Lavrov Warns US Against Interfering in Russian Regional Elections

Lavrov Warns US Against Interfering in Russian Regional Elections | lavrov | Special Interests World News
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Unlike Russia’s noninterference in the elections of any country, America does it all the time, wanting pro-Western officials elected, not independent ones it doesn’t control.

William Blum’s research revealed Washington’s deplorable history, horrendous enough to make garden variety despots blush. Since WW II ended, its rap sheet:

“Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically-elected.”

Terror-bombed “more than 30 countries.”

“Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.”

“Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.”

“Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.”

Uses “torture (more) than any other country in the world…for over a century…not just performing the actual torture, but teaching it, providing the manuals, and furnishing the equipment.”

“It’s not a pretty picture,” said Blum. “It is enough to give imperialism a bad name.”

America is the unchallenged world champion rogue state, super-bully, intimidator and serial aggressor, raping and destroying countries to feed its military/industrial complex, enriching it at the expense of millions of lives lost and vast destruction – more coming for sure, an endless cycle of inflicting misery on people worldwide.

Washington spurns rule of law principles, mocks democratic values, wanting the world run according to its rules, no matter the human cost – governments maintaining their sovereign independence targeted for regime change.

On September 10, regional parliamentary and gubernatorial elections will be held in six of the Russian Federation’s 85 federal subjects.

Sergey Lavrov warned Washington (through its Moscow embassy) against interfering in them, saying:

“I do not know what plans the US embassy has, but there were many episodes when American diplomats were seen in illegal activities. The relevant services should take appropriate measures.”

According to the Vienna Convention, personnel in foreign embassies are forbidden from politicking abroad.

It’s common US practice for its “embassy staff to travel to different regions on the spot, conduct public inquiries: how they relate to the governor, in general to the federal center,” Lavrov explained.

“In such situations, we politely (tell Washington) to terminate these people’s contracts…”(I)t’s (an) American tradition” to interfere in the affairs of other countries.

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations “prescribes very specifically what diplomats can” and cannot do. “We will follow it and our laws.”

America operates by its own rules, systematically violating international law.

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