More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences With Sandy Hook Shooting (VIDEOS)

More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences With Sandy Hook Shooting (VIDEOS) | sandy-hook-massacre | Black Ops False Flags Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Gun Control MK Ultra & Mind Control Multimedia News Articles Predictive Programming Propaganda Society Special Interests US News Since last week, we’ve been studying “The Dark Knight Rises,” and indeed all of the recent Batman movies, to spot connections to the various mass shootings that have occurred around the United States.

Once again we’ve stumbled upon some very interesting information.

Yesterday, we exposed the fact that a section of Gotham City was renamed “Sandy Hook” from “South Hinkley” in the latest Dark Knight release, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

As damning as that evidence seemed, these next “minor coincidences” are equally questionable.

Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” review

An email sent to us by a reader a few days ago pointed to what he called the “smoking gun” tying the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Aurora “Batman massacre,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” film. We’re not sure exactly how he came across this.

Apparently, an online review was posted for a B-movie slasher flick eerily titled “Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” on July 20, 2012, the same day “The Dark Knight Rises” was released at theaters, and the same day the mass shooting, aptly dubbed the “Dark Knight massacre,” occurred. The film was released back in 2000.

More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences With Sandy Hook Shooting (VIDEOS) | articlescreencap | Black Ops False Flags Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Gun Control MK Ultra & Mind Control Multimedia News Articles Predictive Programming Propaganda Society Special Interests US News

The review’s first paragraph is very “cryptic”:

“So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…”

The post appeared on the horror movie review site, a site run by someone named Luisito Joaquin Gonzalez, according to the site’s “about” page. The post was apparently authored by the same person.

We reached out to Mr. Gonzalez for comment and received this reply:

“You are seriously ill to send me something like that – Don’t contact me any more or I will report you for harrassment you bunch of weirdos”

It could all be a coincidence, as Mr. Gonzalez leads us to believe; however, this tops off a mountain of mysterious “coincidences” already surrounding “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Past coincidences

Yesterday we pointed out the fact that, for some reason or other, a portion of Gotham City was renamed “Sandy Hook” from “South Hinkley” somewhere between the first Christopher Nolan Batman film and the last.

We also underscored the fact that Warner Brothers curiously sent out promo kits containing a map vividly depicting supervillain Bane’s strike zones where the newly renamed “Sandy Hook” island is listed as “Strike Zone #1.” In “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to the map, Sandy Hook was where Bane began his crusade to take control of Gotham City by destroying Gotham stadium.

In a previous article, we also pointed out that days prior to the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” rapper Lil Wayne released a music video titled “My Homies Still” absurdly featuring skeletons in a movie theater.

We’ve also highlighted the fact that victims of the “Dark Knight massacre” were made to watch a trailer for the upcoming gangster movie “Gangster Squad” that featured gunmen shooting audience members at a theater prior to a shooting emulating that exact sequence taking place. The trailer was subsequently scrubbed from YouTube and theaters as Warner Brothers alleged a distribution exec “suddenly remembered” that scene was in there.

Skull and Bones Stamp Found in The Dark Knight Rises

In addition, we’ve spotted an entirely new revelation upon a second viewing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

In the scene where Bane blows up Gotham stadium, notably using controlled demolitions, the number “322” appears on a skybox holding police officers.

More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences With Sandy Hook Shooting (VIDEOS) | 322exposed-300x225 | Black Ops False Flags Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Gun Control MK Ultra & Mind Control Multimedia News Articles Predictive Programming Propaganda Society Special Interests US News The number “322” is notoriously associated with the secretive Yale fraternity Skull and Bones, of which a number of our past U.S. presidents – and Obama’s new Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton if all goes according to plan, Sen. John Kerry, himself also a previous presidential candidate – have been members of.

The book “The Resistance Manifesto” provides a good background on Skull and Bones:

The cult of the Order of Death (aka Skull and Bones) at Yale University is much more than a fraternity. It’s more of a gateway to a network of the world’s most powerful people who have, “either set up or penetrated just about every significant research, policy, and opinion-making organization in the United States, in addition to the Church, business, law, government, and politics.” (Sutton, Antony – America’s Secret Establishment p.25)

[…] A group of 20-30 families has dominated The Order since its creation, mostly blue bloods from Europe. Founded in 1832 at Yale, this seemingly innocent fraternity is far from what many expect and believe. Skull and Bones is the gateway into the club of elite Illuminati, and was set up as the American chapter of that organization. The Order of Death differs from other Illuminati organizations, such as the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, in that it is truly a secret society. Much like the Bilderberg Group and the Bohemian Grove, it does its best to keep things that way.More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences With Sandy Hook Shooting (VIDEOS) | skull-and-bones-300x284 | Black Ops False Flags Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Gun Control MK Ultra & Mind Control Multimedia News Articles Predictive Programming Propaganda Society Special Interests US News

“It was revealed during the 2004 election that both George W. Bush and John Kerry are members of the Yale University Skull and Bones death cult,” we wrote in 2010. “The late Tim Russert asked Bush and Kerry if they could talk about their membership in the Brotherhood of Death. Both responded by saying they would not talk about Skull and Bones because it is secret. Soon thereafter the story fell off the corporate media radar screen.” Four years after Russert’s interview with Bush, he died of a sudden heart attack.

