Hearts and Minds

Op Ed Commentary | Peter Davis directed a brilliant documentary film on the Vietnam conflict (I refuse to use the term ‘War’ as Congress has not declared war since WW2) entitled Hearts and Minds(1974). This is a ‘must see’ for anyone who  wishes to experience the ‘yin and yang’ of the pros and cons of ...Read More »

Captagon and Western-backed Rebels: New Drug, Old Story

Captagon? What’s that you may ask? Captagon is the addictive drug used by some of the numerous terrorists, jihadis, mercenaries and Western-backed rebels in Syria – including Al-Nusra and ISIS. Captagon (aka fenethylline, Biocapton or Fitton) was first produced in 1961 as a mix of amphetamine and theophylline. It became illegal in most countries in 1986 due to WHO pressure. Being ...Read More »

National Guards Prepare for Emergency (VIDEO)

On September 9, 2016, the “Colonial Pipeline”, allegedly, had an unprecedented “gasoline leak”. At first, it was said to be 45,000 gallons. Shortly thereafter, it was said to be 250,000 gallons. After this, the amount of the loss was said to be “unknown”. The primary unusualness of the event was that it wasn’t even reported ...Read More »

Top US General Pleads With Troops Not To Revolt Over 2016 (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In recent weeks, a common theme that has run through the vast majority of the stories I’ve covered, has been for people to make sure they are preparing for the possibility of a major emergency. Why? First and foremost, because it was only back in May when President Obama ...Read More »

Programmed To Kill: Mind Control And Manufactured Terror (VIDEO)

On this edition James speaks with computer programmer, author and deep state mind control subject Matthew Pauly. The Canadian citizen explains how he underwent involuntary interrogation and mind control training at the hands of US and Canadian military intelligence forces. After a long process of intense psychiatric therapy and utilizing his own unusual recall abilities ...Read More »

The Sewers In Colorado Springs Won’t Catch On Fire Anytime Soon…

Colorado Springs sewers are safe thanks to Peterson Air Force Base, which accidentally dumped 150,000 gallons of toxic chemicals into them. The toxic firefighting chemicals, called perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) were released from a tank and the dump wasn’t noticed for almost a week. The water passed through the Colorado Springs Utilities wastewater treatment plant but ...Read More »

US Supplying Terrorists In Aleppo With TOW Guided Antitank Missiles

  These weapons have been around since 1970, upgraded over time for greater accuracy and destructive power. ISIS was earlier supplied with shoulder-launched, man-portable, easy to operate, surface-to-air missiles (SAMS), able to down helicopters and low-flying aircraft. Perhaps terrorists in east Aleppo are getting them. According to Russia General Sergei Rudskoi, they “continue receiving modern ...Read More »

U.S. Military Seeks To Brain Scan Troops For "Signs Of Potential Betrayal"

By: Nicholas West, Activist Post | The massive investment in neuroscience undertaken by the U.S. BRAIN project and its sister initiative the Human Brain Project is increasingly taking a turn toward the examination of mental health. In fact, hundreds of European scientists working on the project are threatening a boycott because of this direction. In their ...Read More »

U.S. The Stupid Is Starting WWIII

Every day the world moves closer to a nuclear winter. The finger on the trigger presses upon the button and only a slight movement will launch unthinkable destruction. The point that it is so unthinkable yet so close to happening is caused by the overwhelming denial that Americans have towards the real nature of international ...Read More »

Filipino President Says No To US Military Presence, Invites CIA To Assassinate Him

Crazy little Kim Jong Un of  North Korea has some competition for “Bat-Crap-Craziest Leader of a Small Country.” Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, who famously called Barack Obama “a son of a whore” and has orchestrated the deaths of more than a thousand drug dealers without trials, is in the news again. Duterte has dared the United ...Read More »

Fake News, Psychological Operations And The National Security State (VIDEO)

In this week’s episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine a recent revelation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism on a Pentagon psychological operation in Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States. From there we look at how the CIA spawned its Operation Mockingbird and the ongoing effort by the ...Read More »

Pentagon Responds To Russia’s 40 Million Man Drill By Dropping Fake Nukes. General Warns Of Endgame (VIDEO)

Tensions with Russia are rising as Russia has been officially blamed for the DNC hacks via a press release memo put out by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence. To add fuel to the fire, the US Army Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, has just announced that a leading Russian official has ...Read More »

US Considers Military Option Against Syria

America’s rage for global dominance through brute force makes geopolitical conditions today more perilous than any previous time in world history. Hugely dangerous flashpoint conditions in Syria show Washington heading recklessly toward confronting Russia militarily –  unthinkable if occurs, increasingly likely given today’s events. Neocons infesting Washington want Assad ousted, putting them at loggerheads with ...Read More »

Power In Military Black Budgets

The top five military contractors by sales are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumann, General Dynamics and Raytheon. In addition to the Department of Defense allocations, the top five intelligence agencies that often provide military use applications are the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Program and the ...Read More »

600 More US Troops To Be Deployed To Iraq To Recapture Mosul – Pentagon Chief (VIDEO)

(RT) The US will provide about 600 more troops to Iraq to advise and provide logistical support to the Iraqi Army, Pentagon chief Ash Carter confirmed after a statement by Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi on the issue. Carter confirmed earlier statements made by US and Iraqi officials. The soldiers will provide logistics and intelligence support ...Read More »

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