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Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical |  | By: Christina England, BA Hons; GreenMedinfo | In today’s world, aluminum is omnipresent, building up within our system from everyday products.  Now, we are learning that aluminum toxicity can manifest itself in alarming ways. As many of us are aware, the human body is being bombarded with aluminum in everyday products. Many of our foods, ...Read More »

'Hidden Dangers' of Mammograms Every Woman Should Know

Medical |  | Millions of women undergo mammograms annually, but few are even remotely aware of just how many dangers they are exposing themselves to in the name of prevention, not the least of which are misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and the promotion of breast cancer itself. A study published in the Annals of Family Medicine titled, Long-term psychosocial consequences of ...Read More »

Cholesterol Lowering Statins Found To Damage Peripheral Nerves

Medical |  | Have the nerve-damaging properties of statin drugs now been confirmed? There are over 300 adverse health effects associated with the use of this chemical class of cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins, with myotoxicity (muscle-damaging) and neurotoxicity (nerve-damaging) top on the list. When will the FDA step in and warn the public, as proof of the ...Read More »

Here's a Medical Reality Check For Solving the Next Suspected Fake Shooting Event (VIDEO)

Medical |  | Let’s face it. Staged sloppy and laughably fake shooting events are now occurring regularly and in just the past week or so we’ve seen painfully not-so-organic events reported by the fake news mainstream media in exactly the way they always present events that they want to push on you. By repeating the same exact stories ...Read More »

Monsanto GM Corn MON810 Damaged the Intestines of Rats – New Study

Medical |  | By: GM Watch |   Rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days suffered serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum (part of the small intestine), according to a new study.[1] The type of corn fed to the rats was MON810: Ajeeb YG, a GM version of Ajeeb, a locally ...Read More »

Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer

Medical |  | The average American consumes their body weight annually in this cancer-causing substance, and yet hospitals freely feed it to their cancer patients, oblivious to the harm it does. Hospitals feed cancer patients sugar and high carbohydrate diets for a reason: they are abysmally ignorant of the role of nutrition in health and disease — hence ...Read More »

Scientists Find a New Organ

Medical |  | This week, as you dream up ways to improve yourself in 2017, give yourself a pat on the back: You’ve already made a significant change this year, from deep within your belly. You technically gained an organ. Irish researchers have confirmed that the mesentery — a fold of membrane that connects the intestine to the ...Read More »

CDC Confirms: Mutated H7N2 Virus Transmitted from Cat to Human in the US

Medical |  | Anyone who has ever watched a movie like Outbreak or Contagion knows that all pandemics start with Patient Zero. Maybe an infected monkey escapes from a lab. Maybe a farmer in China contracts something from a pig. There is always some seemingly insignificant interaction with some type of mutation that occurs in a far-off place ...Read More »

Pistachios May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk

Medical |  | Findings presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s semi-annual Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Conference, suggest that a small daily portion of pistachios may lower individual risk for developing lung and related cancers [1]. Multiple Benefits Medical experts have long known that dietary vitamin E, or more specifically a type of vitamin E chemically ...Read More »

Codex Nutrition Committee Condemns 90% of World to Poor Health

Medical |  |   By Scott C. Tips, NHF President & General Counsel | At the beginning of this week December 5-9, 2016, the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) became the very thing that Codex Secretariat Tom Heilandt warned against in his opening speech there – “lazy monkeys.” For those unfamiliar with ...Read More »

Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent (Listen)

Medical |  | By: Carolanne Wright, Wake Up World | Anxiety — that feeling of dread, fear, worry and panic — is certainly nothing new. Hippocrates wrote about it in the fourth century BCE. As did Søren Kierkegaard in the 1860s. And Sigmund Freud addressed the disorder in 1926. However, jump to the present and we’re seeing a ...Read More »

Dear President-elect Trump: Make America Healthy Again

Medical |  | Dear President-elect Trump: Despite the fact that America spends trillions of dollars every year on health care, our system is ranked among the worst in the world. Waste is rampant, care is impersonal, premiums have skyrocketed, and deductibles are through the roof. Even worse, The BMJ warns that medical errors are the third leading cause ...Read More »

Study Finds Antidepressants to be Depressingly Ineffective

Medical |  | The use of antidepressants has been controversial for quite some time.  And with good reason, altering the brain’s chemistry can yield unpredictable results. Regardless, drug companies and the media have done an extraordinary job at marketing these products and forcing them into our market.  Who hasn’t heard of Prozac?  If you’ve seen the recent commercials, ...Read More »

How Fluoride Affects Consciousness And The Will To Act

Medical |  | By: Jordan Resnick, Conscious Reporter | New evidence has linked fluoride and other chemicals to brain disorders. What other unknown effects might this industrial by-product added to our water supply have? An examination of water fluoridation’s shadowy history reveals potentially disturbing ramifications for human consciousness. Recent research has brought the controversial practice of water fluoridation back into ...Read More »

CBD Ban? DEA Tries to Reclassify Non-THC Cannabis Oil as Schedule 1

Medical |  | A CBD ban appears to have been put in place by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), an agency of the US Government. A few days ago on their website, they posted a notice that they had made a “new rule“, effective Dec. 14th 2016, to classify “marihuana” (their antiquated spelling, not mine) as a schedule 1 ...Read More »

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