That Moment When You Realize That Paying Taxes Is Exactly Like Tithing To A Cult…

That Moment When You Realize That Paying Taxes Is Exactly Like Tithing To A Cult… | cult | Government Government Control IRS

You may have noticed, that around here, we’re not terribly fond of the government. The regulations, the rules, the fines, the fees, but most of all, the control.

But when you say this kind of stuff to many people, they’re horrified. They wonder how on earth we’ll survive without the government controlling our every move. They wonder how they’ll be “safe” without the government to save them. They can’t comprehend personal responsibility. “There are laws for a reason.”

It’s almost like they’re brainwashed, isn’t it?

Sort of like a cult…but one that we are forced to pay for.

…depending on which cult you are looking at can include bizarre rituals undertaken by the leader and the chosen few, meetings behind closed doors excluding all but the chosen few, interference in matters outside of the cult such as attacking individuals, large gatherings of non-cult members or the government and using deprivation of food, freedom or medical care to enforce authority over the followers.

Now, you may have noticed quite a few things on that list don’t only apply to cults. They apply to the government in practically any country you care to name.

Comparing the government to a cult is more than just a metaphor. You’re going to want to read the rest of this one…click here.

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