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The World According To Monsanto (VIDEO)

Corporate monopolies are not new, but ownership of patented grain seeds connotes that the control of the food supply is in the grasp of a private company. US supreme court rules in favor of Monsanto, “that a farmer in Indiana violated the intellectual property rights of the agricultural biotechnology titan Monsanto when he regrew the ...Read More »

Rash Of Foodborne Outbreaks Highlight Dangers Of Industrialized Food System

Pandemic outbreaks are becoming more prevalent in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), revealing the inherent flaws of industrialized animal farming. When you remove diversity from a farm, you raise the risks of the operation, including the risk of disease. Prior to CAFOs, when a virus would emerge, some small farms would lose part or all ...Read More »

Tips on Sprouting Your Own Veggie Plants

  I am not sure if there is a better way to do this but this is what I found really helped me this year in starting veggie plants. We wanted to plant our own organic seeds again this year for many of the everyday veggies we eat to help save some money and get ...Read More »

The 10 GMO Myths That Monsanto Wants You To Believe

Monsanto and their biotech buddies would have you believe that they are super-heroes, set on saving hungry children from starvation wearing a dazzling fake-green cape. In fact, in a recent attack on activists, Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant said that because critics “can afford” organic food, we don’t care about the plight of those who can’t ...Read More »

Garden Hack: Make Your Own Seed Tape

Those perfectly uniformed rows of vegetables are next to impossible when you are sowing seeds directly to the soil – until now. This simple garden hack is the most efficient way to make the most of your garden space. As well, it uses biodegradable paper that will add nutrients to the soil when composted. Gardening ...Read More »

10 Eye Opening Facts About Hemp

Hemp is always a fun topic to look at because it really makes you ask the obvious question: “Why are we not using this stuff for pretty much EVERYTHING that we do?” Well, the answer to that is quite simple, but not really what this article is about so we can save that for another ...Read More »

Learn To Love Worms With Vermicomposting

Three years ago, if someone had mentioned that they purchasing some worms, I would have grabbed my pole and said “let’s go fishing”.  Later, as I became interested in organic gardening, I started reading about worm bins and worm compost.  A light bulb went off in my head: folks were purchasing certain types of worms ...Read More »

6 Organic Mulches That Will Keep Plants Cool This Summer

Mulching your gardens during the warmest summer months will do wonders for growing plants and will encourage a healthier soil environment for your plants to grow. Over time, this creates a biodiverse growing platform that will be the envy of the neighbors. In fact, this is one of the 7 laws of gardening. By doing this crucial step, ...Read More »

Dow-DuPont Merger Will Cripple Farmers And Food Sovereignty, Groups Warn

By: Nika Knight, Common Dreams | ‘Today’s wave of agribusiness and food company mega-mergers is surrendering our food system to a corporate cabal’. Public interest groups urged the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to block the mega-merger of chemical corporations Dow and DuPont, which the organizations argue is part of a larger effort to put ...Read More »

Research: Roundup Herbicide Toxicity Vastly Underestimated

Glyphosate, the most well-known ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, has recently been the focus of an intense debate over whether or not it is dangerous, even carcinogenic, to those exposed to it through food and the environment. Monsanto, the original creator and patent-holder of glyphosate, and of the most famous glyphosate formulation Roundup, has funded ...Read More »

Playing Chicken

You probably don’t eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken. And you may not recognize the Sanderson Farms brand of chicken, unless you live in certain regions of the country, especially the Northeast and Southeast. But whether or not you buy chicken from either of these two companies, they both pose a threat to your health. Because ...Read More »

Why Bother?

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) on GE crops and technology was met with cheers from the biotech industry, but little meaningful scrutiny by the mainstream media. Initial media reports boiled down the message to “GMOs Are Safe” and even “healthy.” Some even claimed the study “proves” the ...Read More »

Hawaii's Largest Commercial Beekeeper Fires Worker For Launching Crowdfunding Campaign To Save Bees

May 28, 2016. Hilo, Hawaii. Hawaii’s largest commercial beekeeper fires employee for launching a crowdfunding campaign to save bees. Hawaii Island Honey, Hawaii’s largest commercial beekeeping company, fired employee Shane Lee one day after he launched a crowdfunding campaign to save bees which included a video “exposing” the commercial bee industry for its often harmful, ...Read More »

Recklessness Run Rampant

If you’re one of the two million people who suffered from an antibiotic-resistant infection in the past 12 months, Joe Sanderson, CEO of one of the four largest chicken factory farms in the U.S.—Sanderson Farms—has this to say about that: “There’s no reliable science that says by using these [government] approved antibiotics, that there is ...Read More »

Bayer And Monsanto: A Marriage Made In Hell

(Organic Consumers Association) The two multinationals that teamed up during the Vietnam War to poison millions of people with its Agent Orange herbicide—St. Louis, Mo.-based Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer AG—are looking to become one. Bayer has announced a bid  to buy Monsanto in a deal that would expand Bayer’s GMO and pesticide holdings and add drugs to ...Read More »

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