Were Arrested London Bombing Suspects Convenient Patsies?

 Were Arrested London Bombing Suspects Convenient Patsies? | london-bombing | False Flags Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News


Whenever incidents like Friday’s Parsons Green commuter train bombing occur, they’re more likely to be state-sponsored false flags than terrorist acts.


Given the history of these type attacks in America and Europe, repeating a familiar pattern, it’s wise to be suspicious, questioning the validity of official reports, not accepting them at face value.


The motive behind false flags is clear, fear-mongering schemes to convince people to sacrifice fundamental freedoms for greater security – not realizing they’ll lose both.


They’re also a way to justify other unjustifiable policies. The 1933 Reichstag fire enabled Hitler to assume dictatorial powers – once German President von Hindenburg died in August 1934.


The 9/11 mother of all false flags let dark forces running America wage endless wars of aggression against sovereign states threatening no one. 


ISIS claiming responsibility for high-profile incidents like Friday’s is meaningless. Ignore its propaganda web site announcements. They’re made to deceive, not inform.


Accused individuals most often are killed, not arrested. Dead suspects tell no tales. Arrests made quickly after high-profile incidents like London’s commuter train bombing automatically raise suspicions.


Crimes take time to investigate. They’re not solved overnight. On Saturday, 21-year-old Syrian refugee Yahyah Faroukh was arrested hours after an unnamed 18-year-old Iraqi refugee was apprehended.


Scotland Yard may work efficiently but not this well. Arrests nearly straightaway after Friday’s incident have a disturbing odor.


Muslims (usually male youths) nearly always are accused of these crimes. Were the refugees arrested in London convenient patsies, uninvolved in what happened?


Will PM Theresa May use the incident to urge tough new police state laws? Trump wants it as a pretext for toughening his travel ban. He and May want Internet content censored, digital democracy destroyed.


The Neon Nettles web site pointed out some disturbing discrepancies in the official UK story. Images showed the so-called “bucket and plastic carrier bag” allegedly containing the explosive “almost completely intact.”


A handbag “next to the device seems to be untouched by the bomb.” Images of alleged victims shown online conflicted with the official report, claiming “flames all around…people…covered in blood…people screaming and jumping over each other.”


An image of a “toothache girl” highlighted showed her clothing unaffected by the incident – intact and unsmudged, along with no visible cuts, blood or distress. How possible if she was one of the bombing’s victims?


Neon Nettles speculated on whether “crisis actors” were used to hype a phony terrorist incident.


Why not! Similar stunts were used many times before, London’s Friday incident perhaps the latest false flag misportrayed as terrorism. 


The public is fooled every time. Media scoundrels fail to suggest possible state-sponsored foul play, pretending otherwise.


Whenever these type incidents occur, question official accounts. Believe nothing at face value. 


All politicians lie. Accept what they say at your own peril.

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