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Kalifornia Open Warfare on Business

Agriculture & Farming |  | The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is a prime example of centralized technocratic planning under the protection of a monolithic legislature that is entirely rooted in a Marxist “global warming” climate of totalitarian collectivism. Business in this cage of redistribution exists to support the extortion demands of the Sacramento commissars. Decades of reporting definitively conclude that the Golden ...Read More »

Study: Monsanto's Roundup Damages Gut Microbiome

Agriculture & Farming |  | We’re only beginning to learn the importance of healthy gut bacteria to our overall health—and the relationship between healthy soil and the human microbiome. Now a new study shows that Monsanto’s Roundup® weedkiller, which we already know damages healthy soil microbial activity, also damages the gut microbiome of rats. The study, published by Prof Gilles-Eric ...Read More »

Big Agra Drives Deforestation in Latin America

Agriculture & Farming |  | When people are asked what causes natural disasters, they quickly respond human activity. Rightly so, but what really causes or enhances natural disasters are a very specific kind of activities. El Niño is a cyclical phenomenon, is part of nature, but its effects can be exacerbated by deforestation. The top-three causes of the recent floods ...Read More »

Zilmax: Performance Enhancing Drug of the Beef Industry

Agriculture & Farming |  | Some may say there’s something romantic about beef. “Black angus cattle” conjures up thoughts of tough cattle grazing on the open pastures in the rugged farmland of America’s heartland. I personally follow an organic vegan diet, but I realize many people enjoy a thick, hearty steak and consider it a taste of the literal fat ...Read More »

'Expensive' Food

Agriculture & Farming |  | Two new studies call attention—yet again—to the link between pesticides and health problems—and how widespread those health issues are. The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems and The Global Alliance for the Future of Food published a 120-page report that says, among other things, that the industrial food system is mostly to blame ...Read More »

The Global Food and Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science is Bogus

Agriculture & Farming |  | Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet. Health is political. And health is big business. For instance, WHO makes dietary ...Read More »

Glyphosate: Persistently Toxic

Agriculture & Farming |  | For decades, Monsanto has claimed that the glyphosate in its Roundup herbicide breaks down so quickly that we shouldn’t worry about the chemical’s impact on soils. Independent scientists (i.e., scientists not funded by the chemical industry) have disagreed. Now, a new study by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and two Dutch laboratories confirms: Contrary ...Read More »

Farmer Wants a Revolution: ‘How Is This Not Genocide?’

Agriculture & Farming |  | (THE GUARDIAN) Health comes from the ground up, Charles Massy says – yet chemicals used in agriculture are ‘causing millions of deaths’. Susan Chenery meets the writer intent on changing everything about the way we grow, eat and think about food The kurrajong tree has scars in its wrinkled trunk, the healed wounds run long and ...Read More »

Nuclear War: Challenges with Livestock and Farm Animals

Agriculture & Farming |  | This piece is designed to give possible solutions to problems you may face with your livestock that may not have been considered. Naysayers are just an addition to the problem, instead of being part of the solution. That being said, let’s start out with an excerpt from the government regarding livestock and poultry, just to ...Read More »

'Farmers for America' (VIDEO)

Agriculture & Farming |  | There’s no escaping it. Food—real food, the kind that actually provides nutrients—comes from farms. But with the average age of today’s farmer being 60, and young people unable to afford farmland and equipment, who will grow our food? “Farmers for America,” is a documentary that explores the changing American farm scene and changing consumer trends. ...Read More »

Over 3 Million Acres Damaged by ‘Chemical Arson’ as Plants Wither and Die From Chemical Burns (VIDEO)

Agriculture & Farming |  | Story at-a-glance The emergence of glyphosate-resistant superweeds has led to the development and use of even more toxic herbicides, including dicamba-based formulations, which has been linked to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Dicamba is an extremely potent and volatile toxin that is banned during growing season. XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology, designed for use with dicamba-resistant seeds, is supposed ...Read More »

Pot Smokers Beware: Killer Pesticides, Poison

Agriculture & Farming |  | By: Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News |  Pot smokers, environmentalists, and just plain humans: take notice. A recent article in The Atlantic reveals highly toxic pesticides are being used on illegal pot farms in California, and the runoff is poisoning forests. I’ll quote extensively from the article and then make comments: “Secret growers are taking advantage ...Read More »

Monsanto Manipulated Data, New Documents Reveal Details (VIDEO)

Agriculture & Farming |  | By: Ring of Fire Radio |  Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder and Farron Cousins recently released documents that show Monsanto Executives were colluding with EPA officials to manipulate scientific data. Transcript of the above video: Sam: So, Farron, before we talk about the really blockbuster news from this week regarding Monsanto, let’s go back and talk about the history of ...Read More »

What Will You Eat When Your Garden Is A Flop?

Agriculture & Farming |  | I love growing my own vegetables. I spend many fulfilling hours outside every summer, tending to my plants, nurturing my soil, and babying things along, with the birds for music and a basket full of delicious organic food to show for it each day. Except this year. This year, my garden is a flop. Daisy’s ...Read More »

Hemp Production Should be Legalized

Agriculture & Farming |  | You have probably heard that hemp, a variety of cannabis sativa (marijuana) that lacks the high-inducing compounds has a multitude of industrial uses ranging from paper, textile, plastics, and food… and that’s barely scratching the surface. To say that hemp is one of the most useful plants in existence is not an overstatement. I’m not going ...Read More »

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