Why The Lowest Number Of Business Startups In 40 Years?

Why The Lowest Number Of Business Startups In 40 Years? | bankruptcy1 | Business Economy & Business
By: Brooks A. Agnew |

According to the CEO of Gallup, Jim Clifton, American business startups started a drastic turn for the worse in 2009, shortly after trillions in stimulus funds—90% or more provided a return on investment for Democrat contributors—began artificially pumping giant corporations to all-time stock price records. Expertly manufactured propaganda spews number like, “There are 26 million businesses in America.” This is patently false information published by presidential design. 20 million of these reported “businesses” are inactive companies that have no sales, profits, customers or workers. The only number that is useful and instructive is the number of currently operating businesses with one or more employees. The true number is at a 40-year low of only 6 million businesses in the United States with one or more employees. Of those, 3.8 million have 4 or fewer employees—mom and pop shops formed by people whose unemployment benefits have run out. The true unemployment number is north of 11.8% nationwide. These Americans cannot find a job, so they make a job for themselves and perhaps a couple of kids. And God bless them all. That is what America is for. We need every single one of them.

The rest of the business startup structure looks just as bad, especially for a nation of 320 million citizens and 51 million non-citizens. There are about a million companies with 5 to 9 employees, 600,000 businesses with 10 to 19 employees, and 500,000 companies with 20 to 99 employees. There are 90,000 businesses with 100 to 499 employees. And there are just 18,000 with 500 employees or more, and that figure includes about a thousand companies with 10,000 employees or more. Altogether, that is America, Inc.

Mr. Obama will tell you that we need more Federal stimulus and more agency employees to fix this problem. Under Mr. Obama’s close personal guidance, his ministers—officially known as Secretaries—have meticulously crafted another government that has destroyed tens of thousands of business startups and prevented many times that amount from ever getting started.

This new government has the power to tax, fine, and to confiscate money and property. The American people have no representation in this new government.

They use three main methods to accomplish their goal of wiping out private business that has been the core power behind American productivity for more than 300 years.


Congress may pass a law requiring vehicles to reduce their pollutants. The Agency government takes this law and creates thousands of regulations, each having the force of law with penalties. For instance, if you were to buy a Chevy pickup truck and remove the engine, fuel tank, and the exhaust system and replace all that with an electric motor and batteries, the EPA may fine you $37,500 and imprison you for 12 months for violating the Clean Air Act.


Each Agency carefully and meticulously plans a course of litigation. They plan who they will sue in court, making sure they can win swiftly and to an end that bring an enormous enforcement reward. The cases are planned so that each previous case becomes a precedent for the next case. Over a course of 6 years, they have been extremely effective at reducing the number of businesses in each market sector so that only a few, global giants, and Party contributors, exist.


Once the court cases have strengthened the regulations with legal victories, they can extend their reach well into the private lives and private businesses of American citizens and accomplish even more victories. Congress can do nothing to stop this, because it is illegal for them to speak to any Agency directly. The only format for communicating with them is through committees or hearings. Congress can reduce funding for an Agency, but the main stream media has been reduced to only 6 companies, all of which receive enormous financial support from the president.

The main reason why business startups are the lowest since records have been kept is the protectionist activities of the EPA.

The Environmental Protectionist Agency, also known as the EPA, is staffed and funded by billion-dollar global corporations with the mission to prevent entrepreneurs from competing against their interests in the American market. History knows this methodology as Fascism, and documents the process of governmental control of all industries with perfect accuracy. Like Mussolini and Castro, the EPA makes itself enormously wealthy and powerful at the expense of the private sector, while the citizen has no recourse or method of escape. Any entrepreneur that attempts to start up a business to solve problems, provide services, or invent products as demanded by their customers is immediately crushed with taxes (disguised as fees), fines and other enforcement actions.

There are 14 electric vehicles “certified” by the EPA for use on the American highway, and yet only two of them are sold at very low volumes in the United States. There is no EPA certification program for electric vehicles. There is a certification process for gas-powered vehicles, and it is this process that is applied to electric vehicles. Even though an electric vehicle is closer to an electric shaver by design than a motor vehicle, the same dyno-course is applied with magical numbers for range, recharge time, and miles-per-gallon-equivalent that no consumer understands or cares about.

17 States use the California Air Resources Board approval for their own, special environmental certification. No electric vehicle can be licensed in these States unless it has been CARB certified. Of course, that vehicle cannot be CARB certified if it has not already been EPA certified. And so you see how it goes. Every single American electric vehicle company has been shut down, along with numerous EV battery companies, by the EPA in the last 6 years. Well, that is, except for 1.

Tesla Motors was targeted for destruction more than 2 years ago. Market makers issued a plethora of poor reviews on their new Model S, while large brokerage houses naked shorted their stock by the tens of millions of shares. The Department of Energy loan disbursements were stalled and delayed so many times that CEO Elon Musk had to inject his own personal money to keep the company afloat.

Then, the plan turned just a little too aggressive. In 2013, Time Magazine’s John Broder wrote a scathing review of Tesla’s Model S. Tesla’s stock took a noticeable tumble, resulting from this expertly crafted market making effort, and the short traders were licking their chops. You see, brokerage houses do not have to report revenues from the sale of phantom shares if the stock continues to drop and eventually delists. But, Elon’s extremely talented PR staff pulled the “black box” from that car and discovered that not only did Mr. Broder severely abuse the car, but that the car actually exceeded its design specifications.

With the quick and widely reported abuse, Tesla Motors’ stock jumped 10% in just a couple of days, catching the naked short traders in a very precarious position. They didn’t own the stock they had sold to its customers. In fact, that stock did not exist, anywhere. So, in order to keep their seat on the Exchange, they had to buy that stock; no matter what the cost.

By the time the buying frenzy was over, Tesla Motors’ stock was at 200 times earnings, they paid all of their slow-disbursement government loans back 9 years early, and Elon told the DOE to take a hike. They built a new, state-of-the art assembly plant and survived to lead the EV industry onto the American Highway. Of course, that did not stop the EPA from fining Tesla Motors $250,000 for putting a label on the vehicle a few months too late. The EPA was listed as a “Financial Risk” on Tesla Motors’ 10K filing that year. Bravo, Elon! You are a true American.

By the way, naked shorting stock is illegal in every country; however, no large brokerage has been prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department for naked shorting stock. This practice has easily destroyed more than 3,000 public companies in less than 6 years and has greatly assisted in achieving this unprecedented legacy of business startup annihilation.

It is time that the American people began seeking out these small business and buying from them. Spend your money with them. Invest your money in them. Donate money to them. It is time that we, the people, told the Agency Government who is really in charge of this country. Reach out to these business startups, because without them, this new Fascist government wins and we all lose.

Brooks A. Agnew grew up in Pasadena, California around JPL and Cal Tech.  He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering.  He received his bachelors in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University with honors.  His advanced degrees in Statistics and Physics helped him become one of the most accomplished Lean Six Sigma profit recovery engineers in the US.  He is a six-time Amazon Best Selling author and internationally renowned lecturer on exploration of the Earth and the Physics of the Soul.  His favorite hobby for the last ten years has been hosting X-Squared Radio, exploring the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth  each Sunday evening from 8-11PM Eastern Time.  He is a multi-patented engineer and currently the CEO of an electric automobile manufacturing company in Charlotte, North Carolina producing the nation’s first affordable Electric pickup truck. www.ev-fleet.com, www.x2-radio.com, Skype: x2-radio

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