Previous instance of Predictive Programming

As we have mentioned before, hidden symbols are placed in Hollywood movies as a form of predictive programming and as coding to other elite mafia-like secret societies designating territory and inciting fear, similar to how American soldiers would leave ace cards on dead Vietnamese soldiers in attempts to psyche out the Viet Cong and forgo a firefight.

“In 2001, the FOX series The Lone Gunmen aired a pilot episode that eerily predicted the events of 9/11,” we wrote in an article a few days ago.

“In the episode, a scenario is played out in which the U.S. government remotely hi-jacks an airliner and attempts to fly it into the World Trade Center, justifying the launch of perpetual wars that would keep the military industrial complex busy for years to come.” We had a Skull and Bones president when the 9/11 atrocities were committed.

The Nature of Reality

There is a more sinister agenda in controlling the images we are shown through media and movies. In an interview with radio host Alex Jones, investigative journalist David Icke explained that those outfitted with the proper knowledge can effectively shape our perception of reality:

David Icke:…what we’re dealing with, Alex, is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we inteact with it and how we create it, and it has set up a society through its control of science…and through the media, and through what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality that this force has; thus, if you know how reality works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want and you keep that knowledge from the target population, you’re gonna have the target population laughing, ridiculing and dismissing people who stand up and say, “This is how reality works and this is what the game is.”

In the interview, Icke goes on to explain how the elite bloodlines are closely controlled to breed family members who have hybrid energetic fields which are closer to the energetic field of occultic entities.

Alex Jones: And by the way, whether that was true or not, all over their writings, as you know David, even in BBC articles, the elite believe they are a separate species. They say this.

Icke: Separate species because they have been specifically created on the body level to be energetically, vibrationally, frequency-wise closely connected to these occultic energies that operate outside of human sight, so that the possession of these bloodlines is able to be far more powerful and total than it is of the general population, although it happens with the general population as well, as we know.

Later in the interview, Icke goes on to say:

“To understand the nature of reality is to understand the world. What we live in is not a flesh and blood reality. It appears to be. It’s a holographic reality. It’s an illusory reality…I’ve been saying for a long time now, amazing as it may seem, that actually we’re living in the equivalent of a virtual reality computer program and that we are being fed artificial information into the decoding sectors of the mind, the brain, and we are decoding this fake reality.”

In conclusion…

If ever there was a question of secret society involvement with these recent tragedies that have seemingly “randomly” taken place, at least in my mind, it has been answered.

The tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was terrible, but the motives of those behind the acts are clear: continued domination over the minds of the masses.

However, as Icke pointed out, we cannot react with the predicted hatred they expect of us.

Jones: How do we attack even stronger with the truth to overshoot their next attack so that we jump to the point that’s not within their next target grid. How do we outjump them?

Icke: Well, we become concscious. This may sound trite, I couldn’t care less because it’s actually true. If we get caught in hating these people, if we get caught in physically, violently fighting them, then we are playing in their stadium. You see, if you want to feed off human emotional energy of violence and fear and terror and what have you, then what you’ve done to generate that…it’s even better if they react with violence to your endeavors…because now you’ve got twice the energy being generated…What we need to do is not fight them, not get pulled into their stadium.

Jones: Oh no, I agree, they want to start a civil war in the United States between the, quote, the security services and the population, and instead we need to go out with the information and wake up the programs and turn them back into humans. We need to be reaching out aggressively to wake up their minions because they’re victims of the matrix as well.

Icke: The thing is, we need not to play in the stadium of violence and stuff that we’re talking about, because that’s their stadium, that’s what they want. We need to play this awakening transformation out in the stadium in which it’s actually coming from, which is human perception of reality. And this is why it’s so important when we put this information out about what the plan is and what the agenda is that they want to introduce that we never give the impression that it’s a done deal and it’s gonna happen. It’s just information to alert people to what’s wanted so we can stop what’s wanted from happening, and we have the power to do that.

As we expose more of these subliminal messages and as more people learn the true nature behind their use, the symbols lose their spiritual impact and their intended effects are diminished.

