Newborn Seized Because Mom Questioned Necessity of Hep B Vaccine

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This is what you get for questioning the “authority” and for having the audacity to have your own voice in medical decisions for your children: a social worker takes custody of an hours old newborn, while still in the hospital, and prevents her mother from seeing her other than to nurse her every 3 hours. All because she asked too many questions.

Yeah. It happened. At Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Jodi Ferris had planned a homebirth, but when things progressed too quickly for even the midwife to arrive, her husband called an ambulance, and their daughter was born on the way to the hospital. Story link.


When they arrived at the hospital, there was a lot of activity. Jodi asked a lot of questions about the care and condition of her daughter. Part of that was because she received conflicting answers.

And then? Angela Lopez-Heagy arrived. The government social worker. She announced that she was there to conduct an investigation, the allegations of which she refused to divulge.

Jodi told the social worker that she wasn’t comfortable answering questions unless she knew what the allegations were. (Go girl.) Jodi’s husband was with their other children back at home, arranging care for them so he could join her at the hospital.

The social worker threatened Jodi that if she didn’t answer the questions, she would call the police and take custody of the newborn, Annie. Then, she grilled Jodi about why she didn’t consent to the Hepatitis B vaccination for Annie. This is about a vaccination consent?!! There were other questions, too… They were more generalized.

Periodically, the social worker left the room during this interrogation. And when she did? A hospital staff member blocked the door to prevent Jodi from leaving her room. She was, for all purposes, held prisoner in her hospital room.

And then? The social worker came back with a “safety plan.” Jodi asked to see it. It wasn’t written on paper yet. It was a carte blanche verbal consent to “whatever the hospital wants.” And if she didn’t? Angela Lopez-Heagy would take custody of Annie.

Jodi asked to wait for her husband. The social worker said no. A police officer instructed Jodi to hand Annie to a nurse. Jodi begged the social worker to allow her to sign the “safety plan.” She would do whatever it took to keep custody, but the social worker said, “That window has closed.” They took the baby. The officer escorted Jodi out of the hospital and off the hospital’s property.

No. I’m not kidding!

Jodi spent the night in the parking lot across the street, with her husband, in their car. They were allowed, every 3 hours, to return in order to breastfeed Annie (but they weren’t allowed to linger).

The next morning, a judge returned custody to Jodi and her husband. And two weeks later, he dismissed the case against them that the social worker had filed.

Now? The Ferris’ are suing the social worker and the medical staff who seized Annie. They filed in March. In July, the defendants motioned to have the suit dismissed. Last week, the judge denied the motion, and the suit will proceed. Good luck to them. As far as I’m concerned, they’re fighting for my rights, too.

What do you think about this case?

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  • Sovereign Activist

    “The consequence of ignoring jurisdiction…”

    This is a story not about vaccinations. Instead, it is a story about attempted “legalized kidnapping”. It is a sad but,quinisential example of not paying attention to “jurisdiction”.

    When a driver hands a police officer, from inside his auto, any document that purports to be an “Identification Document” ie. Driver’s License,
    Registration, etc. (even a square of toilet paper with an “X” on it)…he/she immediately relinquishes “jurisdiction” over his body and his property to the “Law Enforcement Officer”. Only then can he legally demand that the driver step out of their car.

    Your car, all the property in your car…you and every body in your care instantly belongs to him. He can take his gun and shoot you and everyone else in your car and take its belongings with almost absolute immunity. As unbelievable as it sounds, it happens thousands of times every day in America. Even in the most blantant of incidences it is a serious uphill battle to hold the officer accountable. Once his superior tells the public or a judge the officer feared for his life or was acting in the line of duty few offenders ever see a jail cell.

    When a parent enrolls their child into a public school they relinquish jurisdiction of their child to the authority of the district. But,for very few exceptions, parents have little or no say of what goes on with their child once class begins.

