Monsanto, Dupont Spend $8.2M To Buy Washington Election

Monsanto, Dupont Spend $8.2M To Buy Washington Election | donate | Corporate Takeover GMOs Organic Market Classifieds Special Interests

We knew they’d be back. With their bald-faced lies. Their brazen disregard for your health and our environment. Their arrogant plans to deny you the right to know what franken-ingredients they’re cooking up in their labs and disguising as “food” on your grocery shelves.

And their deep, deep pockets.

Sure enough, they are back. This week, Monsanto and Dupont dumped millions more of their GMO-tainted dollars into the campaign to defeat I-522, Washington State’s GMO labeling initiative. To date, Monsanto has ponied up $4.8 million. Dupont as kicked in $3.4 million. In all, so far, the NO on 522 campaign has raised more than $11 million. All from a handful of corporations. Not a penny from people like you.

Who’s supporting the YES on I-522 campaign? You. Your family. Your neighbors. Your friends. Tens of thousands of us. To their four chemical companies and one big front group representing junk food makers.

The polls show us winning in Washington. But the opposition is trying to whittle away at our poll numbers by rallying newspaper editors (who take advertising dollars from biotech and Big Food) and Big Ag trade groups to their side. Soon they’ll launch a full-on media blitz to try to scare voters into taking their side.

We recovered from, were galvanized around, the loss in California last year. Can we lose this battle again this year and still win the war? Let’s not go there.

Please make a donation today, however large or small, to support GMO labeling. Every dollar you donate here will go directly to the YES on I-522 campaign. Thank you!

Donate to Washington’s GMO Labeling Initiative!

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