Lunatics Are In Control Of The American Madhouse

Lunatics Are In Control Of The American Madhouse | Obama-crazy | Government Government Corruption

(The Real Agenda News) The world is governed by power thirsty psychopaths and sociopaths who are in public office at the service of multinational corporations.

Crazy politicians serve at the pleasure of large banking institutions and powerful corporations.

Governments around the world approve and or support endless wars that fatten the pockets of war industrialists and, as a direct result, their own pockets. This reality is more apparent in the American Mad House.

Those who hold important positions in government, bar none, work for themselves and their corporate sponsors. Many of these politicians are insane psychopaths and sociopaths who seek power to satiate their hunger for power, influence, and money.

They do not occupy public office to do the bidding of the people, they get elected to keep the people under control.

One recent example is current US president, Barack Obama, who came into power as a man of peace, a man who spoke of diplomacy and who claimed he would end the Bush wars and close Guantanamo. He even received the Nobel Peace Prize for his rhetoric. But as his second term nears its end, Americans who voted for him are yet to see his plan for hope and change.

Obama’s failed presidency, however, is not an obstacle for him to question other people’s ideas, as if his ideas had been an incontestable success.

On Thursday, the US president criticized current Republican candidate, Donald Trump, because according to Obama, he lacks foreign policy skills. He said that Trump is an inappropriate person to succeed him in the White House and the public should press him for his “completely crazy ideas”.

Obama calling Trump crazy, or unfit to be president, as he has called him before, can be equaled to having the craziest person in an insane asylum calling the doctors lunatics.

In statements made in Laos, at the end of the second of two Asian summits, Obama said that Trump’s lack of leadership was evident whenever he spoke and that Americans should be aware of it. Meanwhile, Obama has lacked the leadership to deliver on the promises he offered 8 years ago.

As seen last week when he arrived in China to participate in the G-20 Summit, fellow world leaders could care less about him. In Cuba, Obama wasn’t even greeted by government officials upon his arrival to Havana.

“I do not think he is qualified to be president of the United States and, whenever he speaks, that view is confirmed,” Obama told a news conference.

“The most important thing for the public and the press is just to listen to what he says and follow him and ask questions about what appear to be contradictory or uninformed or completely crazy ideas,” Obama added.

Trump said Wednesday at a forum attended by television veterans that Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a better leader than Obama.

The Republican candidate added that the progress of US Army generals had been hampered or “reduced to rubble” with Obama as commander in chief and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as his first Secretary of State.

Obama said he believed that his legacy would be one of successful foreign policy, particularly its call to “restore balance” with Asia. It is precisely in Asia where Obama has failed the most when it comes to foreign policy.

While North Korea has tested more of its rockets than at any other point in the last 8 years, China has all but conquered the South China Sea and not too far from there, Russia has taken strong positions in the Middle East.

Despite his palpable failure in Asia, and elsewhere for that matter, Obama said Asian leaders will be puzzled by Trump’s statements and that Americans will know who to elect as president in the elections of November 8.

“I am confident that, in fact, people will hear what he has to say, and will notice his lack of experience and make a good decision,” he said.

For her part, Clinton said Trump’s praise of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is “unpatriotic” and “alarming”. She said that in her first press conference in more than nine months.

Clinton appeared at a press conference in White Plains in the state of New York, before boarding a plane to continue her campaign, and harshly criticized Trump for his recent comments about Putin, who he said was “much more” capable leader than the current US president, Barack Obama.

These statements by Trump are “unpatriotic”, “insulting” and “alarming”, said Clinton, who then asked what would the late Republican President Ronald Reagan would say about a candidate of his party who “attacks” the generals while “commending” the president of Russia.

For the Democratic candidate, “it is alarming because it suggests that he -Trump- will allow Putin to do what Putin wants to do, and then justify it”.

Clinton, also speaking at the forum, said that the event served to show, again, that Trump “is not at all prepared to be commander in chief” of the US Armed Forces.

The former Secretary of State has granted few to no press conferences in 9 months and has only fielded questions from journalists in a few campaign events.

Clinton stressed her commitment to defeating the Islamic State and added that one of her priorities will be to go for the leader of the jihadist group, as was done with the late Osama Bin Laden.

It is important to highlight that it has been during the Obama administrations, and under Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, that jihadists were armed and supported by the United States and its allies in Europe and the Middle East.

“That’s the kind of commander in chief I will be. Someone who unites us in a common purpose to keep our people safe and our country strong,” she promised. In addition, Clinton announced that on Friday she will hold a meeting with several senior security and defense experts in the US to discuss a strategy against ISIS.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump was endorsed by at least 81 former and current military men and women in a letter he later showed on the Commander-in-Chief Forum held by NBC in New York City.

In a statement, Trump’s campaign said the Clinton press conference was “a desperate attack” in response to the “collapse” of the candidate in the polls.

In addition, Wednesday’s forum, was another example of Clinton’s failure as a “commander in chief,” where she was “unable” to answer for her “terrible judgment on foreign policy and the mishandling of classified information,” added team Trump.

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