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There is a Revolution in Genetics Afoot - And It Affects Everyone

Medical |  | There’s a revolution in genetics afoot, but it’s not what most people think. Sixteen years ago, scientists completed the first draft of the human genome, and contrary to predictions that they would find as many as 100,000 genes, they only found about 25,000. Since then, the estimate has been revised downward several times to its present day ...Read More »

Bill Gates' New Population Control Microchip Due for Launch in 2018

Medical |  | By: Jay Greenberg, Neon Nettle |    Multi-billionaire Bill Gates has developed a new microchip, along with researchers at MIT, that will allow for adjustments to be made to a person’s hormone levels via remote control, in a bid to reduce the planet’s population. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been working in conjunction ...Read More »

A Prepper’s Guide to Respirator Masks

Medical |  | A respirator mask is a prep that is potentially lifesaving, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and is oft-overlooked in the prepper world. Some folks like to invest in gas masks (which, of course, are irreplaceable during certain types of disasters) or they forget about respiration altogether. The importance of something that can help you ...Read More »

The Republicans In Congress Have Betrayed Us Again

Medical |  | I guess by now we should be accustomed to politicians lying to us. For years, Republicans have been promising to repeal Obamacare if we would just give them control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. We did that, and now they are breaking that promise. Because even if “Obamacare 2.0” ...Read More »

Is Plastic Surgery Going Organic?

Medical |  | The following article was written by my good friend, Dr. Richard DeAndrea, MD, ND. He’s the Medical Information Director at LifeSci Center and Medical Director at The Good Life. His work places him at the forefront of the exciting advances described. Is it possible to get a breast augmentation without an implant? Is it possible ...Read More »

Miraculous Vaccines: Here They Come Again

Medical |  | (The Real Agenda News) It is said to be as “efficient” as a traditional vaccine, but without the pinch and the pain. How about the side effects? I have written at length about the falsehoods pushed by the pharmaceutical industry and how these fraudulent “truths” become pillars to justify massive vaccination campaigns that never prevented, treated or ...Read More »

The Silent Vaccine Epidemic: Experts Explain Why Vaccines Are Not Life Savers (VIDEO)

Medical |  | (The Real Agenda) Aluminum, insect repellent, formaldehyde, mercury, fetal tissue, and in some cases attenuated or live viruses are some of the ingredients present in vaccines today, yet, we are told they are the reason why humanity’s overall health and well-being has improved dramatically. Traditional medicine cooked up by pharmaceutical companies dictates that vaccines are life ...Read More »

Five Tick-Borne Diseases That All Americans Should Be Aware Of

Medical |  | By: Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition |  Not too long ago, most people weren’t aware of Lyme disease. The scientific community didn’t even know that it was carried by ticks until the 1980’s, and it took many more years before the disease became common knowledge among the public. But that’s not the case anymore. These days, pretty ...Read More »

New Innovation In Telomere Extension

Medical |  | Telomeres are the caps at the end of human DNA strands known as chromosomes that protect the DNA code of the genome. As humans age, telomeres begin to decrease in size, causing cellular aging. After telomeres reach a certain length, the cell is no longer able to divide and will die. This process has been ...Read More »

The Real Danger Behind MRIs

Medical |  | Magnetic resonance imaging is a common preventative and diagnostic method used in medicine, and at times this technology can be invaluable. Of course there are some health questions associated with the practice, such as does the practice involve powerful magnetic fields? But for those who require them in case of an emergency, they can be ...Read More »

A 21-Year-Old Man Has A Baby, And Doctors Say ‘Womb Transplants For Men’ Will Soon Be Possible

Medical |  | Do you think that men should be having babies? Years ago I remember being told that someday we would see these sorts of headlines, but such a thing seemed so impossible to me at the time. Well, now it is actually happening. Over in the UK, a 21-year-old British man named Hayden Cross has just ...Read More »

Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

Medical |  | What if everything your doctor told you about osteoporosis and osteopenia was wrong?  What if osteoporosis were not the primary cause of fractures in aging populations? What if both the definitions of osteoporosis and osteopenia used to justify pharmaceutical treatment were both misleading and age inappropriate? These are questions we explored in a previous exposé titled, “Osteoporosis Myth: ...Read More »

Obamacare: It Is Illegal and Unconstitutional No Matter What They Re-Name it!

Medical |  |   “The typical American voter is so stupid, his dog teaches him tricks.” –Jonathan Gruber architect of Romney-Obama-Care  The hot topic again this week coming from today’s conservatives is an attempt to get you caught up into a debate about what is illegal.  The GOP is attempting to appease the American voter with a change ...Read More »

8 Risk Factors For Autism

Medical |  | Many people are aware that the number of cases of autism has been rising over the last few decades, but everyone is still fairly in the dark when it comes to knowing what puts unborn children at increased risk of developing the disorder. In order to better avoid this debilitating neurodevelopment disorder, it is wise ...Read More »

Survival Medicine: New Wound-Closure Method That Could Replace Stitches (VIDEO)

Medical |  | In a world without medical facilities, open wounds can invite serious, life threatening infections. To the untrained eye, it could cause death. For thousands of years, stitches have long been a part of closing wounded tissues. One of the main concerns with this archaic method is air can inadvertently become trapped inside a stitched wound and cause further ...Read More »

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