Who Needs Congress? Obama Signs Executive Order Banning Sale Of “Assault Weapons” (VIDEO)

Who Needs Congress? Obama Signs Executive Order Banning Sale Of “Assault Weapons” (VIDEO) | obama-executive-order | Government Government Control Gun Control Losing Rights Multimedia Obama Exposed Sleuth Journal Special Interests

By: The Voice of Reason |

In the video below from June 14th, President Obama is whining about how if we really want to help law enforcement put an end to home grown terror, like the kinds we saw in San Bernardino about a year ago, and most recently in Orlando, then we should get behind legislation to reinstate the “Assault Weapons Ban.”

In the several days since then, Obama came to a stark realization: He remembered that he doesn’t follow the Constitution or our laws on anything else, and he’s almost out of office anyway, so why start now? Screw Congress… He’’ll just make the law himself.

June 18th: We have yet another illegal Executive Order by Barack Obama to add to the rest of the collection.

As I reported in, They’re Coming for Your Guns Using the Same Stupid Arguments; Be Ready, even far left group the Huffington Post Bloggers Club has pointed out that the timing of the Orlando attack combined with the demographic of the alleged victims, the demographic of the alleged gunman, and all the D.C. theatrics since the shooting dovetail too well with the domestic and geopolitical agendas in Washington. In fact, the group finds the timing of the Orlando shooting so suspect, that they’re offering $25,000 to anyone with substantial proof it was a false flag operation.

They say the Orlando shooting is simply perfect for at least six top priorities of the Obama regime: 1) Repealing the Second Amendment; 2) Justifying Orwellian surveillance; 3)Emboldening the police state; 4) Fan hatred of Muslims; 5) Intervene on behalf of terrorists in Syria while pretending to fight them; and 6) Distract from the most influential American Muslim of all time: Muhammad Ali.



While Obama’s side shows are a constant distraction… you WILL NOT believe all the news not being covered. Typical Obama: Whenever there’s a a big news story… what is the media trying to distract you from… FIND OUT! Buckle up.


A website posing as ABC News has again trolled the internet by claiming, “President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons.” The fake “news” site manipulates readers with a logo that looks very similar to the real ABC News logo, except it’s slightly oval instead of round. It further attempts to appear as a real news site by appearing to claim its stories are from the Associated Press, with the iconic AP initials at the start of its stories.

Even its web address looks like it is ABC News: http://abcnews.com.co. The real ABC News however is http://abcnews.go.com.



ABC News Reports:

President Obama signing Executive Order 13691 which bans the sale of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales. (AP Photo/ Dennis System)

President Obama promises large scale Homeland Security raids if gun violence does not subside

Executive Order includes mandatory 30 day waiting period on all new firearm sales

Felony prison time for those who do not comply with the new law

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