Make Liberal Demoncrats Tolerant Again (VIDEO)

Make Liberal Demoncrats Tolerant Again (VIDEO) | tolerant-liberals | Multimedia Special Interests US News

The establishment Mockingbird corporate media doubles down with their identity politics by promoting intolerance, justifying violence and now pushing for regime change at home. The left now runs down the path to radicalization using the corporate media highway of intolerance and hate. While describing themselves as “social justice warriors”, “women for peace” and “tolerant”, the left continuously attacks the right with name-calling, physical violence and intolerance while promoting “humanitarian interventions” abroad. Now the liberal elites are openly calling for a military coup. Make no mistake, hard times are coming, the elites know this. The global political awakening continues as the people find the truth about war and mass immigration that benefits the few. This video compilation shows the reality TV of dishonest politics and corporate media lies fed to the public mind.

(WARNING: Graphic language throughout)

Verify Events Research

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About The Author

Waldemar Perez is a Mechanical Engineer who worked for the Department of Defense and a military contractor. He is an independent researcher, political atheist and an on-line activist living in the Pacific Northwest. His interests include, finance, secret human experimentation, modern day eugenics, covert medicine, geopolitics, false flag operations, mainstream media as a weapon of war, high-tech propaganda tactics (like the use of actors and staged massacres to manipulate public opinion), 9/11, police militarization and other conspiracies of the shadow government and the elite. As an activist his passion includes exposing the lies and deceptions of the deep state and educating the public on key historical facts not well advertised to the public like Operation Northwoods. His Youtube channel Verify Events Research covers a wide variety of subjects.

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