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Human society, from origin until now, has always been at war within and between groups and has led to two World Wars. Presently, terrorism and low intensity warfare are affecting many parts if the world.

There is a general impression that terrorism is on the rampant worldwide as it has never been before and no society is safe from its impact. Terrorism ranges from individuals to groups to international networks, and thus poses a challenge to the internal intelligence systems of governments round the world. The reach of its destructive capacity has increased. It can cause disruption in all sectors of national life and has become a major problem for governments. The possibility of proliferation o f weapons of mass destruction through the innovation of modern technology is more real than it has ever been in human history. The use of these innovations for terrorist activities is limited only by the imagination of the terrorist. Everyone is a potential target, which creates a climate of fear and suspicion within a society.

A look at the very elementary picture of terrorism reveals certain things:

1. A handful of immensely wealthy, influential and powerful people provide the leadership. In many instances they lead a justifiable movement. In an equal number of instances they have a personal axe to grind in the garb of mass movement. Some of them are prepared to come out and discuss their grievances. Others prefer to remain away from the public eye.

2. The foot soldiers are almost invariably youth of impressionable minds. It is also commonly seen that they come from ordinary or poor families.

The governments of different countries faced with the problem of terrorism have to do some serious and honest soul searching. The discussion below, tries to combine the aforesaid two aspects in an effort to find a solution to terrorism.

The question of origin of the terrorist movement has to be addressed first. Why did a terrorist movement arise? Was it because a certain section of the population justifiably demanded something, but was denied the same? In that case, how does the fulfillment of their demands fit into the overall national interest? If conceding to their justified demand does not affect national interests adversely, there is no harm in agreeing to them. But if those are contrary to the overall national interests then there is no question of conceding. But the issue should be considered objectively and impartially.

This seems to be particularly pertinent in the Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan where the fight is with the west and In India, Kashmir resulting as an Indo-Pak conflicts where we see not only Kashmiris  demanding their own independent homeland, but also a neighboring country abetting the terrorist movement against India. Here, Pakistan clearly has an axe to grind and in all probabilities ultimately want to annexe Jammu and Kashmir. 

The Government of India should address the people of Kashmir directly, especially the Kashmiri youth. The message should ring loud and clear: India want Kashmiri civilians to be with the country forever. India doesn’t want to bribe Kashmiris with special concessions to be a part of this country and wants every Kashmiri to be equal partners in the country’s progress to prosperity.  Pakistan and all Pakistan sponsored Kashmiri leaders should be firmly ignored in solving the problem.

 Every effort should be made to initiate progress in J&K through setting up of institutes of excellence and modern industries. The mind of the Kasmiri youth should be weaned away from the narrow confines of terrorism and divisiveness and exposed to modern liberal thinking through these institutes. When he or she is adequately trained, there should be adequate modern industries where he or she can put his hand on modern machines and applications and not on the explosives. Hopefully, the youth will thereafter forsake the gun and terrorism and separatism as his or her aspirations in life, which are no different from any other normal youth, marches towards the path of fulfillment, terrorism and its associated peril.

As the current global population of 6 billion increases to 8 billion by 2025, national and international conflicts will continue to be a source of concern for humanity. When evil minds combine, good minds have to work together and combat. In the context of terrorism, would we be able to come out with out-of-the-box solution?

Arshpreet kaur Ahluwalia is an upcoming Indian television and International journalist and columnist, presently working as Intern reporter with IBN7,A network18 group in India. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Punjab, Arshpreet has won ‘writer award’ for trendsetter and ‘Punjabi screen magazine award’ for writing ‘Why do I hear such voices?’. for the Channel IBN7, her main reporting topics include crime, politics, writing about society, terrorism, religion, talk shows and debates with known guest speakers around the world.

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