NASA Engineer’s Forgotten Admission (VIDEO)

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Genius German moon rocket designer, Wernher von Braun, had this to say about the mathematical facts required to reach the moon in his forgotten published book “Voyage to the Moon” . . .

“It is commonly (and falsely) believed that men will fly directly from the Earth to the moon, but to do this we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. CALCULATIONS HAVE BEEN CAREFULLY WORKED OUT on the type of vehicle we would need for the nonstop flight from the Earth to the moon and to return. THE FIGURES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES: THREE rockets would be necessary, EACH rocket ship would (need to) be TALLER THAN THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING (1250 FEET) and weigh about TEN TIMES the tonnage of the Queen Mary (or some 800,000 TONS).”

The “moon rocket” the United States Government could afford weighed just 2500 tons (a difference of 32,000 percent) and was just 363 feet tall . . . and there was just one of them, rather than the THREE required. Furthermore, Braun went on to say that a Space Station MUST be constructed BEFORE a manned mission to the moon, from which to ferry the three rockets with the necessary extra fuel, needed to reach the moon and return. (The International Space Station was not completed until 2011.) Braun further INSISTED that after once landing on the moon, crews would have to find or dig a cave in which to shelter themselves from thousands of micrometeorites per hour hitting the moon’s surface traveling at speeds in excess of 20,000 miles per hour, which would inevitably puncture the spacecraft, as well as the astronaut’s spacesuit, causing catastrophic, and fatal, environmental decompression. This, of course, like the other requirements, was NEVER DONE.

When the government told the man in charge of the “moon rocket” to adjust his numbers “a little bit” to reflect a fictitious way to reach the moon with the available resources and technology of the time, he immediately, and obediently, dramatically recanted on his previously INDISPUTABLE figures which “SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES” and had been “CAREFULLY WORKED OUT“. Did I mention that this man in charge of the “moon” program’s authenticity, Wernher von Braun, was a former World War Two Nazi whom our own government’s State Department is on the record for saying that, had he not prematurely died shortly after the “moon missions”, he would have been immediately thereafter indicted for War Crimes for overseeing the genocide, and the cover-up thereof, of hundreds of innocent people during the war? This threat of blackmail was obviously used to gain his obedient submission to the government deception and his “adjustment” of irrefutable mathematical calculations.

BOTH rocket and fuel calculations could not be true AT THE SAME TIME, thusly Von Braun caved to political pressure from the United States government, or he was a highly incompetent mathematician, being in error of fuel calculations by a factor of 32,000 PERCENT. If the latter, how could such a fool get us to the moon on the VERY FIRST ATTEMPT with 1960’s technology in the first place, when the feat cannot even be repeated TODAY with FIFTY YEARS more advancements in rockets and computers?

Watch the incredible forgotten video below in which Von Braun plainly states, on camera, the very same above remarks that were widely published, and then forgotten, under the veil of a much needed pep rally during president Richard Nixon’s highly unpopular Vietnam war.

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