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GMO Awareness

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | The battle to take back our food and farming system from Monsanto was never going to be easy—or quickly won. That said, consumer awareness—and consumer demand—is chipping away at Monsanto’s GMO empire. In this interview with Dr. Joe Mercola, for’s “GMO Awareness Week,” OCA’s Ronnie Cummins outlines some of the ways we are winning, ...Read More »

How To Avoid GMOs When You’re On A Budget

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | What’s the most controversial topic at the grocery store these days? It’s GMOs. Should you consume them? Are they okay in moderation? Should you strictly avoid them at all times? And if so, how on earth can you manage to navigate the store without stepping into a genetically modified landmine? And if you really want ...Read More »

US Court Rejects FDA Appeal on GMO Salmon Approval Documents

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Last week, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the FDA’s latest attempt to hide thousands of pages of key government documents related to the agency’s first-ever approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon for human consumption. The court’s decision is a big win for public transparency and a firm rejection of the Trump administration’s position ...Read More »

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Story at-a-glance In January 2018, lab-bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying wolbachia bacteria were released in South Miami, Florida It was the first phase of the Miami-Dade County Mosquito Reduction Test Program, which will release more wolbachia mosquitoes each week for several months — 666 million in all If preventing Zika was their aim, government officials ...Read More »

Top Pharma-Brand of Children's Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs and Other Hazardous Chemicals

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | The #1 Children’s Vitamin Brand in the US contains ingredients that most parents would never intentionally expose their children to, so why aren’t more opting for healthier alternatives? Kids vitamins are supposed to be healthy, right? Well then, what’s going on with Flintstones Vitamins, which proudly claims to be “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice”?  Produced by the ...Read More »

Go Organic (VIDEO)

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Story at-a-glance Choosing organic foods lowers your exposure to pesticides linked to cancer, damage to children’s IQ and neurobehavioral development and other health problems Organic foods are produced without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the use of antibiotics for preventive purposes is prohibited — both major benefits to human health and the environment Organically grown ...Read More »

Safety of Monsanto/Dow's Newly Approved Frankenfood (RNAi Corn) Called Into Question

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Another study confirms what activists and scientists alike have been warning: the next generation of RNA interference GM foods may seriously compromise the genetic integrity of our species.  A new study titled, “Detection of dietetically absorbed maize-derived microRNAs in pigs,” adds fuel to the fire of the growing controversy surrounding the EPA’s recent and conspiculously ...Read More »

More Proof GMO Food is Bad for you

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Need more proof that GMO foods are bad for your health? As reported in Alternet, a new survey published in the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine confirms the reports “from hundreds of healthcare practitioners and thousands of individuals” that when “people from all walks of life eat less GMO foods, a significant ...Read More »

US Scientists Made a Genetically Modified Human Embryo

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | By The Daily Sheeple |  This is the first confirmed case of the gene editing of human embryos in the US and it gets scientists one step closer to the ability to create genetically engineered humans. Researchers in Portland, Oregon have used a powerful gene editing tool called CRISPR to create genetically modified human embryos, MIT Technology Review reported in an ...Read More »

Philippines: 100% GMO-Free?

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | A coalition of 100 mayors in the Philippines have joined forces to rid their cities of GMOs and pesticides—and they mean business! While in Manila for the AgriLink Agri-Business Conference, Regeneration International’s Oliver Gardiner filmed the mayors signing on to the League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities and Cities (LOAMC). LOAMC is an initiative of the ...Read More »

A CRISPR Future New Form of Eugenics?

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | Story at-a-glance Using CRISPR, researchers successfully altered DNA in human embryos in a way that would eliminate or correct the genes causing certain inherited diseases If the embryos were implanted into a womb and allowed to grow, the process, which is known as germline engineering, would result in the first genetically modified children — and ...Read More »

Monsanto Manipulated Data, New Documents Reveal Details (VIDEO)

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | By: Ring of Fire Radio |  Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder and Farron Cousins recently released documents that show Monsanto Executives were colluding with EPA officials to manipulate scientific data. Transcript of the above video: Sam: So, Farron, before we talk about the really blockbuster news from this week regarding Monsanto, let’s go back and talk about the history of ...Read More »

Genetically Modified Humans Are Here

Genetically Modified Organisms |  |   By: Nathaniel Mauka, Waking Times |  When genetically modified plants, insects and larger animals came on the scene, many warned that humans would be next. Scientists have now confirmed the first genetically modified human embryos. They’re here, but to what end? The lead author of a widely circulating report states that the goal is to transplant some of ...Read More »

GMO Pigs Used to Grow Human Organs for Transplants

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | (The Real Agenda News) The cloning of these GMO pigs with all their allegedly inactivated endogenous retroviruses, investors say, solves the main stumbling block to use these animals as an organ source. But we can trust? Would you use a heart grown inside a GMO pig? What could go wrong? A lot, actually. Among the ...Read More »

Anti-GMO But Pro-Vaccine?

Genetically Modified Organisms |  | The truth is that the GMO and vaccine agendas are the same; only, activists appear to think there is a difference. Few things are as disturbing to me as the divide that exists between the GMO and vaccine awareness movements. If you look closely you’ll see the exact same concerns: the violation of informed consent, the neglect of the ...Read More »

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