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On A Budget? Pink Slime Is Back To Save You Money!

Remember how horrified people were to learn of the ammonia-soaked pink slime in their ground beef and fast-food burgers? It was so bad that one company, Beef Products Inc., was forced to close several plants and file for bankruptcy after the backlash in 2012. Incidentally, BPI filed a 1.2 billion dollar lawsuit is pending against ABC

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

  By: Madhavi Dandu, Dust, heat, rain and our diet; all of these add up to an unwholesome mix that inadvertently attacks and damages the hair. A busy lifestyle ensures that you cannot pay as much attention as you would like to the proper nourishment of your hair. The result?  Dull, lustless and rough

How To Sharpen Razor Blades For The Long Term

These days I have been doing a lot of thinking about my daily hygiene and beauty routine as it relates to a long term survival situation.  I don’t want to appear frivolous but for me, feeling clean and looking nice are an important part of feeling good about myself in general.  I do not think

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

We live in an age that is almost ruled by coffee, which happens to be one of the biggest contributors to staining teeth and making them yellow. While step number one for whiter teeth would be to limit coffee intake, for some of us that may not be what we are ready for. So we’ve

Ice Buckets: NOT The Cure For ALS

Let's stop pretending like pouring ice on ourselves means anything until we can acknowledge the research that some of the causes and cures for ALS already exist -- none of them involving pharmaceutical intervention. The ALS Association's 'Ice Bucket Challenge,' as of the writing of this article, has grossed over 41 million dollars in donations,

Chemical Reality: What You Eat Is Not What You Need

The following is the first part in a series of articles that will focus attention on the food industry’s success in making people believe that processed and packaged products can pass as food. In this article, I will attempt to bring attention to the definitions of food we know and start unmasking the pesky ingredients

Scientists Call For Protection From Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

On July 9, 2014, 52 international scientists submitted a declaration to Health Canada, urgently calling on government to minimize the public’s exposure to the radiation emitted by wireless devices including cell and cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and baby monitors. Currently, RF exposure guidelines in four countries. China, Russia, Italy, and Switzerland, based on biological

How Where You Live Can Determine Your Health

By: Dr. David Juan, DoctorsHealthPress - I usually write these articles from my home office. Right now, however, I can’t be there. Instead, I’m writing to you from a family member’s home, where I’ll be staying for a few days. It wasn’t a planned visit, but something unexpected came up that forced me from my home.

DIY Dry Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Ever had a bad hair day? Your shampoo/conditioner set may be the culprit. A common complaint of store bought shampoos is they contain harmful chemicals that can harm your hair and weigh it down. Over time, it can contribute to those dreaded bad hair days. A remedy to this can by dry shampoo. A friend

5 Excuses For Avoiding Healthy Living And How To Beat Them

Making a change in our lives – any kind of change – always requires some effort. The “comfort zone” gets its name for a reason, and many of us tend to be quite loathe to alter our routines, especially if we have grown accustomed to them over a long period of time. The decision to

The Body's Damaging Effects Of Drinking Soda

Research published in the Academy of General Dentistry journal in 2006 found that drinking soda is nearly as harmful for your teeth as drinking battery acid. Most commonly these are citric acid and/or phosphoric acid which lead to the corrosion of the tooth enamel. Diet sodas have a pH of 3.2, so are even more

Even A 5-Minute Run Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Good news for runners: A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests running, even for a few minutes a day, can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease – whether you plod along or go at race speed. Researchers studied more than 55,000 adults between the ages of

50 DIY Products To Stop Buying

You might be realizing that most of the products out there that aren’t made organically or naturally contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Not only that, many of these products can be harmful to our environment in a number of ways. Making things yourself not only saves you money and helps the environment, but it

A New Reason Why Wheat And GMOs Can Destroy Your Health

A new study indicates that wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to growing concern that GMO foods are doing the same.  A new study published in FEMS Microbiology Ecology titled, "Diversity of the cultivable human gut microbiome involved in gluten metabolism: isolation of microorganisms with potential interest for coeliac

10 Ways To Improve Your Digestion And The Importance Of Doing It

Your digestive system is so important for a number of reasons. Making sure you take care of it and are optimizing its health is something we should all be aware of. As children many of us did not learn much more about digestion other than “chew before you swallow” and “don’t go swimming after you

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