    Oh yes, they can and do squawk and principles don’t like noise for fear it may escalate into uncovering other abuses so parents concerns are otherwise dealt with on an adminstrative level without revealing the advantage districts hold under the transfer of control which took place when the parent signed papers they seldom read and never go to an attorney before they send their kids to school.

    When Jodi admitted herself into this hospital she relinquished jurisdiction over her self and her property…ie. her unborn child. If she provided her Social Security or a Zip Code with her address on the admission forms she unwittingly declared she was under Federal Jurisdiction and relinquished many rights she would have otherwise preserved if she birth her child at home.

    Hopefully, her attorney has filed a Federal case for violation of her civil rights. In spite of what a State Court Judge may initially rule, it is unlikely she will receive relief commensurate to her injury.

    Keep in mind in thousands of “Jurisdictions” in America local authorities are reimbursed thousands of dollars for children they “rescue” and place. It represents a substantial source of revenue…literally billions every year… nation wide!

  • Jenifer Blood

    What this article doesn’t point out, is that while all this is going on, the mom is trying to recover from giving birth in an ambulance. That is a difficult time and they put the mother’s life at risk, keeping her in a car the first 24 hours after delivery.

    I have routinely declined to give my newborn babies a vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease, as have many other moms. The actions of this hospital, in calling the Social Worker in the first place, and the dictatorial attitude of the Social Worker are deplorable. I hope both get sued, and that no one else is forced to experience this trauma during a time that is supposed to be the most magical of one’s life.

  • Casey Erica Banks

    Often, as a journalist, when ever I would follow up these kinds of stories it would be found that there was much more to it than was originally told. This may be the case here; it is what we do not know and are not told that is the real reason.

  • Mirtha Haviland

    This is an abusive, bully behavior by the social worker. Who gave her the right to tell a parent if she/he needed to vaccinate the child? This is beyond arbitrary! That social worker should be in jail! Having a child is one of the most beautiful moments a woman can enjoy, and this ‘insensitive’ woman took that moment away from the mother. Sometimes I am asking myslef what is this world heading to? This is barbaric!

  • Doug Palmer

    The police officer as well should be sued. If I was sueing this so called social worker, part of the suit would be to force her to publically apologize.

  • Flyingguns

    That social worker should have her head blown apart from a 12ga 000 buck shell. You dont ever do that to a mother and her newborn child, PERIOD!

    • Matt

      Thanks for saying it. The social worker needs to be put down, as does the police officer.

  • Lucifer

    Welcome to Jewish New World Order. If you resist the Tcheka police and NKVD will take you and your baby away.

  • Geoff

    As a Social Worker (in KY)I would like to point out that the facts don’t add up in this story. First of all the state social worker would need a judges order to take custody, the doctors at the hospital would have to advise this course of action, the hospital SW would have to sign off. If all this happened based on risk of harm all the children in the family would be removed until the 72hr hearing. Note the SW is not allowed to tell his/her side of the story. There may well be many points left out here

    • Ami

      You are wrong about that. I am an attorney in KY and TN. I have seen plenty of cases where an overzealous social worker has removed one child from a home and not the other children. I have also seen where the allegations that are in the Petition given to the Judge in order to get the Emergency Order to take custody from a parent do not match what actually comes out in the 72 hour hearing. Of course, that parent has already had their rights violated in the name of “protecting the children.” It may not happen in your jurisdiction (if your citizens are lucky). It does happen.

    • Joshua

      Yeah because every person follows the rules. Officers routinely side with other cops and government workers when they think they can. The hospital wants to charge for the vaccine.

    • M J Henry

      I too am a social worker (retired). I know that the law varies from one state to another but I never ran into any situation in Texas where a social worker had this much power. I met a few who thought they did, but parents rights exist. I can’t help but think there has been a lot left out here.

      • Rain

        social workers routinely lie and steal kids. they break the laws all the time.

