Which Marijuana Strains are Good for Pain Relief?

Which Marijuana Strains are Good for Pain Relief? | cannabis | News And Opinions

By Ashley Jacobs | 

Ever since the active ingredients in cannabis were first isolated back in the early sixties there has been much research into its pain relieving properties. Cannabis has been used to treat various different illnesses and diseases that all have chronic pain as a symptom. Not only have sufferers of chronic pain found benefit from using cannabis, it has also aided those who suffer pain from undergoing a surgery or having an injury. So then, if more and more research is showing cannabis to be good for pain relief; how do you go about finding the best strain for the job?

In almost all of the experiments that search for pain relieving properties in marijuana, it is the active ingredients known as cannabinoids that are tested. The active ingredients in cannabis are called cannabinoids, of which there are two close to sixty different types. The main two types however are known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and CBD. The difference between these being that THC is psychoactive and CBD is not. Both THC and CBD have been found to test well when it comes to pain relief and subsequently both have been used regularly in treating patients who suffer from various types of chronic pain.

With more and more research being done in the field of medical marijuana than has ever been done before, we further understand how and why marijuana can help with pain relief. Illnesses such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even asthma have recently all seen productive testing and successful results when cannabis was used to treat the chronic pain attached to each illness. The medical marijuana advances are set to continue to bear fruit as recent legislative changes will now allow for the cultivation of cannabis for recreational use and retail sale. This will see a market with more variety and many more strains to choose from and subsequently, to test.

Whatever the strain you choose there will no doubt be an online weed delivery service that can have it at your door in no time at all.

The best strain for pain.

The strains of marijuana that have tested amongst the best in terms of pain relief were those that were high in levels of THC, CBD or both. Strains with high levels of these active ingredients in them can be found across the board with there being both old strains that have a natural high occurrence of these ingredients as well as newer strains that have been cultivated in such a way as to allow the levels of these ingredients to rise.

Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is a great place to start on our list of some of the best strains for pain relief. Naturally when looking for a good pain relieving strain of marijuana you want to look for high concentrations of THC or CBD. This strain is particularly high in THC and tests at an average level of high twenty percent and even close to thirty percent THC. This strain has been an award winner for a few years now as the strain is a heavily relaxed and happy high that takes the mind away and comforts the body. This makes it an exceptional strain for pain relief.

 Bruce Banner

Here we have one of the highest testers in THC with a regular outcome of 29 percent. A few years ago this strain was rated as the strongest in the wold by High Times magazine. A mix of both Indica and Sativa with some heavy Diesel and OG Kush gene lines, this strain is a blissfully euphoric smoke that will take pain levels down more than a notch or two. This strain has won time and time again due to its heavy concentration of THC.

The White

The white is another hybrid that I found to be one of the better types of marijuana that santa maria had to offer. I have put this on list because it is a true champion amongst high THC content strains. The white was given its name from the blanket of white crystals that cover its surface. Regularly this strain tests in the mid to high twenties where THC content is concerned and produces a very relaxed and uplifting, happy high. If it is pain relief that you are looking for then this strain should not be overlooked.

So now for the CBD strains.

As mentioned before, both strains that are high in THC and those that are high in CBD are good relievers of pain.

CBD Shark

Here we have an Indica strain that is world renowned for its high levels of CDB and equally high levels of THC. CBD Shark is a sturdy 80 to 20 predominantly Indica strain has seen its combination of high levels of both CDB and THC used to treat many illnesses with symptoms that include chronic pain.


ACDC is an award winning strain that has so far been championed for its high levels of CBD and incredibly low levels of THC. This low level of THC has allowed this strain to be used in the treatment of chronic pain attached to several illnesses. As there is almost no THC present in this strain, users won’t have to worry of intoxication from the psychoactive ingredient THC.


Last on my list but by no means least, comes Catatonic. This is a hybrid that shares its genes with both Indica and Sativa lines. As a strain, Catatonic has a relatively low level of THC, around 6 percent. The CBD content of this strain which shows at a high 19 percent is the reason that it is much loved by those who use cannabis for its pain relieving benefits.

So there you have it, both cannabis strains that are high in levels of THC and CBD are good methods of pain relief. So whether you head down to your local dispensary or use an online weed delivery service, you will be sure to find a strain that suits your needs.

Ashley Jacobs is a professional blogger covering news and other latest topics related to health benefits of Marijuana and related products. Currently, working for Pot Valet- a leading cannabis dispensary santa monica, Ashley loves to share research oriented work with others. Follow his company on G+ and Facebook and Twitter.

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