This concludes our exposé on The Dark Knight Rises.

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  • Mark Wills

    Wanted to get your opinion on when the other 2 people arrested are going to be reported on in the Sandy Hook incident? Is there any groups working on the Connecticut law enforcement to give us the names of the 2 people arrested?

  • The Riddler did it

    Here is a riddle. Can you solve it?

    “When the pebbles skip across the water, only but one will sink. Three smooth skip over the body, while the rough and jagged trip over and join. Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list. Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point. Adam holds the fire which was sparked by Christmas Eve. Watch the fire roast the Lamb as the Lamb is Sandy and Points towards CHRISTMAS EVE. I pray you understand the cryptic importance of this message.” Some of us do care. STAY SAFE!

    I think this is the answer ..

    When the pebbles skip over water only but 1 will sink /
    # 1 is a reference to the last letter of the missing word

    Three smooth will skip over the body /
    There are 3 more letters in the missing word

    3 = (HOO) 1 = (K) = (HOOK) /
    The rough and jagged one trips over and joins describes a (HOOK) – perl script

    Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list /
    The word “Christmas” helps deliver the word (HOOK) completing the message

    Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point /
    meaning a reference Point ( POINTER ) – perl script

    The word SanduskY is a reference to the serpent /
    S = snake and Y = woman

    Adam holds the fire sparked by Christmas Eve /
    Adam’s fire or hatred is sparked by a past Christmas event.

    Watch the fire roast the LAMB /
    the young and innocent will roast because of Adams fire.

    The Lamb is Sandy and Points towards Christmas Eve. /
    The lamb (SANDY) Points towards Christmas Eve.

    Christmas Eve comes before Christmas day so look at the second
    sentence which comes before the first word Christmas and you find the missing word (HOOK)


    The comment below was published on YouTube Dec 10, 2012. That’s four days before the Sandy Hook shooting.

    My question is, How could someone know this four days prior to the shootings? Is it a computer glitch or did the Riddler really leave a clue ???

    It Reads as follows……

    I created this video compilation for my very good friend, Jesus and his website, Burbajas De Deseo

    The song, Love . . . . Thy Will Be Done, is performed by Martika and is from her CD, “Martika’s Kitchen.” This song and CD were written and produced by Prince.

    He has so much for me this past year! I just wanted to let him know, and say thank you!

    “When the pebbles skip across the water, only but one will sink. Three smooth skip over the body, while the rough and jagged trip over and join. Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list. Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point. Adam holds the fire which was sparked by Christmas Eve. Watch the fire roast the Lamb as the Lamb is Sandy and Points towards CHRISTMAS EVE. I pray you understand the cryptic importance of this message.” Some of us do care. STAY SAFE!

    The link to this comment is provided below..

    Warning! the video is not for children to see (adult content)

    The riddle has since been removed.

    Understanding hooks

    Hooks are entry points, like triggers, for pieces of code that IBM Rational ClearQuest runs at specified times to customize how users work with Rational ClearQuest. Rational ClearQuest supports four types of hooks:
    Field hooks

    Field hooks provide a way of checking a field’s value at runtime and of adjusting other fields as necessary. For example, you can validate the contents of a field or assign it a default value.
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  • Upon the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 to stop the “Prague Spring”, Brother Andrew rushed to the country to deliver the message God had given him: That the Christians had failed to use the political thaw to reach out to their neighbors.

    The result was a revival. Citizens in the street, instead of rioting, brought warm tea and food to the troops in the tanks. They began talking to the soldiers.

    The commanders were so dismayed at the troops’ reaction to this that all of them were switched out and rotated with a different bunch.

  • Brenda

    Let me preface this post by saying I know some of you have your own point of view about this subject matter and it doesn’t necessarily jive with mine, however, I only offer this personal perspective as an alternative to the common views held by others that are so vehemently pushing their own agenda. You might as well grab a coffee because this will be a long read. Last night I lay awake most of the night which is unusual for me. I started thinking about the purple van and Sandy Hook. Then I remembered someone said a Russian was in the van along with two other people who were dressed like nuns. Russian I thought? Weren’t the two Boston bombers Russian-Chechnien? And I remember reading somewhere that Russian Intelligence warned Obama about the Boston Bombers? Did they also warn him about Sandy Hook? There is good evidence out there that some people had fore-knowledge of the event at Sandy Hook. There was the post on 4Chan and the video “I am Adam Lanza” both uploaded on the 13th of December. That’s documented.