      • Emily Johnson

        Since you mentioned Texas, I’ll tell you right now that you are flat out wrong. When I gave birth to my second son, we refused the Heb B vaccine and the eye prophylaxis. BECAUSE OF THIS, CPS was called and we were told we would not be “allowed” to take our son home with us until they interviewed us and determined we were not a “threat.” Thankfully the hospital patient advocate knew her stuff and was able to get CPS to “consent” to a later home visit instead of keeping us there. THIS REALLY HAPPENS, PEOPLE, AND IT’S SO WRONG. My solution? Give birth at home or a birth center and do NOT give anyone information they do not need to have. If that’s not possible for you, know your RIGHTS ahead of time and if possible, retain a lawyer BEFORE the baby is born.

  • Voice of Reality

    This is unacceptable, but happens everyday. I saw a journalist post saying we haven’t heard the whole story. That may be so, however, local and federal governments have overstepped their boundaries far too many times. In today’s world, you are criminalized and called a domestic terrorist and go on list, and get subject to this type of treatment from “officials”, IF:

    You believe in your RIGHTS
    Own Guns
    Want to home school
    Stand up to unconstitutional laws

    Basically to make a long story short, if you don’t buy the crap they are selling and go along with the boxed up control and give in to their poisoning you, etc, this happens. The worst part is, all the information is out there for people to see and learn the truth about what is going on, but most choose to remain blind and not fight for their rights and freedoms until something like this happens to them. Americans and people need to ban together and fight for their rights and freedoms. Together, we are stronger than those in power and any oppression they might pursue upon you. That is why they are trying to disarm us in the midst of what they are planning to go down. (Hence all the build up from DHS, etc.) I won’t get into it too much here.

    What I will say, this is a point where we all need to get together and fight for this woman’s rights! This is not her problem, it is ALL OF OURS! They harmed her and her child, they harmed me and my children. Only selfish people look out for themselves and only react when it suits them. In the old days, it didn’t work like that. Why do you think our forefathers were able to win our independence! A crime on a citizen back then was a crime on the constitution and all those who represented it. People watched out for each other. That is exactly what all these departments are. They are all gangs looking out for one another, and it is how they get away with harming you and me. They are affiliated gangs. But guess which is the strongest gang in the world, WE THE PEOPLE! So lets protect his woman and her rights and demand justice against those who stole her child and her moment of happiness from her!

    • Connie

      I agree….

  • Nanune

    This is sick! I hope they win big time! What this family went through is ridiculous!

  • Connie

    Half of these Social workers never been married or never had kids so they can’t relate and they are programmed like robots . We have dealt with them during a divorce and its unreal how they violate your civil rights. People need to KNOW the law…..It’s all about Government ruling our lives in every way possible and they start with your children…….Learn the civil rights laws if nothing else. They are very important..

    • Puri S

      I am sick and tired reading about “DFCS” or child protective services. In the 1st place why is the hospital called them instead the hospital talk to the parents of the baby, and why he/she has a Hepa B? The only thing I can relate to is: either the mom or the father has Hepa B and infected their newborn baby, but not his wife. I HAD THIS EXPERIENCE WITH REGARD TO HEPA B,,my exhusband receiving shots monthly especially when he goes to travel in Asia. I ASKED why he is getting HEPA B shots he said, because where I traveled- the environment is dirty (?) Sure, the environment are dirty WHEN he uses dirty women in asia. YAK, thank god that he infected me only gardnerella not HEPA B1.

      The parents should sue the hospital for their malicious actions in their patient and the baby.

  • Sarah

    What do you expect from the same state that aggressively defends a rapist’s parental rights, at the same time that it effectively denies its law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves in their own homes??

    I used to be a liberal. Then I moved to Pennsylvania.

  • Tony Binca

    I sincerely hope that the hospital/hospital staff as well as the children’s services/social worker are tried and convicted for false imprisonment, kidnapping and felony child endangerment.

  • Tusense96761

    Our Foundering Fathers stated that the rights of all children belong to the parents. This is not Hitler’s Germany but it’s more and more beginning to look like it. Thank God th

  • Tusense96761

    Cont. from below . The judge ruled in the parents favor, but the parents should have never been subjected to this social worker taking their newborn. This must of been beyond frightening, the worst nightmare.

