Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From The U.S. Military

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama’s version of the U.S. military.  Christian service members all over the nation are being disciplined for reading their Bibles, talking about their faith publicly and encouraging others to live a moral lifestyle.  And just saying the name of “Jesus” at

U.S. Troops Arrive In Ukraine For Training Exercises

MOSCOW (AP) — About 300 US Army paratroopers have arrived in Ukraine for training exercises with national guard units, a move criticized by the Kremlin and eastern Ukraine’s Russia-backed separatist rebels. The troops, from the Italy-based 173rd Airborne Brigade, are to spend several weeks training a total of about 900 Ukrainian national guardsmen. Although Interior

Jade Helm's Use Of Death Squads

Jade Helm is morphing into something very dark and very sinister. At the conclusion of the article, many of us will be asking about how we should collectively respond. We certainly need to explore the possibilities. Patriot Protests Against Jade Helm One of the reasons that I believe that Jade Helm could go live is

Many Christians Are Leaving The Military Due To Hostile Work Environment

By: Joshua Krause| The Daily Sheeple – I often find myself fascinated by how mainstream Christians are so enamored with the military. Every Veterans Day they proudly display their uniformed converts in church and pray for our soldiers overseas, in their battle against Islamic extremists. They have a habit of adorning their place of worship with

Jade Helm Operations Tied To "Tracking" Technologies Designed To Locate Fugutives

Did you know that according to Daniel Freeman’s study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that paranoid thoughts are common among normally functioning people? In fact, the study concluded that some dose of paranoia is actually quite adaptive and can serve to keep us safe from danger. What is about to be presented in this article

Clear Signs That Jade Helm 15 Is Going Live (VIDEOS)

National Guard to be activated in Michigan to participate in JH-15. This article has two major purposes: (1) To establish how massively the American people have been lied to with regard to the depth and breadth of the Jade Helm 15 (JH 15) exercises; and, (2) To force the JH 15 planners to keep from letting

Exclusive: National Guard Trains To Take On US Citizens (VIDEO)

Video shows troops advancing on Americans with batons. Exclusive footage provided to Infowars from an attendee of the California National Guard’s “dirty bomb” exercise in Richmond Saturday shows guard troops training to take on U.S. citizens. Role players simulating members of the American public can be seen screaming as guard troops with batons push them

New Govt "Study": No Link To War And Suicide - Implies Opposite Is True!

Back in 2009 President Obama admitted that science has been compromised by political agenda. He of course brought this topic up in the context of … political agenda. Speaking to the National Academy of Sciences Obama said: Next, we are restoring science to its rightful place. On March 9th, I signed an executive memorandum with

“It’s Just a Training Exercise”: Army Special Ops Shoot Down Jade Helm Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

By: Mac Slavo | – The Special Operations Command for the U.S. Army may be preparing to blend in during its mock engagement of hostile populations in the U.S. Southwest this summer, but first it is going on the offense to counter the claims of “conspiracy theorists” about the true nature of the controversial Jade Helm

A Half-Cocked Coup Against Obama, Mindwar, Pedophilia, And Satanism

By: Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post – The United States is increasingly becoming a tossup between being a land of inertia and unimaginable apathy versus a powder keg of hatred, violence, and civil war. With this bizarre cultural crossroads – every bit created and initiated by an oligarchical government, corporate and banking superstructure, and a totally

Russians To Participate In Jade Helm 15 Martial Law Drill/Dissident Roundup Drill (VIDEO)

I spoke with my best source and he has information that the Russians training at Ft. Carson, CO., will a part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.  This is in line with the Russians being allowed to train for the highly sensitive Grid Ex II drills in November of 2013. Further, this is also consistent

Black Helicopters Rehearse Transporting “American Enemy Combatants” To Jade Helm 15 “Black Sites” (VIDEO)

  Black helicopters in Texas moving “enemy combatants” from Point A to Point B. This is one of the “black sites” where torture of illegal detention of Chicago residents is taking place. These Chicago style black sites are appearing all around the country and they are a part of the Jade Helm 15 operation. As

Pentagon Sending Troops Into Ukraine In April

By: DSWright | Fire Dog Lake – US does not have a defense treaty with Ukraine. According to a Department of Defense press release, the Pentagon is sending 290 US service members into Ukraine to train Ukrainian military units in April. The training will reportedly occur in the Ukrainian city of Yavoriv near the Ukraine-Poland border.

Apache Helicopter And Hellfire Missile Blues

Op Ed Commentary –  Investigative reporter Chris Woods wrote that since August of last year there have been over 2900 missile strikes by manned and unmanned aircraft… mostly perpetrated by our country. To those out there who do not do the research, the Hellfire missile systems bought by you and me cost us over $4

The Jade Helm 15 Drill Is A Martial Law, Civil War And "Red List" Extraction Drill

From July 15th to September 15th, 2015, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command is conducting a massive military drill in an area covering the entire American Southwest. At first glance, I thought this drill was a response to the massive military drills being conducted by Russia. I wrongly assumed that Jade Helm 15 was a

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