Millions in US War Theaters Face Starvation

Millions in US War Theaters Face Starvation | Somalia | War Propaganda World News
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According to the  ICRC, about 20 million people in Yemen and Somalia face starvation without vitally needed food aid, mostly not forthcoming, saying:

“This is not business as usual.” Crisis conditions in both countries need to be addressed “now.” Cholera “on the rise in Somalia (alone is killing about) 20 people…each day.”

US drone war takes a horrendous toll. Obama’s war in Yemen, complicit with Riyadh, now Trump’s war, took a horrendous toll on civilians for the past two years.

Reporting on years of covert US war on Somalia, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism said elite US troops are involved in “surveillance, reconnaissance, and assault and capture operations,” including devastating drone war, mostly harming civilians.

The CIA operates secretly from Mogadishu airport. In recent years, Kenyan and Ethiopian forces invaded parts of the country, serving as US proxies. A virtually unreported war OF terror remains ongoing.

Oxfam reported “millions on the brink of starvation” in east Africa, Yemen, and northeast Nigeria – “an unprecedented and devastating food crisis” largely unaddressed.

Millions are starving, tens of millions desperately hungry, malnutrition harming young children most. Oxfam call the crisis “the largest hunger emergency in the world.”

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, “emergency” or “crisis” food insecurity affects 17 million Yemenis.

Oxfam said almost seven million Yemenis face starvation, the country facing “the worst humanitarian situation on the globe…”

With US support and encouragement, Saudi terror-bombing destroyed “(p)orts, roads and bridges, along with warehouses, farms and markets.”

Blockaded coastal areas prevents vital humanitarian aid from entering the country. Inadequate amounts are airlifted in. Horrendous human suffering and famine stalk the nation.

Many thousands perished. Official numbers way understate the human toll.

It could run into the millions if conflict doesn’t end – now Trump’s war, mostly harming desperate civilians, an entire generation of Yemenis affected.

Human desperation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other countries devastated by US imperial viciousness compounds crisis conditions explained above.

Media scoundrels ignore their suffering and US responsibility for what’s going on – part of its diabolical plan to rule the world unchallenged.

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