever before been witnessed, within days of his request, all of the original videotapes vanished from the Federal Archives!!! But of course, we still went to the moon, right?

Proof of this, is that when Howard’s documentary commemorating the “moon landings” was finally produced without this essential material, he resorted to filling about 95 percent of it with “reenactments” of the “moon walks”, which he likewise filmed in a television studio. In fact, there was so little actual footage available of the alleged greatest event of the 20th century, that this multimillion dollar director had to resort to renting VHS tapes of other filmmaker’s previous work at Blockbuster Video in order to have at least some of the vanishing NASA footage! He was so ashamed of the low quality of the images he was forced to use, because of the scarcity of them, that he reduced their size within the nearly 120 foot by 100 foot screen to only about 10 percent of the available space.

In case you were wondering “what if”, someday, the mysteriously vanished original videotapes were to one day be found? . . . Oops! . . . Did I forget to tell you? . . . The only machine on the entire planet that could ever play these one of a kind format videotapes was deliberately disassembled and destroyed by NASA, right after the originals got “misplaced”, making that scenario absolutely impossible!

As various nations and private enterprises finally, after nearly fifty years, have the capability to send microwave oven sized probes to the moon (still no men), NASA has quickly drafted regulations to keep their alleged manned landing sites of the Nixon administration completely off-limits. They have said that any flyovers of the coordinates, or ground incursions thereof, into these areas by probes of other nations, to prove or disprove their authenticity, are strictly forbidden. (Since when does the US government own the moon?) You would think that they would gladly welcome independent proof (which there has never been) that their outrageous scientific claims of 1960’s technology were real (even though the feat cannot be repeated today), especially in the face of growing universal doubt to the contrary, yet the exact opposite proves to be the case. (It is like a murderer who boasts of his innocence, all the while refusing to give a DNA sample, when he well knows that incriminating DNA evidence was left by him at the crime scene.)

China, a trillion dollar trading partner of the United States, recently sent a probe to the moon. As all of the moon is uniformly desolate and one landing site is just about as good as any other, I would think that the perfect and most logical place to land would be that of the United States’ alleged first “moon mission”, to prove to the world that their probe was really on the moon. Yet if the “moon landing” artifacts are not there themselves, this might be biting the trillion dollar trading-partner hand that feeds them. Subsequently, China steered clear of any supposed NASA “moon landing” sites for any of their lunar probes, even though these were the most logical places to land.

Astrobotic Technology, a private firm, had planned to land a probe precisely at the claimed “Apollo 11” landing site, as they too saw this as the most logical choice to prove that they were really there, yet because of pressure from NASA not to do so, and subsequently embarrass the organization and nation for not having really landed on the moon in the 1960’s, the president of the company, John Thornton, caved in and agreed not to land there as originally planned, even though the moon is owned by no one and he was “free” to do so. (Is it freedom when scientific exploration is completely altered because of political pressure from a government agency?)

If putting a man on the moon is supposed to be “the greatest achievement of mankind”, then certainly not doing it, lying about it to the entire world, embezzling tens of billions of dollars in the process, deceiving and misleading college students, high school students, scientists, academics, congress, the senate, and future space pioneers who will endanger their lives thinking it was so easy to go to the moon in the 1960’s, then this event, the falsification of the moon landings, out of pride, greed, and arrogance, is REALLY one of the most profound events in human history. The falsification of the moon landings is more profound historically, than if they had actually gone.

Do you see this?

This great truth, as to the TRUE nature of mankind, the deceptive, arrogant, and criminal nature, is being withheld from the majority, by the few people at the top, because they are the once who committed the crime and think they are better than the rest of us! This great truth, which could humble mankind into changing our character before it is too late, is being withheld from the masses, like a cure for cancer. One of the greatest events in human history, the falsification of the moon landings, out of pride, greed, and arrogance, is being withheld from public consciousness, the very disclosure of which would cause its advancement, and without which, our moral and intellectual growth will be forever stunted.

I am often criticized by my fellow countrymen as “unpatriotic” for saying that the “glorious” American “moon landings” were a Cold War deception, even though this is the sad, unwanted Truth. Our country has hopelessly descended into a realm where liars are heroes, and truth speakers are traitors. If George Washington arose from his grave today, he would grab the first ship back to England. He repeatedly told the painstakingly detailed truth of the desperateness of the situation of his Continental Army against the vastly outnumbered and better equipped British troops, to a congress, that even at that early historic hour, wanted to hear flowery lies of success instead of unpleasant realities. Our leaders have gone from “I can never tell a lie”, to practically lying all of the time. It is not unpatriotic to expose corruption, it is unpatriotic to commit the corruption in the first place.

Just as Hitler’s children, if he had any, would have a hard time seeing dear old papa as anything but a benevolent patriarch, mired tunnel-visioned “intellectuals” and misdirected beguiled “patriots” will seldom admit that their enamored “scientific” community and “glorious” government can be just as corrupt as pedophile priest. The fact remains, if all the scientists from all the nations on earth cannot go to the moon today with fifty years of newer computer and rocketry technology, it simply means, and it cannot mean anything else, that America did not go to the moon in the 1960’s. Technology does not go backwards! It is so obvious to anyone with an open mind who does not have a religious attachment to the blasphemous event.

“God opposes the proud, yet gives grace to the humble.”

-James 4:6-

“Tell my people their transgression.”

-Isaiah 58:1-

“Apollyon” (the origin of “Apollo”) means

“The Devil” or “Deceiver”

-Revelation 9:11-

“The truth will set you free.”

John 8:32-

“Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

Galatians 4:16-

“The further a society drifts from the truth,

the more it will hate those who speak it.”

George Orwell-


Brother Bart-


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