    What if Obama and the CIA knew something was brewing. Events indicate there was some fore-knowledge. The police communication systems were updated on Friday at 5:20 am. There was at least one drill scheduled the day of the shooting, possibly two. One drill was in Bridgeport. Was the other drill at the St Rosa of Lima? CNN video footage shows St Rosa of Lima in drill mode. It also seems there was a gathering taking place at the Sandy Hook Firehouse around 9:00 am according to Helicopter footage. Why was the helicopter already in the air so early if they weren’t expecting something to happen?

    I think there could have been a warning issued by Homeland Security in advance of the shooting. That would explain why there was so much secrecy surrounding the investigation. The investigation continued even after Adam Lanza is found dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There was a police chase involving a purple van and there were the two suspects in the bush behind the school. The police were acting as though this was an organised terrorist attack. ALL Schools in the area were locked down. It seems like they were in panic mode. I still question the logic of locking down a school, especially when the shooter is already inside. Then the police received a bomb or shooter threat at the St Rosa Church on the 16th of December and that church had to be evacuated. It was in connection to the Sandy Hook shooting. (a continued shooter event according to police audio) Warrants were sealed, legislation is rushed thru to block access to records and details about the investigation were kept secret. Finally a gag order is issued.

    Fast forward to the Boston Marathon and we see more evidence of fore-knowledge. Craft personel were on scene with sniffer dogs and bomb detection equipment in place, snipers on the roof. And lets not forget the annoucements that there was a drill in progress.

    So your probably asking where I am going with this. The word Russia keeps coming up every now and then. I am starting wonder if there’s a connection. He had a Russian made Saga rifle in the trunk of his car. The Boston Bombers were Chechnien-Russian and (I hesitate to quote him) but Duff says one of the occupants in the purple van was a Russian. Is it possible Adam Lanza collaborate with a group of foreign extremists? Was he working with Alkeida or Chechnia or the Russians? Is that why Adam was so secretive? Is that why he allegedly destroyed his computer hard drive, to protect the identity of his comrads? Richard Novia said Adam always clutched his brief case tight to his chest. What was he hiding? Here’s a Steam Community user id: I found on Steam’s website “Adam Lanza (no sound)”. Adam had a noise issue presumably because he was autistic hence the addition of no sound behind the name. It is even said he wore earplugs during the shooting. Could this be him? Note the words “Russian Federation” in the first image. Was his choice of the Russian flag an accident? (1) (2)

    Was there a terrorist threat in advance of both events? Why? Russia’s economy collapsed shortly before the turn of the century. Who was to blame for that downfall? Could they still be hold a grudge because of the collapse and the disintegration of their country. The political climate of the world has changed dramatically in the past two decades. Today, Russia is supposed to be our alley but is it really? Certain factions of Russia (Chechnia) might not agree. It almost seems like the New World Order is out of order. The USA appears to have adopted a strategy (a bad strategy) of opening the borders and letting everyone in. Once the trouble makers are inside they treat everyone like a potential terrorist, locking down schools and entire cities as was the case in Boston after the marathon.

    If Obama had fore-knowledge of the events at Sandy Hook and Boston and if he had been able to prevent them, that would be a huge feather in his cap. The drills were scheduled and security personel were placed in positioned for the perceived threat at hand. Unfortunately it didn’t happen the way they expected. If Obama had saved the day the truth about Sandy Hook would be all over the news but that didn’t happen. Was this a botched intervention? Would records show that this was an organised terrorist attack from a foreign entity or an Alkeida sleeper cell? The truth may never come out. Governor Malloy and Attorney Sedensky are certainly working hard to cover up something. Death certificates are sealed, new laws are passed and witnesses are silenced. Is there any doubt that this was orchestrated from higher up the chain of command? I have reached my own conclusion about Sandy Hook but only time will tell whether I am right or wrong. As for the rest of you, I guess you’ll have to make up your own mind. I only know that when I hear the word Russia I pay a little more attention now. By the way, did you know there’s a Russian Historic District in Connecticut?


    I leave you with an excerpt from a book Adam Lanza may have penned called “Lords of the 2112?

    If America was safe.

    “The new dogma of Earth was clear: Dog eat dog. against the Muslim Republic in a war contained solely in the Eastern Hemisphere. The Oriental layman had become nothing more than a slave for sell to the highest bidder in the world market. nation against nation—only the strongest will survive. Unified Korea. and Recognized Russia. Russian had been torn into several warring factions. Bound to treaty-created inefectiveness and sabotaged by government infiltrators. when the Muslim Republic launched her surprise attacks into the Western half of the world. Paper certificates and electronic assets meant absolutely nothing in this New World Order. The extreme conditions of societal collapse created profound 4 . each claiming right to govern. the Orient became the mighty capitalist of the world. Americans thought this would protect their home. The great number of US casualties lead to a significant world power shift and the formation of the New United Nations: A coalition of China. Japan.”