4 Encouraging Facts About Food In America

In today’s society, rarely is the news positive. Whether it’s on a local, national, or global level, networks generally focus on stories that can leave us disheartened and upset. Even some natural health websites will shift their focus of educating their audience on the benefits of eating healthy toward capitalizing on fear about food in

Young Wisconsin Farmers Are Finding The Organic Market

The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently reported that although Wisconsin holds the second-highest number of organic farms in the country, consumer demand for organic produce and meat outpaces supply. The report also says that while conventional farmers continue to age, almost one-third of Wisconsin’s organic farmers are now under 45. Additionally, new farmers in Wisconsin are

7 Laws Of Gardening: Time-Tested Tips For Growing A Successful Garden

We all have the best of intentions in the beginning of summer. We plan on spending the season growing a beautiful lush garden. As the summer drags on, avoiding the heat becomes the top priority. From the neglect, your garden suffers. The plants may not be thriving, there may be bug infestations, or root rot. Inevitably,

The Importance Of Organic Carpet Cleaners

Every time toxic cleaners are used, there’s a heavy impact on our environment. It does not matter whether the cleaners are poured, sprayed, washed, rinsed, or dumped; the harmful effects are the same. When we use these things we risk adding toxins to the air and to the water, both of which come back to

Study: Eating Organic Limits Toxic Pesticide Exposure

Although they are extremely toxic, organophosphate pesticides remain some of the most commonly used insecticides today. A variety of fruits and vegetables are regularly treated with organophosphates, including green beans, apples, grapes, and peaches. The Dangers of Organophosphate Pesticides This highly toxic type of pesticide has been linked to numerous health problems, including reduced testosterone,

4 Reasons Why Your Children Will Love Organics

  By: Meggie Haneckow - Every parent wants to buy and bring only the best of things for their children. From the time couples become new parents, they start thinking about a ‘good future’ for the baby. But it is tough to even think about a safe and sound environment in a world that is

Sustainable Gardening: What To Do Before You Plant Your Seedlings

To live more sustainably, I have a small garden bed in my backyard to grow food for my family. Although it isn’t as large as I would like it be and certainly could not grow a year’s worth of food, I am able to grow plenty of fresh vegetables to make sauces, salsas and salad ingredients.

Dirty Dozen And Clean Fifteen (Infographic)

  By: Garrick |Juicing with G – In this day and age, our environment is bombarded with pesticides from insect killers in our homes to pest killers that farmers use to ward off insects that could potentially devastate their crops. On a worldwide level over 5.6 billion pounds of pesticide is used per year and in

15 Winter Veggies You Should Be Eating Right Now

Ask anyone who’s not a gardener what’s in season right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait here, because it won’t take long. Did you get met with a blank stare and perhaps some mention of potatoes and onions? We’ve become so far removed from the land that most folks don’t even know what vegetables are in

Edible Public Park Helps To Feed 200,000 People Every Year (VIDEO)

The Incredible Edible Park is a 7.5 acre public park that grows enough food, vegetables and fruits to feed 200,000 needy persons a year. Once a weeded, unused piece of land owned by the electric company is now a productive community garden. This auspicious endeavor was started as a collaborative effort from the city of Irvine to help

10 Reasons To Choose Grass Fed Dairy Cheese

Cheese is the ultimate snack for your family. Full of calcium and healthy fats, it’s convenient to pack in a lunch box or top a sandwich. But when you’re shopping for cheese for your family, there are a lot of choices: grass fed, organic and conventional. We tend to think that an organic product is

State Departments Of Agriculture Are Attempting To Regulate Seed Banks Out Of Existence

By: Cassius Methyl | The Anti-Media - Last year, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture officials sent ‘a friendly letter’ to a seed bank/seed exchange group in Mechanicsburg, telling them they need to test every variety of seed with extremely impractical and pointless tests to ensure that they are up to standards with regulations. ‘Agri-Terrorism’ was cited

Will There Soon Be Organic Fish?

There’s organic produce, organic meat and dairy and organic poultry… but organic fish? There are reasons why you have not seen an organic sticker on a fish fillet – its virtually impossible to make fish truly organic. However, the USDA is planning to try. In a planned move that will likely shake many consumers’ confidence

Carrageenan Makes Us Sick

Independent research published this year from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago reveals inflammatory responses to doses of carrageenan well below what an average person would likely consume in a day. Carrageenan continues to be allowed in organic foods thanks to corporate lobbying and industry-funded studies concluding its safety. Over 35,000 people have

Nationwide Organic Fraud Investigation Implicates USDA

CORNUCOPIA, WIS: In what has been called one of the largest fraud investigations in the history of the organic industry, The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based farm policy research group, announced filing formal legal complaints against 14 industrial livestock operations producing milk, meat and eggs being marketed, allegedly illegally, as organic. After years of inaction by the

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