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Worst on Record Cholera Epidemic in Yemen

News Articles |  | Obama’s war on Yemen, escalated by Trump, bears full responsibility for what Oxfam calls the worst outbreak of cholera “ever recorded in any country in a single year.” Since April, they’ve been over 360,000 known cases, likely many more not officially reported, numbers rising exponentially. By end of summer, they could double because of devastating ...Read More »

Wisconsin Company Announces they will Implant Microchips in Employees (VIDEO)

News Articles |  | By: Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple |  Three Square Market company has announced that they will be the first to micro chip employees, and to those concerned: have no fear. Three Square Market wants all to know that they won’t be installing GPS tracking on those microchips. Three Square Market is a company that designs software ...Read More »

Every RINO Needs To Go

News Articles |  | It looks like the effort to repeal Obamacare is completely dead, and that says a lot about the current state of the Republican Party.  For decades, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have been using labels such as “Republican”, “conservative”, “pro-gun” and “pro-life” to get elected, but then once they get into office they govern like ...Read More »

US Continues Supporting Terrorists in Syria

News Articles |  | It’s naive to believe otherwise. It’s central to US strategy since launching war for regime change. Tactics alone changed from then to now, not Washington’s objective – allied with Israel and other rogue states to topple Syria’s legitimate government. In response to Trump’s announced end to covert CIA-arming and training of so-called “moderate rebels” (aka ...Read More »

We Need To Build Trump’s Wall, And We Need To Build It Tall And Strong

News Articles |  | Did you know that Mexico is the second deadliest nation on the entire planet? The drug war down there continues to spiral completely out of control, and often the violence spills over to our own side of the border. Thanks to President Trump, security along the border is improving, but we still have a long, long ...Read More »

FBI Agent Indicted In Killing of Lavoy Finicum, Hires High-Profile DC Lawyer

News Articles |  | 21st Century Wire says… Back in January of 2016, 21WIRE reported how the Oregon Standoff protesters’ convoy was intercepted in a ambush by federal forces, and how Lavoy Finicum was executed by a rogue agent. The mainstream media was silent. Running point on the government’s propaganda campaign was the Oregonian newspaper’s supposed ‘award-winning reporter’ Les Zaitz who shamefully ...Read More »

American Tech Giants Don’t Want an Open Web

News Articles |  | (The Real Agenda News) Facebook, Google and Twitter use the name Net Neutrality to push for a tighter, more monopolised Internet while claiming they seek  to protect an open environment. Dozens of technology companies allied Wednesday to protest against the proposal by the government of Donald Trump aimed at limiting net neutrality. The term that seems to ...Read More »

Over 40,000 Civilians Massacred in Battle for Mosul

News Articles |  | In all US wars of aggression, human lives don’t matter – the safety and welfare of civilians entirely ignored. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies. A duplicitous Pentagon statement said “(w)e set the highest standards for protecting civilians.” “(O)ur dedication, diligence, and discipline in prosecuting our combat operations while protecting civilians, is without precedent in recorded ...Read More »

A List of 20 Ex-Agents Who Have Exposed the US Military Intelligence Complex – Part 2

News Articles |  | The Military Intelligence Complex (MIC), in many ways, is the biggest threat to a free society. Since the Military Intelligence Complex has access to anyone’s personal and private information at will, the potential for bribing, blackmailing, manipulating or otherwise controlling individuals – from the parking inspector to the president – remains intact. This article is the ...Read More »

Bill Clinton Paid $500,000 for Moscow Speech

News Articles |  | Bill and Hillary amassed enormous wealth from highly paid speeches, lucrative book deals, and other sources – cashing in big on their prominence. They became super-rich from selling influence, their net worth estimated at up to $200 million, mostly stashed in tax havens. Clinton, Inc. best describes them, their lust for power and greed undiminished. ...Read More »

Most Europeans Don’t Believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming

News Articles |  | Among elitists there is a certain global consensus that seems to have been reached on the need to combat climate change. However, the jury is still out when it comes to how real human-driven global warming is and how responsibility for this alteration should be assigned. A survey of 10,000 Europeans, published last week, shows ...Read More »

Accepting a Society of Government Tyranny

News Articles |  |   The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy. – Charles de Montesquieu Rational thinking and moral conduct are rare in a society that has no respect for other individuals or succumb to the dictates of an all powerful government. ...Read More »

New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran

News Articles |  | Security Council action alone may impose sanctions on countries, not one nation on others – the way America and its go-along EU allies operate. Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and other nations are flagrantly illegal. The Trump administration, in cahoots with Israel, is morally and viscerally hostile toward the ...Read More »

Is Brazil truly Cleansing its Politics?

News Articles |  | SAO PAULO – It is difficult to be optimistic here in Brazil. The reality of politics is very constricting with what is believed to be happening in the political arena, where it seems that judges are cleaning the house. Although Lula has been convicted and there is an open process against the current President, Michel Temer ...Read More »

Hordes Of Anti-Trump Democrats Are Lining Up To Run For Congress In 2018

News Articles |  | If Republicans don’t wake up, there is a very real possibility that we could lose control of the House of Representatives in 2018. And if that happens, Donald Trump’s agenda will be dead in the water because the Democrats will use their majority to block everything. Trump’s surprise election victory last November was perhaps the ...Read More »

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