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How Scientists Plan to Feed Billions Without the Help of the Sun

Agriculture & Farming |  | Our most recent article about the most recent minor eruptions at Yellowstone briefly touched on the mitigation process this type of disaster entails and the evacuation efforts that would need to be made for millions before a supervolcano were to erupt. This brings to mind an even greater question of how the world governments would be able to ...Read More »

Create a No-Till Garden and Retire Your Tiller Forever

Agriculture & Farming |  | By Garden Therapy |  It is a wonderful feeling to discover a gardening hack that saves you time and effort without decreasing the health of your garden. Imagine the extra time you would have if you never tilled your garden again. Guess what? Not only can you save time with a no-till garden, you can improve ...Read More »

Grow A Week’s Worth Of Livestock Feed For Pennies! (VIDEO)

Agriculture & Farming |  | Over the last few years, prices for livestock feed has steadily risen for various reasons, making it more difficult to feed our chickens the organic diet we prefer they have. In order to cut costs, we looked into creating a fodder system that would sprout seeds such as wheat, barley, oats, clover, dandelion, alfalfa, sunflower seeds and ...Read More »

The No-Excuses Guide to Self-Reliance in the Suburbs

Agriculture & Farming |  | Do you live in the suburbs but yearn for the farm life? The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. There’s a guide that can help you realize your self-reliance dreams no matter where you live. As most of you know, I moved last year from my 5-acre farm in Northern California to my ...Read More »

Sustainable Farming: Starting A Quail Flock

Agriculture & Farming |  | Getting started raising quail requires a little more effort than raising chickens, but they’re well worth it.  Domesticated quail has a delicious, mild flavor that’s not gamey and they’re prolific layers.  If you’d like to learn more about the different breeds and their requirements, go here. Chicks or Eggs Day old chickens, ducks, and turkeys ...Read More »

Dirt Cheap: The Best Frugal Gardening Ideas On The Internet

Agriculture & Farming |  | With the price of healthful groceries going no place but up, lots of thrifty folks are starting a garden to save money on their bills this year. But what about the money to start a garden? It can be a very expensive undertaking, especially if you’ve never gardened before in your particular location. I’ve been ...Read More »

How To Grow Spinach

Agriculture & Farming |  | Spinach is one of the first seeds you can plant for a spring harvest and a wonderful source of Vitamin A and one of the healthiest sources minerals and nutrients that we can grow. It is considered a superfood because of all the nutrition these little leaves are packed with. Varieties, such as Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach are ...Read More »

Crazy for Grass

Agriculture & Farming |  | In 1999, Jon Taggart converted the 900 acres of crops on his recently purchased 1,400-acre ranch in Grandview, Texas, into 900 acres of native grasses. Then he launched his 100% grass-fed beef business. Everyone, including the “people in the cow business and people in the meat business” said he was crazy. But in 2011, when ...Read More »

This Do-It-Yourself Garden Hack Is The Secret To An Abundant Garden

Agriculture & Farming |  | My grandfather always had a robust garden filled with vegetables. His secret was rich, nutrient dense soil. He taught me that the plants we grow and soil have a symbiotic relationship. If the soil has nutrients, the plants will thrive. That said, many gardeners forget this vital tip and tend to lean towards chemical fertilizers as ...Read More »

No Yard? No Problem! You Can STILL Grow Food!

Agriculture & Farming |  | Everyone is talking about growing their own food. Lots of people are starting backyard gardens, filling pots on balconies and patios, and even starting little farms in the suburbs. But not everyone has outdoor space. What if you are living in an apartment and have no place to even put a pot for a tomato ...Read More »

Stop Buying 'Fake' Beef

Agriculture & Farming |  | Story at-a-glance In a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), ranch groups and cattle producers allege that millions of pounds of imported beef are being labeled as “Products of the USA” The USDA has argued that imported beef can be labeled as U.S. beef if it comes from a country with food ...Read More »

Kalifornia Open Warfare on Business

Agriculture & Farming |  | The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is a prime example of centralized technocratic planning under the protection of a monolithic legislature that is entirely rooted in a Marxist “global warming” climate of totalitarian collectivism. Business in this cage of redistribution exists to support the extortion demands of the Sacramento commissars. Decades of reporting definitively conclude that the Golden ...Read More »

Study: Monsanto's Roundup Damages Gut Microbiome

Agriculture & Farming |  | We’re only beginning to learn the importance of healthy gut bacteria to our overall health—and the relationship between healthy soil and the human microbiome. Now a new study shows that Monsanto’s Roundup® weedkiller, which we already know damages healthy soil microbial activity, also damages the gut microbiome of rats. The study, published by Prof Gilles-Eric ...Read More »

Big Agra Drives Deforestation in Latin America

Agriculture & Farming |  | When people are asked what causes natural disasters, they quickly respond human activity. Rightly so, but what really causes or enhances natural disasters are a very specific kind of activities. El Niño is a cyclical phenomenon, is part of nature, but its effects can be exacerbated by deforestation. The top-three causes of the recent floods ...Read More »

Zilmax: Performance Enhancing Drug of the Beef Industry

Agriculture & Farming |  | Some may say there’s something romantic about beef. “Black angus cattle” conjures up thoughts of tough cattle grazing on the open pastures in the rugged farmland of America’s heartland. I personally follow an organic vegan diet, but I realize many people enjoy a thick, hearty steak and consider it a taste of the literal fat ...Read More »

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