NBC News Hires War Criminal John Brennan

NBC News Hires War Criminal John Brennan | cia-john-brennan | Mainstream Media US News

Brennan is a deplorable figure, a longtime imperial spear carrier, most recently serving as Bush/Cheney’s counterintelligence director, then Obama’s homeland security advisor and CIA director.

He was involved in torture and abuse at Guantanamo and other US torture prisons.

He was Obama’s Murder, Inc. administrator, chairing a panel of National Security Council officials, along with others from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and State Department, waging US war OF terror at home and abroad, deciding who lives or dies, chosen victims a closely held secret, Trump continuing the same dirty scheme.

Anyone can be targeted anywhere in the world. Ordinary people, distinguished ones, or officials are fair game. Their crime is opposing US imperialism.

Drone wars are prioritized. Human lives don’t matter. Rule of law principles are spurned. Summary judgment overrides them.

Obama usurped diktat authority. He appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. He and Brennan met regularly, plotting to assassinate US enemies.

Names went on a kill list called America’s “disposition matrix,” Brennan in charge of global assassinations, making him an ideal CIA director choice.

Russiagate is a cooked up Brennan scheme, complicit with Obama and Hillary to delegitimize Trump, trying to prevent his election, aiming to remove him from office once in power, plotting a coup d’etat against a sitting president, the way banana republics operate, rogue state America worse than any around.

Brennan reflects the worst of imperial lawlessness, a war criminal, a Russophobic/Islamophobic rogue actor, involved in cooking up phony accusations of Russian US election meddling, a serial liar, a threat to world peace – splendid credentials for an NBC News talking head contributor.

He earlier lied to NBC about CIA attempts to muzzle a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the agency’s use of torture on his watch.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press in his new capacity, he slammed Devin Nunes, accusing him of bias to protect Trump for preparing his memo detailing Russiagate FISA abuses – information Brennan wants suppressed.

US cable and broadcast news organizations employ a rogue’s gallery of former government officials and Pentagon commanders – hired to deceive, not inform viewers, reporting the official narrative, suppressing hard truths important for everyone to know.

NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, and MSNBC employ an army of paid liars – their own reporters, along with former government, military and imperial think tank commentators to keep the public uninformed about high crimes of state.

The only way to stay informed is by following reliable alternative sources of news and information – featuring what media scoundrels suppress.

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