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What Are The Five Myths Of Aging?

General Health |  | It’s probably fair to say that most people aren’t excited about the prospect of aging. Continuing living — yes. Dealing with the health and other problems that accompany getting old — no. Now it’s true that each passing year can present the opportunity for a new challenge, but aging also gets a large amount of ...Read More »

Splenda Suppresses Thyroid Function, Promotes Weight Gain

General Health |  | Is sucralose (aka Splenda) really as safe a sugar alternative as its manufacturers and advertisers claim, or is it really a toxic chemical causing a wide range of health problems including thyroid suppression and weight gain? New research sheds light on this question. A concerning new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition entitled, ...Read More »

Efficient Absorption of Nutrients: What Is Bioavailability?

General Health |  | Bioavailability is the proportion of a nutrient the human body is able to absorb and use. You might think that when you eat an apple every iota of vitamin A, every antioxidant, and every mineral it contains is used by your body with total efficiency, but that’s not exactly the case.[1] Bioavailability and Nutrient Absorption ...Read More »

Oil Pulling: Ancient Secret for Optimal Health

General Health |  | What Is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient Indian folk remedy first mentioned in the early Ayurvedic text, the Charaka Samhita, which was believed to have been written approximately 1500 years ago. One oil pulls by simply swishing a tablespoon of oil (sesame, coconut and sunflower are commonly recommended) in one’s mouth for approximately ...Read More »

Is Fructose As Addictive As Alcohol?

General Health |  | Fructose, which literally means “fruit sugar,”* sounds so sweet and innocent. And indeed, when incorporated into the diet in moderate amounts in the form of fruit – always organic and raw, when possible – it’s about as pure and wholesome as as a nutrient can get. Not so for industrially processed fructose in isolate form, ...Read More »

Are Harmful Gut Organisms Negatively Impacting Your Health?

General Health |  | Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites—there are many types of harmful organisms and nearly everyone is affected at some point in their life.[1] Different types of harmful organisms affect the body differently. Here, we’ll look at harmful organisms that affect well-being by targeting and disrupting gut health. This is a good time to mention that you probably shouldn’t ...Read More »

'Hidden Dangers' of Mammograms Every Woman Should Know

General Health |  | Millions of women undergo mammograms annually, but few are even remotely aware of just how many dangers they are exposing themselves to in the name of prevention, not the least of which are misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and the promotion of breast cancer itself. A study published in the Annals of Family Medicine titled, Long-term psychosocial consequences of ...Read More »

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Pomegranates

General Health |  | Pomegranates have exploded in popularity in recent years and it’s due to their ever-growing list of amazing health benefits. Rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants, pomegranates defend against free radicals, soothe irritated tissue, and promote healthy aging. Best of all, pomegranates are as delicious as they are nutritious. ...Read More »

Study Links Roundup Herbicide to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

General Health |  | A new study published Monday in Scientific Reports, an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature, has shown that the glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats at very low doses. The new peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King’s College London using cutting edge profiling methods describes ...Read More »

Cholesterol Lowering Statins Found To Damage Peripheral Nerves

General Health |  | Have the nerve-damaging properties of statin drugs now been confirmed? There are over 300 adverse health effects associated with the use of this chemical class of cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins, with myotoxicity (muscle-damaging) and neurotoxicity (nerve-damaging) top on the list. When will the FDA step in and warn the public, as proof of the ...Read More »

What Is Neroli Oil and What Is It Used For?

General Health |  | Neroli oil is a pale-yellow essential oil derived from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree (citrus aurantium). Extracted via steam distillation, neroli oil has a sweet, distinctive citrus scent and is widely used in perfumery and aromatherapy. According to legend, neroli oil is named for Anna-Marie de Nerola, an Italian aristocrat who popularized the ...Read More »

The Invisible Nuclear Threat Within Non-Organic Food

General Health |  | Whether you know it or or not, nuclear waste (cobalt-60) has been used for decades to make your food “safer.”  There is a profound misunderstanding in the mass market today about the value of certified organic food. The question is not whether the 50% higher or more you pay at the register for an organic ...Read More »

20 Top Health Tips From 2016

General Health |  | It’s that time again — time to embrace a new year and a fresh start in our continued journey toward a healthier, happier life. With a nod to our upcoming 20th anniversary in 2017, I’ve selected 20 health tips from my 20 most popular articles of 2016. If you haven’t yet read them all, you’re ...Read More »

10 Top Myths About Preventing a Cold

General Health |  | Like the game of party line we played as kids, myths about colds and other short-term illnesses prevail.  The reality is that the common cold is caused by a virus that is passed from person to person.  They can occur anytime during the year and not just during what is commonly referred to as the ...Read More »

Wheat is a Common Cause of Dyspepsia and Irritable Bowel

General Health |  | Could common complaints of bloating, upper abdominal discomfort and indigestion following a meal, and even the increasingly prevalent complaint lazily labeled ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ by practitioners of conventional medicine , be worsened — even caused — by consuming wheat? It is already well-established that patients with gluten-sensitive enteropathy, an inflammatory condition of the small intestine ...Read More »

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