NATO Commander Wants More US Forces to Counter Russia

NATO Commander Wants More US Forces to Counter Russia | world-war-3-russia-us-nato-europe-vladimir-putin-general-curtis-scaparrotti-senate-crimea-611153 | Military NATO Pentagon US News

No nations threaten America, not Russia, North Korea or any others. Claims otherwise are Big Lies – a pretext for increased military spending along with fear-mongering to enlist public support.

Last Tuesday, NATO commander US General Curtis Scaparrotti said he needs more funding for an increased longterm military buildup in Europe.

He wants an additional combat brigade and support troops to counter a Russian threat – despite none existing, he failed to explain.

In March, he said he needs more ground forces, combat air squadrons and carrier strike groups in areas he commands.

Citing a “heavy (Russian) force” in Europe, he failed to explain it’s almost entirely within it own borders – unlike America’s military provocatively deployed worldwide, including near Russian, Chinese and North Korean borders.

The Pentagon’s European Reassurance Initiative was established to deter the nonexistent threat of Russian aggression.

Scaparrotti wants what he calls “stable, predictable” multiyear funding for more troops, more weapons and munitions – despite no justifiable need.

Years earlier, “we weren’t concerned about being ready” for combat, he claimed – ignoring US direct and proxy wars waged every year in memory against invented enemies, long before things got completely out-of-hand post-9/11.

America needs more peace and less war, less funding for militarism, more mutual cooperation with all nations, less adversarial ones with sovereign independent states.

America needs responsible leadership and governance entirely absent throughout most of its sordid history – notably under the Clintons, Bush/Cheney, Obama and Trump.

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