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Confirmed: Snake Oil Works Better Than Pharmaceuticals

Natural Medicine |  | For many centuries, the Chinese used snake oil as a treatment for joint pain, arthritis, and bursitis. They brought this folk remedy with them when they arrived in the US in the mid-1800’s to build the Transcontinental Railroad. That was backbreaking work. Synthetic pain-killers such as aspirin were not yet freely available. When the Chinese ...Read More »

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Gingivitis

Natural Medicine |  | According to the CDC Division of Oral Health, nearly 50% of American adults and more than 70% over the age of 65 suffer from gum disease, also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease. Gum pain and the effect it has on eating aren’t the only concerns. Studies have shown gum disease is linked to heart ...Read More »

Symptoms of Occasional Constipation and Natural Solutions

Natural Medicine |  | Almost everyone has or will experience some form of constipation during their life. Signs or symptoms of occasional constipation include infrequent bowel movements, painful stools, bloating, and the need to strain to pass waste. Causes of constipation include a poor diet, dehydration, and a lack of physical activity. Laxatives are the popular way to remedy ...Read More »

Health Benefits Of Ginseng Eleuthero

Natural Medicine |  | Chinese healers have prized eleuthero–or Eleutherococcus senticosus, also known as Siberian ginseng–for thousands of years. Though it’s not a “true” ginseng, it possesses adaptogenic properties and has a well-established reputation as an energy enhancer and brain booster. Recent research reveals it does a lot more. Let’s take a closer look at this powerful herb. What ...Read More »

Home Remedy For Acne And Acne Scars – Ozonated Olive Oil

Natural Medicine |  | Although acne may be relatively harmless, the stress that comes with pimples is not. Acne may be known as a teenage affliction, but the fact is 40-50 million Americans suffer from this skin condition at any given time. [1] That’s teenagers, young adults, middle-aged men and women, and even babies (“baby acne” is very common ...Read More »

Benefits of Alfalfa Leaf

Natural Medicine |  | The word “alfalfa” comes from the Arabic phrase, al-fac-facah, meaning “father of all foods.” It stands to reason, alfalfa is extremely nutritious. The extensive root system allows the plant to absorb a high level of nutrients from the soil. Alfalfa leaf contains essential vitamins including the entire spectrum of B-vitamins, A, D, E and K. ...Read More »

The Health Benefits Of Tienchi Ginseng Root

Natural Medicine |  | If you’re familiar with natural health, chances are you’ve heard about ginseng. But do you know that there are different types of ginseng? Also called Panax notiginseng, Tienchi ginseng promotes health and energy in a similar fashion as American ginseng, Eleuthero, and Jiaogulan. It should be noted, however, that it works very differently from other ...Read More »

Should Honey Be Considered A Breast Cancer RX?

Natural Medicine |  | Breast cancer treatment can have devastating effects on quality of life, but recently two bee products have been found to significantly reduce some their most common adverse effects.   Few things are as dissonant to me as the use of so-called “anti-hormone drugs” in breast cancer patients to prevent recurrence. Not only are these drugs ...Read More »

How Gut Bacteria Protects Your Liver

Natural Medicine |  | The beneficial microbes inhabiting your gut have long been known to support digestive health, but deeper research is showing how intestinal bacteria controls and protects organ health. The liver, one of the organs reliant on a healthy balance of good bacteria, is our main detoxifying center. When we’re receiving enough probiotics (as well as prebiotics), ...Read More »

The Power Of Saffron For Mental Health

Natural Medicine |  | Saffron is an extravagant, sweet-smelling spice commonly used in Indian, Turkish, and Persian cuisine and is closely related to turmeric. Its use in traditional health approaches has spanned thousands of years, and modern research seems to back up its commonly-reported benefits. Like any spice, saffron may be a formidable force against internal swelling and irritation ...Read More »

9 Reasons Why Exercise May Be the Best Medicine

Natural Medicine |  | There is no debate, regular exercise is vital for maintaining health and wellness. Again and again, research confirms that everyone can benefit from physical activity. Want to live a long, healthy life? Your chances of doing so are far better if you regularly work your body. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human ...Read More »

Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money

Natural Medicine |  | With the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering class of drugs known as statins being widely promoted for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, despite their having over 300 documented adverse health effects (including heart failure!), how does chocolate sound as a viable, heart-friendly alternative? We already connect amorously with chocolate (to the tune of 6 billion lbs of ...Read More »

The Life-Saving Properties of Garlic Revealed

Natural Medicine |  | Research on garlic indicates that it may provide an ideal low-cost and safe alternative to drugs and vaccines in reducing the three most common causes of death in the world. In a world mesmerized by the false promises of pharmaceutical industry marketing copy, as well as inundated with aggressively marketed dietary supplements, many of which are ...Read More »

Turmeric and Black Pepper: A Winning Combination

Natural Medicine |  | Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a spice held in high regard for its bountiful health properties and its culinary uses. It’s a favorite herb of Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine, and its therapeutic uses date back thousands of years. Numerous studies have found that turmeric root can have a significant positive effect on neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic, ...Read More »

Sugar Cane Extract Superior To Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs?

Natural Medicine |  |   There is a little known natural extract of plant waxes known as policosanol, extractable from sugar cane, yams, and beeswax, which has been giving some of the more profitable drugs on the market a biomedical beating since it was first investigated in clinical trials by the Cubans in the 1990’s. Not only has it ...Read More »

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