Proof Massive Underground Military Bases and Complex Tunnels Are Real (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | The evidence that we the people, are at risk of being placed under martial law, and losing all of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution is overwhelming. What’s even more overwhelming is how many people have no earthly idea how much danger they’re even in. Sadly, most Americans will ...Read More »

Pentagon Whitewashes Murders Of Afghan Civilians

US rules of engagement in all its war theaters consistently and repeatedly violate international and constitutional law – soldiers allowed to murder civilians with impunity. One of many notorious examples occurred in February 2010 in Afghanistan. US Army rangers belligerently entered Khataba village in Paktia province – slaughtering five defenseless civilians in cold blood, including ...Read More »

Is America Preparing for WW III?

The 9/11 false flag and endless US wars followed George Bush’s stolen 2000 election. If things are rigged for Hillary Clinton to succeed Obama next year, will America attack Russia and China, an unthinkable act of madness if launched? Provocative US-led NATO troop deployments and military exercises near Russia’s borders, its Romania-based missile system targeting ...Read More »

US Special Forces In Syria Covertly Engaged In Combat

  Endless war in Syria isn’t civil. Mischaracterizing it this way is one of many Big Lies about US naked aggression, using imported death squads as imperial foot soldiers – aided by US special forces directly involved in combat, aiming to oust Syria’s popularly elected government. Pentagon and State Department claims otherwise are Big Lies. ...Read More »

Elite Military Units Gearing Up For A Major Military Move On The Homefront? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Hopefully just about anyone who considers themselves informed can agree on at least one thing regardless of the background they come from: The power elite have an agenda all their own, and the welfare of We the People is not part of that Agenda. For that reason, we are ...Read More »

Why Conscripting Women Into Combat Will Result In Cultural Disaster

As I write this in the wake of Memorial Day 2016, I realize that there will be numerous articles published over the next week which will examine the achievements and sacrifices of American veterans killed in action. With that subject thoroughly covered, I thought I might instead confront a topic that many people out there would rather ...Read More »

Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America To Expose Covert Targeting And Neuro-Experimentation Program

By: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | Currently in Greenbelt, Maryland, arriving there from Annapolis as he walks the American Discovery Trail this spring, starting from Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and hoping to end in San Francisco, David Voigts, a former US Navy officer and an exemplary American who seeks to honor his oath to ...Read More »

This US Army Chaplain Just Stood Up To The American “Empire”

By: Michaela Whitton, The Anti-Media | A U.S. Army Reserve chaplain has resigned in opposition to U.S. policies on nuclear weapons, militarized drones, and preemptive war. In a letter to President Obama, Captain Christopher John Antal stated he can no longer serve as a chaplain for an “empire.” From September 2012 to February 2013, Antal ...Read More »

Activated US, European Missile Defense System Targets Russia

  Reckless US rage for dominance risks possible global war, making two earlier ones look mild by comparison – potential nuclear confrontation threatening humanity’s survival if launched. America’s so-called missile defense shield is intended solely for offense, not defense. Washington claiming otherwise is a ruse. No justifiable threat warrants its deployment. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov ...Read More »

The Pentagon Is Building A ‘Self-Aware’ Killer Robot Army Fueled By Social Media

By: Nafeez Ahmed | h/t: Waldemar Perez Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram. This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project for the global commons An unclassified 2016 Department of Defense (DoD) document, the Human ...Read More »

Pentagon Whitewashes Mass Murder

America considers civilians legitimate targets in all its wars of aggression. Fundamental laws of war prohibit attacking them – ignored in all US combat operations. CENTCOM lied, calling its October 3, 2015 bombing of the Kunduz, Afghanistan Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital a “tragic incident.” It turned truth on its head, claiming “personnel involved did ...Read More »

New US Rules Of Engagement OK Killing Civilians

They’re like the old rules. Civilian lives don’t matter. Slaughtering them indiscriminately is longstanding US policy. More on this below. Fourth Geneva protects civilians and non-military targets in times of war. Attacking them is strictly prohibited. Humanitarian protections are mandated. Washington rules override inviolable international, constitutional and US statute laws. US wars mostly kill civilians, ...Read More »

The Cancer Protocols They Don’t Want You To Know About

(The Real Agenda) Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, ‘died’ on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Mr. Gonzalez’ passing was as suspicious has the death of other doctors that, just like him, were working on truly alternative treatments and cures for cancer. Dr. Gonzalez’s work was based on what is known as holistic medicine, which is used in an ...Read More »

Navy Caught Conducting Secret Electromagnetic Warfare Testing In Public In Washington State

By: Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project | Exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation has been shown by medical studies and the Navy to cause numerous health problems, including corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, sterility, altered penile function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, chest pain, and sparking between dental fillings. ...Read More »

The Pentagon Just Admitted It’s Been Deploying Military Drones Over The US To Spy On Americans

By: Matt Agorist, Free Thought Project | Washington D.C. — Under a Freedom of Information Act request, a Pentagon inspector general made public a report last week, admitting to the use of drones to spy on U.S. citizens. The missions were non-military in nature, meaning they were used for domestic spying purposes. Naturally, the Pentagon ...Read More »

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