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GMO Golden Rice Flops In New Trial, Mutant Plants Reduces Crop Yield

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | By: Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze | After millions of dollars and untold amounts of hype, the GM Lobby’s favorite crop is demonstrating itself to do the opposite of what it was allegedly intended to do.As evidenced by a new study, Golden Rice, which was engineered to produce the precursor of vitamin A (carotenoids) has shown ...Read More »

Where Oh Where Are the GMO Apples?

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | It’s a little too early for Easter egg hunts. How about a pre-Easter GMO apple hunt? We recently reported that Intrexon, marketer of the GMO Arctic Apple, is quietly selling the apples in 10 retail grocery chains in the Midwest. Along with Friends of the Earth and Center for Food Safety, and with your help, ...Read More »

Top Pharma-Brand of Children's Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs and Other Hazardous Chemicals

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | The #1 Children’s Vitamin Brand in the US contains ingredients that most parents would never intentionally expose their children to, so why aren’t more opting for healthier alternatives? Kids vitamins are supposed to be healthy, right? Well then, what’s going on with Flintstones Vitamins, which proudly claims to be “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice”?  Produced by the ...Read More »

GMO Potatoes Will Hit Stores and Restaurants Soon…If They Haven’t Already

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | If you prefer to avoid genetically modified foods, here’s another one to avoid. GMO potatoes will be joining  GMO apples at a store near you very soon – if they aren’t there already. Last week, the FDA added their approval (again) to that of the EPA, giving the go-ahead for these potatoes to be planted ...Read More »

Poison as Food

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | As more and more people begin to awaken from their slumber they seem to be connecting more and more dots. Once people begin changing their diet and moving away from the poison as food and truly nourish their bodies and minds it only makes sense they would demand real food instead of the garbage “conventional” ...Read More »

Human-Pig GMO Created at Vaccine Institute

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | In Greek mythology, a chimera is a fire-breathing monster created from different species, most often portrayed as a creature with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail. Chimeras have long been regarded as mythical creatures, to the extent that the word “chimera” also means “an illusion or fabrication of the mind” or ...Read More »

Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | A groundbreaking study published in the current issue of the Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases reveals the potential “leukemogenic” properties of the Bt toxin biopesticides engineered into the vast majority of GMO food crops already within the US food supply. The causal link between cancer and genetically modified food was confirmed in a French ...Read More »

GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | If a food company invented a new version of a typical food and then packaged it in a box without the ingredients etc. listed on the packaging, there would be quite the outcry. So why is it that Okanagan Speciality Fruits is allowed to market a new variety of GMO apples without telling people the reason ...Read More »

Trouble in Tuscan

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | In a perfect example of how people are organizing locally against corporate power, a growing number of citizens in Tucson, Ariz., are locked in a heated battle with Monsanto and some local elected officials. In a nutshell, here’s the deal. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry negotiated a back-room deal that allowed Monsanto to buy 155 ...Read More »

Monsanto GM Corn MON810 Damaged the Intestines of Rats – New Study

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | By: GM Watch |   Rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days suffered serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum (part of the small intestine), according to a new study.[1] The type of corn fed to the rats was MON810: Ajeeb YG, a GM version of Ajeeb, a locally ...Read More »

‘Substantially Equivalent’ Big Biotech Argument Busted by Latest Study

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | The Biotech industry assures the public that GMOs are substantially equivalent to their non-GMO or near-isogenic counterparts. In fact, the whole idea of substantial equivalence has been spun into existence by Big Biotech as a clever way to peddle their wares – but they like to have it both ways. You see, when it comes to health, ...Read More »

Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Could Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup be leading to the overgrowth of deadly bacteria in animals and humans consuming genetically-modified food contaminated with it? This question follows from a study published in the journal Current Microbiology titled, “The Effect of Glyphosate on Potential Pathogens and Beneficial Members of Poultry Microbiota In Vitro,” which found that the ...Read More »

Chinese Firm Begins Testing GMO Corn Seeds in U.S. Greenhouse

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | A Chinese biotech seed firm has planted genetically modified corn seeds in the United States at a greenhouse designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the company said, an early step toward launching China’s first GMO corn products in the United States. Beijing-based Origin Agritech Ltd said on Wednesday that U.S. field tests of its ...Read More »

Study: GMO Corn has "Major Molecular Differences"

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | One of the biggest scams Monsanto perpetrated against consumers was getting its GMO crops declared “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO crops—a coup that allowed the biotech industry to unleash GMOs into the food system with no independent pre-market safety testing. First, a little history on substantial equivalence: The concept of ‘Substantial Equivalence’ was first introduced in ...Read More »

Monsanto: 'Cure' For World Hunger Is Cursing The Global Food Supply

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | What if the very GM agricultural system that Monsanto claims will help to solve the problem of world hunger depends on a chemical that kills the very pollinator upon which approximately 70% of world’s food supply now depends? A study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology titled, “Effects of field-realistic doses of glyphosate on ...Read More »

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