Genetically Modified Organisms

A Sour Deception: Citric Acid Comes From GMO Black Mold, Not Fruit

Just what is your food made of, anyway? Try industrial synthesis, genetically modified mold secretions, hydrochloric acid, mercury-contaminated caustic soda, ferrocyanide… and, of course, lots of GMO corn. If common ingredients like “citric acid” and “ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)” sound normal and familiar enough that you practically conjure up an image of the flourishing orchard

Send In The (Pro-GMO) Clowns

Oops. Don’t bother. They’re here. As promised, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), the Congressman from Koch Industries, has introduced a federal bill to keep labels off GMO-contaminated foods. And he’s recruited a few fellow clowns, um, colleagues to stick out their necks along with him. They’re calling it the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of

URGENT: New Bill Tries To Deny YOUR Right-To-Know

Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) wants to deny your right to know! He has introduced legislation dubbed the Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act), which would deny consumers the right to know if there are genetically engineered ingredients in their food. We need you to take immediate action and tell Congress you support mandatory GE 

Voracious Worm Evolves To Eat Biotech Corn Engineered To Kill It

One of agricultural biotechnology’s great success stories may become a cautionary tale of how short-sighted mismanagement can squander the benefits of genetic modification. After years of predicting it would happen — and after years of having their suggestions largely ignored by companies, farmers and regulators — scientists have documented the rapid evolution of corn rootworms

Sorry, Monsanto. No GMO Corn South Of The Border

Monsanto will have to wait awhile longer before it can contaminate Mexico’s countryside with its GMO corn. And thanks in part to the work being done by OCA’s Mexico-based sister network, Vía Orgánica, the Biotech Bully may never get the chance to destroy what has traditionally been a global haven for food crop biodiversity. This

What, No GMO Labels?

When Michelle Obama speaks, the media listens. And listen they did on February 27, when Mrs. Obama went to bat for the FDA’s proposed new-and-improved rules for labels on food. What should consumers expect? More realistic (as in larger) serving sizes. Calorie counts in bigger and bolder type. Out with Vitamin A and in with

The GMO Elephant In The Room

When’s the last time you signed a petition or wrote a letter urging the FDA or Congress or your state legislator to add Vitamin A or potassium to the nutrition label on packaged foods? Do you recall ever petitioning anyone to change the serving sizes listed on food labels? Or to increase the font size

Roundup's Reach: Present In All Tested Human And Animal Samples

"The presence of glyphosate residues in both humans and animals could haul the entire population towards numerous health hazards, studying the impact of glyphosate residues on health is warranted and the global regulations for the use of glyphosate may have to be re-evaluated." A newly released study published in Environmental & Analytical Toxicology highlights the

Label GMOs? Or Ban Them?

The introduction in the mid-nineties of genetically engineered crops into the U.S. food supply—with no independent safety-testing or labeling required—sparked a debate over how to drive these unhealthy and environmentally destructive “Frankenfoods” off the market. Some campaigners have called for an outright ban of GE crops. Others argue that strict mandatory labeling laws, similar to

Why Is There GMO Sugar In Salt??

Great April Fools' Day prank idea: Switch up your loved ones' sugar with salt. When they spit out their coffee and comment on the saltiness you can insist that it's really sugar and that there's nothing wrong, giving the prank a twisted flair. But you'd be right - because there's friggin' GMO sugar in salt!

Download The Shoppers Guide To Avoiding GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are in more than 75% of the foods on America’s supermarket shelves and restaurant menus. The Center for Food Safety, led by Food Revolution Summit speaker Andrew Kimbrell, has put together a shoppers guide to help you know which foods do, and which don’t, contain GMOs. More than 90% of the

‘World’s First’ Farmer Trial Over GM Crop Contamination Begins In Australia

A landmark legal battle between two farmers over alleged GM contamination has started in the Western Australian Supreme Court. The case is expected to determine GM farmers’ liability if their crops affect neighboring territories. The globally monitored legal battle involves local farmer Steve Marsh who sued his neighbor Michael Baxter for negligence over the alleged

GMO Labeling Hot Potato?

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and its band of profiteers (28 industry groups masquerading as the Coalition for Affordable Safe Food), have drafted their Bill to Kill GMO Labeling Laws. But the bill won’t get off the ground unless the GMA can convince a couple of Congress members to sponsor it. It’s time to let

GMOs Are Killing Bees, Birds, Butterflies, etc...

"It is ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray." - Rachel Carson, Silent Spring When the honeybees, our most important food pollinators, started dropping like proverbial flies, scientists scrambled to identify their killer (or killers). Attention eventually turned to the

Total Ban On GM Food Production Mulled In Russia

A group of Russian MPs have prepared a bill severely restricting imports of genetically modified agricultural produce, and completely banning its domestic production. The initiative is backed by Evgeny Fyodorov of the parliamentary majority United Russia and a group called Russian Sovereignty, which unites MPs from various parties and parliamentary factions. The politicians want to amend

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