How The Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment Sets Out To Deceive You

How The Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment Sets Out To Deceive You   | doctor-460x230 | Big Pharma Medical & Health
By: New Paradigm

Unless you display ostrich-like behaviour, burying your head in the sand saying ‘I’ll be alright…’ you should be well aware of how a range of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes… could cause serious illness or even take your life and therefore require an obvious need for precautionary measures. Especially when the statistics alarmingly show that these diseases are on the up.

It may come as quite a shock to some people to learn that when it comes to the treatment of disease the medical/pharmaceutical establishment does not have your health as best interest at heart.

We have been massively deceived, programmed and brainwashed on health matters. The elite few at the top of the health related hierarchical trees: medical /pharmaceutical establishment owner/controllers, senior politicians and media bosses with their propaganda machines have managed to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes for many, many years.  They have managed to convince almost everyone from health professionals, academia to Joe public that highly expensive medical /pharmaceutical profit model is the only way to handling illness, but it is definitely not.

They don’t want you to know that unlike the medical/pharmaceutical regime with its expensive drugs, there are cheap, non-toxic alternative successful cures with very little or no side effects.

For examples,for treating cancerthere’s the widely successful metabolic nutritional approach used in: ‘Gerson therapy’ and ‘Latrile Therapy’ and there was the lamented Universal Microscope devised by Raymond Rife.  The latter, was witnessed and signed off as 100% successful; 16 out of 16 patients who had been labelled ‘hopeless cases’ were cured by a staff of 5 medical doctors. However, over the years, this treatment was never allowed to see the light of day with the public at large because the costs had undercut the orthodox medical/pharmaceutical approach. The practice was soon shut down and equipment was seized by authorities. –All this for saving lives. For heart disease there’s the Linus Pauling’s unified approach … If the public at large knew about these cheap alternatives, the elite would no longer have a hold with their huge profits and power gains made through orthodox medicine:

The pharmaceutical corporations make huge revenues from drugs and in turn the government get their share from taxes while the media are sponsored by the former two to advertise pharmaceuticals and ignore, ridicule or misinform people about successful alternative cures.

Consequently, countless numbers of individuals have died and of course are dying, falling victim to those mortal illnesses. Who knows, if only they had known about the life-saving potential of alternative cures… and what about their uses as prevention?

Pharmaceuticals do not cure, they only treat the symptoms:

The leaking Roof Analogy 

Now here’s an analogy, let’s say you have a leaking roof at your home. You call in the building maintenance man, explaining your problem. Having looked around, he sets out to fix the problem. What does he do? Fortunately, it’s not raining today, nor is it going to be for the next few days, so he replaces the old stained ceiling wallpaper with new and to make a nice job, paints it. Then he cleans the carpet and re-varnishes the table where the drip, drip, drips had been spreading, making their mucky marks… Then, finally, he hand you a hefty bill for his work, saying he’ll be back in about a week to do the same thing again just after the next time it rains and the drips come back!

This, of course, is quite absurd. However, it’s an analogy to what is happening to patients being treated by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment with their drugs. Instead of dealing with the root-cause, the patients are only being treated for the symptoms or knock-on effects, just like the maintenance man (who could have permanently stopped the problem of the leaking roof by getting to the root-cause and repairing the hole in the apex of the roof…right?).  So the sickness/leaking roof keeps recurring and money continues to be made…

Sadly, doctors, ever since medical school, have been misguided through being unaware of the alternative treatment available. Or they have not been allowed to use it because it undercuts the pharmaceutical treatment costs.

To this end, there are basically 4 ways in which prevention and cures can be made. Find out in part 2what they are… click here


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  • Linda Lee

    In reality many of the popular drugs to control diabetes, cholesterol and others, are poison. The cure is worse than the disease, in other words. I have gone in depth into some of them since my husband is taking a few. Eventually they can kill you once they have been taken for long periods of time. The side affects of some of these drugs is longer than the benefits. I once considered taking estrogen replacement . That was in the early 90s, but I decided not to, and I am glad I did. The list of debilitating and dangerous side effects was long enoughto make me bow out.

    • Arvillajayne

      Good for you by doing the necessary homework to accurately discern what most of the pharmaceuticals are; a faux fix…that have nothing to do with authentic restoration of health. How could they…when most are derived from ‘synthetic’ chemicals and are designed to ‘block’ natural biochemical processes or, not repair or restore to former function.

      That said, for the acute crisis, certain pharma drugs can rapidly serve to lower inflammation, hypertension and stabilize heart rate…but as you say, for the long haul they are in no way to be trusted and usually make an imbalanced situation worse. I saw this with many advanced elderly (90s) in my family (until I intervened) as well as my husband and over time, we have weaned him off most drugs (post M.I. Open Heart surgery) and replaced with proven as compatible nutrients that work with, not impede, our biology.

      After you mention HRT estrogen of the 1990’s, it is now known how such improperly sourced estrogen derived from the urine of pregnant mares, was/is directly involved in the instigation of cancer; and too often of the breast…because the body perceives it as a foreign or hormonally disruptive agent. We are not even close to the hormonal make-up of a horse and to think of how all those constantly kept pregnant mares (and their euthanized foals) have suffered for such deceptively false premise, this too, is another pharma-driven atrocity.

      For what it’s worth since you also reference, anyone who uses a statin should be sure to use essential CoQ10 because cholesterol and this majorly protective antioxidant (for heart, liver, kidneys, all tissues) are produced in the same biological pathway and will be depleted. Some time ago, a male relative with heart challenges was put on Lipitor to lower cholesterol and by end of (only) one week he was rushed to the ER and diagnosed with a first-ever heart attack. Needless to say, with inherently lower stores of CoQ10 to start with, this adverse and soon reaction was “no” coincidence.

    • wandakate

      I took prempro for awhile upon the ob/gyn doctor’s recommendation, and I stopped when I saw the listing of all the side effects and you are so right, I could be dead. I also don’t get the flu shots. It’s not about our health (they could care less), it’s about their pocketbook and GREED!!!!! May they die in their greed and face GOD’s punishment.