  • notasheople

    And all because the mother wanted to stop them from injecting poison into the baby. Let’s all assume the shot(s) were given anyway. The parents must now pray that the baby hasn’t been permanently damaged.

  • Lisa

    HHMMMMM…hep B is passed thru sexual contact and sharing used needles…soooo, unless mom was dropping little Annie off with her junkie friends to have unprotected sex.on the way home..I’d say mom was right on in refusing this most unnecessary vaccine.

    • OverIt

      But why was it being forced upon her in the first place? KGB tactics are now being used against Americans. Better face facts, the sooner the better.

  • Bossy

    Legalized corruption. When a pregnant women gives birth in, or is assisted by any state run entity (hospitals) she along with her child become temporary wards of the state. Once the mother and child are deemed fit and healthy enough to be sent home the state appoints the mother as the temporary guardian of their ward, the child. However, the state does not give up their rights to the child like the Mother did. At any time between the time the Mother submitted to the state and the child turns 18, becomes and adult, the state can order the appointed guardian, the mother, to do whatever they want. Also, since they hold ultimate rights to the child who is still their ward, they do not need the permission of the guardian to care for the child however they see fit. If you the mother / guardian does not comply and cooperate they just legally remove you as the guardian and appoint themselves or someone else, such as a foster parent. Cuspid slavery. Then the US government creates a birth certificate bond, along with other nation states that belong to the IMF, and use us as human collateral to cover national debt. Now take a look at the countries that currently are not enslaved to the IMF. Oh, what a coincidence, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Muramar, and Sudan. Connect those dots.

  • Arizona

    Ever seen what someone looks like AFTER THEY BEEN SKINNED alive?and left NAILED to a tree,WELL really that would be preferable compared to what GOD is going to do to these people who bring HARM on his little ones,THEY WILL BE sent to a special place in hell for torture,everyday they will have been beaten to death,AND THAT will go on for a thousand years,AND THEN,they will be cast into the lake of fire to burn forever…….amazing how many people who have sold their soul to satan for bread crumbs ain’t it..???

  • Tusense96761

    I don’t trust our government , or CPS or the hospital for that matter. they are administering vaccines that are hurting our , ” OUR” babies not theirs and they been doing this for years and it has got worse. Bill and Milinda Gates are sterilizing and paralyzingly African children and Indian children. Gmo’s are poisoning us , Chemtrials, Flouride are poison us with a complicit government. No wonder she wanted to have her baby at home. What a horror story this hospital turned the most joyus time in parents lives into the scariest nightmare. This has to stop, we have to redo our government.

  • Letem Dangle

    WOW! I’m just glad cooler heads prevailed and no one got hurt.

  • Jarkko

    Make a mass appeal on the social media to let all faithful pray that this social worker and the cowardly police, who should have known better, that they had no right to do what they did, would get a cancer and die as they deserve. Those Nazi bastards have forfeited their right to their life if you ask me. Too bad I am a person who will not want to loose his standing in front of God by killing such human demons, so maybe God can bring the sword of justice down if we appeal to him. I know I am wishing something that I shouldn’t but these people make me angry. If God could wipe out hundred thousand Assyrians, to save Jerusalem, why not some hundreds, or few thousands of these monsters in the federal government?

  • nuknuk1000

    Hmmm Kidnapping, extortion, conspiracy, RICO, many constitutional and statutory violations. Get a good lawyer. 10 million awaits you. good luck.

  • Vaccinosis and injected toxins are just one thing to worry about with medical child abuse:

    It’s a war on the people at their most vulnerable point.

  • Maryanne

    I’ve yet to hear of any babies that share needles or have promiscuous sex. So the overwhelming majority of babies don’t need to be jabbed on the day of their birth, only those of HepB positive mothers. Jabbing the rest of them is an insult to God.