U.S. Military Seeks To Brain Scan Troops For "Signs Of Potential Betrayal"

The massive investment in neuroscience undertaken by the U.S. BRAIN project and its sister initiative the Human Brain Project is increasingly taking a turn toward the examination of mental health. In fact, hundreds of European scientists working on the project are threatening a boycott because of this direction. In their view, the initial directive was

Marines Test War-Fighting Robots In Hawaii (VIDEO)

Marines are testing new robot technology at the Rim of the Pacific Exercise underway on and around the Hawaiian Islands. Pentagon

US Military Studied How To Influence Twitter Users In Darpa-Funded Research

The activities of users of Twitter and other social media services were recorded and analysed as part of a major project funded by the US military, in a program that covers ground similar to Facebook’s controversial experiment into how to control emotions by manipulating news feeds. Research funded directly or indirectly by the US Department

The US Military Is Playing The Nuclear Blackmail Card Against UN Occupation Forces

  Bravo Sierra is a term which can be best applied to the report that the “organic” United States is going to rise up and declare civil war against the banker-controlled Obama administration and the commencement date for this popular uprising would be July 4th. As of this writing, it is July 9th and the

USS Bataan With 1,000 Marines To Join Six Other Warships In The Persian Gulf

That will make seven warships there. CNN is reporting that the USS Bataan is being sent to the Persian Gulf with 1,000 marines on board. There is no word of a planned invasion. That will make seven warships there — the USS Arleigh Burke, the USS Truxton, the USS Gunston Hall, the USS George HW Bush, the USS O’Kane, the USS Philippine Sea,

Taliban Releases US Soldier After Five Years In Swap For Five Guantanamo Detainees

Taliban militants in Afghanistan released U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl last Saturday after five years of captivity in exchange for the release of five detainees in Guantanamo Bay. Bergdahl was released to U.S. Special Operations Forces in a Qatar-brokered swap for Afghan Taliban detainees who will be sent to Qatar. Bergdahl was the only American prisoner

Navy Releases McCain’s Records

The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS

Power In Military Black Budgets

The top five military contractors by sales are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumann, General Dynamics and Raytheon. In addition to the Department of Defense allocations, the top five intelligence agencies that often provide military use applications are the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Program and the

Obama In Afghanistan

He left Washington last Saturday. He arrived in Afghanistan Sunday. It was his fourth visit. He stayed less than four hours. Earlier trips were in March 2010, December 2010 and May 2012. Obama  addressed US troops. He did so at Bagram Air Base. It houses one of America's notorious torture prisons. Dozens of others operate

Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years

On Memorial Day, Barack Obama and members of Congress honored our veterans by wearing ribbons and laying wreaths, but what they should really do is apologize to the entire nation for treating them like human trash for the past five years.  You see, the truth is that this VA scandal is nothing new.  The problems at

U.S. Special Forces, Foreign Troops Practice Invading Tampa

News groups promise invasion is not "Russians" or "New World Order." U.S. Special Forces and commandos from 16 foreign nations practiced “invading” Tampa, Fl. this week during an unprecedented international training exercise. Conducted outside the Tampa Convention Center Wednesday, residents looked on as service members from every branch of the U.S. military ran drills alongside

Ridiculous US Warfare Expenditure

    War is America‘s main export. Without it, the USA is nothing. It’s economy depends on it.   Let’s take a look at the tip of a very deep iceberg.   For example, the US spending on its military in the year 2012 was the colossal amount of $684 billion. To get a perspective

US Drone Pilots Are ‘Stressed’ And ‘Demoralized’ – Official Report

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a scathing report detailing the Air Force’s mismanagement of its active-duty drone pilots, who are responsible for the most demanding and deadly missions in the entire US military. US senators asked the GAO to investigate how the Air Force treated its pilots back in 2012, following previous

Terminator Robots Becoming A Threat Say U.S. Military And United Nations

Ethics is very often the final concern of science, especially where military endeavors are concerned. Drones and robots are finally becoming front page news after a series of warnings from prominent scientists and researchers who are beginning to see some of the darker side to what is being unleashed upon humanity. Perhaps the greatest sign

Five Weeks Away From World War III

Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, believes that Russia could usher in the end of the world as we know it, if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down. Kravchuk stated that Putin does not back down, ever! For several different reasons, it is becoming increasingly likely that war could break out in Ukraine as early as this

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