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Avoid The Toxic Sunscreen And Try Coconut Oil Instead

This is no longer seen as alternative news or ‘conspiracy'. Not long ago what alternative health research has been saying for years is now admitted in the mainstream: most sunscreens on the market actually speed up your risk of skin cancer; as opposed to protecting you due to their ingredients. Although they can protect against

A Synthetic Soup Of Unnatural Nutrients

Recent studies reveal convincing evidence that certain organic foods are nutritionally superior to their non-organic counterparts. That’s no surprise, in a world where non-organic food is genetically engineered, irradiated, soaked in pesticides, fertilized with chemicals or sewage sludge, teaming with antibiotic-resistant bacteria bred in factory farms, and laced with artificial ingredients. But this may surprise

Money, Markets, And “Get Out Of Our Way”

The National Health Federation at Codex Committee on Food Additives in Hong Kong  By Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor NHF The National Health Federation (NHF) returned again to Asia in mid-March 2014, to attend the Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) Forty-Sixth Session in Hong Kong, China. [1] Last year’s CCFA meeting, held amidst the

33 Awesome Uses Of Lemon Essential Oil

When someone mentions the word “Lemon”, I immediately think “fresh, clean and pure”.  There is simply something about lemons that evokes an overall feeling of wellness and goodness.  This might come from my memories of being given a lemon to hold and to smell when I suffered the occasional childhood illness. Using lemons for health

Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight The Law And Win! (VIDEO)

Grow Food Not Laws. In this video Luke Rudkowksi of WeAreChange speaks with Jason and Jennifer Helvenston, gardeners who were targeted by the state. Are Americans losing their right to grow their own food peacefully on private property? The U.S. and Florida constitutions protect property rights from arbitrary invasions. After taking the fight to the

Drugs Giant GlaxoSmithKline Bribed Doctors To Boost Sales, Says Whistleblower

Britain’s biggest drug company, GlaxoSmithKline, allegedly bribed doctors in Poland using money that was meant to be spent on educating patients, according to new evidence revealed today by the BBC Panorama programme. A GSK whistleblower claims that money put aside to teach patients in Poland about an asthma drug, Seretide, actually went towards paying doctors

HPV Vaccine Insert Lists Death As Adverse Event (VIDEO)

Research links posted below: FDA Home Page Gardasil Vaccine Causing Ovarian Failure Vaccines, Blood & Biologics 743,000 Gardasil Shots Recalled: Contaminated with Glass Particles Vaccines Licensed for Immunization and Distribution in the US FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism as Adverse Reaction FDA Human Papillomavirus Vaccine CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Seniors FDA Gardasil Product Information

GMO Labeling Victory In Vermont!

  Vermont passed H.112, this country’s first no-strings-attached law requiring the mandatory labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and outlawing the practice of labeling GMO-contaminated foods as “natural” or “all-natural.” With the passage of the Vermont GMO labeling law, after 20 years of struggle, it’s time to celebrate our common victory. But as we all

10 Ways To Relieve Spring Allergies

Now that winter is behind us, the long-awaited season of spring brings with it rebirth, renewal – and allergies. When flowers, grasses and trees begin to set forth their blooms, our allergies show up. Congestion, sneezing and watery eyes are no way to enjoy the gifts that spring brings. Relieve Your Allergies Naturally For many,

Lemon And Baking Soda Shown To Be Powerful Healing Combination

In an age where cancer rates are rising incredibly fast, the need for alternative treatments is becoming even more prominent. Research is being put into a number of different avenues with one supporting Dr. Marty Pagel, PhD, from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, who will test the effects of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on breast cancer

Schizophrenia And Autism Are The Effects Of Vaccine Stimulation In Unborn Children

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD is one of the most knowledgeable neurosurgeons in the world and he is also one of the most outspoken ones when it comes to explaining the dangers that vaccines pose to children, women and everyone else. Dr. Blaylock has made it his mission, purposely or not, to warn people about the

The Milk Wars

There are a growing number of studies showing that raw milk is not only safe, but better for you than pasteurized milk. Still, Congress, under the influence of the dairy industry, is reluctant to legalize sales of raw milk. But that hasn’t stopped states from trying and, in many cases, succeeding. Raw or pasteurized, there’s

Vermont Senate Votes 26-2 For GMO Labeling

Vermont one step closer to becoming first state to enact such a law The Senate gave a decisive 26-2 vote Tuesday for a bill that would require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, a strong indication that Vermont could become the first state in the nation to enact such a law. “We are

Flu Shot Kills Healthy Teenager (VIDEO)

A Utah teenager, Chandler Webb went into a coma and died as a result of his first flu shot. ExperimentalVaccines ..... Research links posted below... The Flu Shot Has Officially Taken the Life of Its First Victim The Flu Shot Warnings and Dangers Utah mother faults flu shot in 19-year-old son’s death CVS Flu Shot Kills

14 Steps To Cut Out Processed Foods And Begin Eating Real Food

Making dietary changes can be tough. It is by far one of the biggest topics I discuss with people when it comes to questions about making healthy lifestyle changes.  One of the toughest parts? We are addicted to many foods and how they make us feel. Processed foods are so important to get off of

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