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Soda Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals

General Health |  | The caramel coloring in soda such as Coke and Pepsi, among other includes a cancer causing chemical known as 4-MEI. The chemical 4-MEI caused cancer in laboratory studies and the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified 4-MEI as a human carcinogenic. This chemical is a by-product of the caramel color manufacturing, which is later ...Read More »

Plastic Particles Found in Drinking Water

General Health |  | Dying due to plastic consumption seems an outrageous thought. But so was the idea that chemicals in plastic could change someone’s sexual orientation; until scientists proved it. As explained in the link above, chemicals in plastic are responsible for countless diseases and, believe it or not, for the change in sexual orientation. The effects that chemicals used ...Read More »

Health Benefits of Maqui Berries

General Health |  | According to the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, evidence overwhelmingly supports the health benefits of adding berries to your diet. [1] Frequently cited as fabulous sources of antioxidants and vitamins, nearly anyone can benefit by including more berries in their diet. [2]Raspberries, strawberries, and mulberries are great, but if you’re looking for ...Read More »

Why Is An Appendectomy In The United States 10 Times More Expensive Than An Appendectomy In Mexico?

General Health |  | This is what can happen when you go to a socialized healthcare system.  A lot of people out there believe that the United States has a free market healthcare system, but that is actually not true.  The percentage of the population that receives government-subsidized healthcare is rapidly approaching 50 percent, and the healthcare industry may ...Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Andropause?

General Health |  | As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone. Because testosterone supports so many of the processes in a man’s body, big changes occur when it’s in short supply. “Andropause” (or “male menopause”) is the term given to the overall process and symptoms that occur when testosterone levels decline. Andropause affects millions of men worldwide and is a common ...Read More »

Zilmax: Performance Enhancing Drug of the Beef Industry

General Health |  | Some may say there’s something romantic about beef. “Black angus cattle” conjures up thoughts of tough cattle grazing on the open pastures in the rugged farmland of America’s heartland. I personally follow an organic vegan diet, but I realize many people enjoy a thick, hearty steak and consider it a taste of the literal fat ...Read More »

Flies Responsible for Bacterial Invasions

General Health |  | (The Real Agenda News) “Flies can contribute to the rapid transmission of pathogens during outbreaks” reveals study. Nature is full of beings full of ambition, small and great conquerors who want to expand their domains and those of their species. Humans can seem like a successful group, but nothing if compared to bacteria. These microorganisms ...Read More »

What Is Andropause? AKA The Male Menopause

General Health |  | The phenomenon of the biological clock isn’t exclusive to women, it seems men also are prone to age-related changes in hormone levels, sexual function, physical features, and quality of life. These changes, dubbed “andropause” (and sometimes “male menopause”) are due to a progressive decrease in testosterone production. As men near middle age, the process speeds ...Read More »

The Health Dangers of Dichlorophene

General Health |  | Dichlorophene is a chemical commonly used as a pesticide because it’s toxic to many organisms, including bacteria and fungus. Dichlorophene is also toxic to humans. It irritates the skin, it’s very harmful to the eyes and mucous membranes, and if it’s eaten or inhaled, the results can be fatal. Effects of Exposure to Dichlorophene Dichlorophene ...Read More »

Sugar is 8 Times More Addictive than Cocaine

General Health |  | (The Real Agenda News) People don’t have sugar cravings, they have sugar addiction. That is the bitter truth about sugar. Just as cocaine addicts do, sugar addicts also reject the notion that they are hooked to the sweet drug, but recent and not so recent research reveals that sugar has the power to make people even more ...Read More »

6 Health Benefits of Mulberries

General Health |  | Mulberries are delicious and nutritious, people all over the world enjoy it. Mulberries are a product of the Morus alba tree. Its leaves, which also contain nutrients and are even used as food for silkworms, are thin, glossy and light green; the fruit, like grapes, is red or white and grows in bunches called “drupes.” ...Read More »

The Health Dangers Of Carrageenan

General Health |  | Carrageenan is a food additive commonly seen in commercial yogurts, dairy-free milk, and other processed foods. It is a terrific emulsifier and thickening agent, and it does have natural origins. Nonetheless, carrageenan isn’t free from health concerns, with most of its issues relating to effects on the gastrointestinal system. Isolated from seaweed, carrageenan is a ...Read More »

Bulk Forming Laxatives Health Dangers

General Health |  | Bulk-forming laxatives are made from the dead fibers from plant sources, usually psyllium. Bulk laxatives work by increasing stool mass to the point the bowels force it out. Under healthy circumstances, fiber and increased stool mass can be beneficial. But, if someone is using a bulk laxative, they may not be experiencing optimum health. Furthermore, ...Read More »

The Health Dangers of Antimony

General Health |  | Antimony is a naturally occurring metal typically found in ore deposits. [1] Antimony is widely used in industry and present in all kinds of everyday items. Most commonly, the metal has been used as a flame retardant in products as diverse as toys, car seat covers, engine covers for light aircraft, clothing for kids, and uniforms for ...Read More »

The Effects of Toxic Metals

General Health |  | Many ordinary, everyday products have toxic metals in them. Toxic metals are in the foods we eat, water we drink, and the air we breathe. The human body requires extremely trace amounts of a few metals, but too often the concern is with getting too much, rather than too little. Metal poisoning occurs as a result ...Read More »

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