Maduro To Unleash Full Police State In Venezuela

Maduro To Unleash Full Police State In Venezuela | nicholas-maduro | Tyranny & Police State World News
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(The Real Agenda News) The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced its decision to begin military exercises to prepare for “any scenario”, after reporting about alleged planned intervention from abroad.

“On Saturday I called for national military exercises of the armed forces, the people, and the militias, to prepare against any scenario, because this land is sacred and we must defend it,” said the head of state at a meeting with thousands of supporters in a street in central Caracas.

The announcement of the president was made a day after his decision to declare a state of emergency and economic emergency that would give him “sufficient power” to, among other things, deal with an alleged coup against him, and assumptions that Colombia, led by his president  Alvaro Uribe, is planning a military intervention with “foreign armies”.

We must “prepare to defend the land, to defend our children, our right to peace,” said Maduro to the thousands of supporters who listened to him after marching in support of his government.

With these exercises and maneuvers, he said, Venezuelans will tell “imperialism, international right-wingers, and Alvaro Uribe Velez: ‘here is the people, with their farming instrument in one hand and a rifle, a missile and a missile launcher on the other, with a tank to defend this sacred land. “

This type of incendiary rhetoric has been used often by Maduro, and by his predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez, every time his plans to stay in power suffer drawbacks due to their lousy management of government affairs.

The Head of State considered it important that “the conscience” of his fellow citizens is increased because, he said, the plan from opponents of his government is aimed at “disturbing the peace”, generating violence in the country “to justify foreign intervention in Venezuela”.

“Some of them will sound extreme, but it is not extremist I say,” he added.

Maduro reiterated his complaints against former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and his alleged plans to promote a “conspiracy against Venezuela”.

He said Uribe traveled to Washington to participate in a meeting which allegedly asked the intervention of the South American country.

This is “one of the worst things that an authority, a former president of Colombia or America has spoken against Venezuela, that is, calling for an armed intervention of a foreign army in this sacred land”, reiterated Maduro.

The Bolivarian leader called on Venezuelan authorities to activate the appropriate legal action against Uribe, whom he described as being “a paramilitary murderer”.

“What Uribe has done is an international crime, and Venezuela will be prepared. I ask the Attorney General, the Judiciary, to activate all national plans and international efforts to prosecute Alvaro Uribe and to request the same actions internationally,” he said.

In addition to suffering in the hands of their own leaders, Venezuela, just like Brazil and other left-leaning South American countries, have been subjected to quiet interventions executed from neighboring countries which are in bed with globalists who wish to take full control of their governments.

This scenario is true today in Brazil, where President Dilma Rousseff has been deposed by a group of her former allies who are now working for Washington. Most, if not all the groups that opposed former presidents Rousseff and da Silva in Brazil are controlled and financed by American intelligence and foundations whose goal is to destabilize countries so they can be fully absorbed at a later time.

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