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Greece No Longer a Sovereign State

News Articles |  | Berlin and Brussels colonized Greece, debt entrapping it in the euro straightjacket, the country pillaged, its people impoverished, its crown jewel enterprises and assets sold off at fire sale prices. It continues to grab what’s left. Paying bankers comes first, a wealth grab against sovereign states and their must vulnerable people. The more Greece borrows ...Read More »

It’s Back: How to Prep for Ebola 2.0

News Articles |  | On May 12th, the World Health Organization declared an Ebola epidemic in the Congo. (source) It looks like it could be time to prep for Ebola 2.0. The WHO had already warned a new outbreak could happen at any time because the virus lurks in the eyes, central nervous system, and bodily fluids of survivors. Dr. ...Read More »

Did Several Democratic IT Staffers Under Investigation Just Flee to Pakistan?

News Articles |  | By: Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg | Today’s post is a little different than most, and highlights the very strange case of a few Democratic IT Staffers who have apparently fled to Pakistan while under investigation. If what The Daily Caller reported yesterday is accurate, it’s certainly something to keep your eye on. First a little ...Read More »

Charlie Daniels: We Need 1000 Paul Reveres, Because We Aren’t Going To Allow The Radical Left To Steal Our Country From Us

News Articles |  | If America is going to survive, it is time for this generation of Americans to take a stand. Edmund Burke once said that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, and if we sit back and do nothing now the radical left is going to win in ...Read More »

Slow-Motion Plot to Dump Trump

News Articles |  | Dark forces in Washington want him removed, things headed toward replacing him with Pence, a deep state puppet he erred in appointing as vice president. GHW Bush was smarter, choosing political lightweight Dan Quale, unqualified for any public position. Trump’s hold on the presidency is shaky. On Thursday, he tweeted “(w)ith all of the illegal ...Read More »

This is what Quantum Computers Could do for You

News Articles |  | The use of quantum computers could spell the end of privacy and security. Everything a computer does today is based on a series of zeros and ones. These two digits are capable of being combined to store or process information. It has been like this for decades, though scientists have been trying to make the ...Read More »

Southern Heritage is a Threat to the Deep State

News Articles |  | In an age where the accounts of history are no longer taught or the chronicles of past generations are lost to the consciousness of the current culture; all that is left is a fairy tale of deception designed to confuse, indoctrinate and eliminate critical thinking. Astute students of the War of Northern Aggression understand that ...Read More »

Police Deaths Up In 2017, But Not From ‘The War The On Cops’

News Articles |  | Law Enforcement Officer deaths by firearm are down slightly through May 20th, as compared to this time last year. In 2016, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), 18 officers were killed by firearms. So far this year, only 17 officers have been killed by firearms. With nearly one million sworn officers ...Read More »

Sweden Drops Phony Assange Rape Case

News Articles |  | Since June 2012, he’s been holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, granted political asylum by its government weeks later in response to phony Swedish rape charges. Britain conspired with Washington to get Assange to Sweden, once there extradited to Washington where a reported sealed indictment charges him with spying under the WW I relic Espionage ...Read More »

How Small Lies Obscure Objective Truth And Simplicity

News Articles |  | Imagine you are at a crime scene. A person has been murdered. A suspect is caught running away from the scene of the crime. Weapon found, motive established, relationship found between the victim and the suspect. As the prosecuting attorney you present your case outlining all the details of the case. You present witnesses, forensic ...Read More »

How To Build A Simple Faraday Cage For EMP Survival

News Articles |  | Of all of the reasons to prepare, one that we all need to take seriously is the possibility of a catastrophic EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This is a frequent topic in many post-apocalyptic novels and something that most of us are aware of, even if we do not completely understand the science. As I wrote ...Read More »

John Barbour on Jim Garrison & JFK Assassination

News Articles |  | John Barbour, often known as the “Godfather of Reality T.V.”, weighs in on his decades long investigation into the JFK assassination, focusing on many important overlooked facts of Jim Garrison’s controversial investigation. Debuting a new documentary on this subject, on the upcoming 100th birthday of president John Kennedy (May 29, 2017), The Sleuth Journal’s Bart Sibrel ...Read More »

Instagram is the Largest Anxiety Factory among all Social Media

News Articles |  | (The Real Agenda News) It is the worst social network for the mental health of adolescents. The most popular social networks are a source of innumerable benefits and advantages for their users, but they also generate unhealthy side effects. A new study, conducted among young British people, focuses on a very particular problem: the well-being ...Read More »

Kim Dotcom's New Shocking Statement on Seth Rich

News Articles |  | Kim Dotcom released a new statement, Tuesday, claiming knowledge of Seth Rich’s involvement in the DNC leak. Dotcom writes: I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was ...Read More »

It Is Time To Put The ‘Limited’ Back In Limited Government – Abolishing The EPA Is A Good Place To Start

News Articles |  | The constitutional republic that our founders intended to create has become a monster, and it is time to tame that monster and restore the federal government to its proper size and scope. The left loves big government, because it allows them to impose their progressive vision of how the world should work on all the ...Read More »

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