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Former Haitian Senate President Speaks: “Hillary Tried To Bribe Me,”

Is it just me, or is It beginning to seem like with every passing moment, we learn another new story about the vile and wretched levels of corruption the Clinton’s will stoop to in order to line their own pockets off the backs of other people? It’s long been suspected there was some “funny business” ...Read More »

The “Deplorables” - Who We Are And What We Want

In numerous articles over the past several years I have made observations on a rule of life that I strictly adhere to: that all social conflicts can be boiled down to the reality of two opposing groups — those people who want to control the lives of others, and those people who simply want to be left ...Read More »

Finally Well Deserved Recognition For Deplorables

  When the criminal Clinton cabal announces that their infamous foe and now world renowned ‘basket of deplorables‘ are threats to their power establishment, you are really hearing an admission that they are losing the war of ideas. It has long been a well established fact that psychopaths on the loony left are existing in ...Read More »

Leaked Colin Powell Emails

Reading them is a rare chance to be a so-called fly on the wall to remarks not meant for public airing. Below are a few Powell gems: In 2015, in less than so many words, he explained Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, saying it has 200 nuclear weapons “all targeted on Tehran.” He commented ...Read More »

A Look Inside The Clinton Campaign’s “Hospital On Wheels” (VIDEO)

[A satirical piece? Perhaps. ‘Channel7News is a tongue in cheek outlet a la The Onion. Yet all worthwhile satire has at least one element of truth, and increasing documentary and visual evidence of Hillary’s health problems suggests a dimension of genuineness to this ‘leaked’ inside scoop.-JFT] Channel7News The van is now infamous — the backdrop ...Read More »

Hillary MD, Dr. Milton Wolf, Proves Her “Pneumonia” Story Is Impossible (VIDEO)

  By: The Voice of Reason | If I were on Hillary Clinton’s staff, I would be terrified around the clock that at some point, eventually MY luck would run out, and one of her lies would either land me in prison, or dead. I can’t help but wonder if she pays her staff the ...Read More »

And The Quote Of The Day Goes To Colin Powell

Sometimes, when we get older, we lose our filters and say whatever we want. Sometimes, we don’t have much of a filter to begin with. (Cough.) So it’s probably no surprise that when Colin Powell’s personal email was hacked, the author of such inspirational tomes as It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership  and My ...Read More »

Hillary: “I Think I Am The MOST Transparent Person In Public Life” (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason |   Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the question you must reach a conclusion on before November, is whether Hillary Clinton is either a raging sociopath, or if she’s just an utterly delusional human being. It has to be one or the other; there is no middle ground on this. Once ...Read More »

Rigged: A "Conspiracy" Story (VIDEO)

The truth movement is thoroughly crushing the mainstream media and exposing the Deep State. In this video we extensively illustrate the final stages of decline of the MSM and the farce of the 2 party system. They are getting completely discredited and humiliated with their own high-tech/straight-face lies. This video attempts to make a transition ...Read More »

Will Power Brokers Running America Stick With Hillary?

A separate article called her unfit to serve. Aside from moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding her, she’s clearly ill, maybe seriously enough to cause collapse and disability, rendering her unable to serve. Her illness may be life-threatening. It’s unclear because she won’t release full information on her health status. Federal legislation is needed requiring ...Read More »

Google For Hillary

America’s electoral process is too debauched to fix. Trump is right believing things are rigged for “crooked Hillary” in November. Media scoundrels one-sidedly support her, praising her obsessively, suppressing her deplorable public record – notably whitewashing her war crimes, racketeering and perjury. Even Google searches are rigged for her, according to a Sputnik News report, ...Read More »

"Contingency Plan" Now Called For By Former DNC Chairman- Allows Insertion Of SELECTED Elite Puppet

As if the voter fraud and election stealing is not bad enough, the idea of how the election will be stolen just took a twist in a new direction. With the Hillary Clinton obvious collapse this past weekend at the 9/11 memorial event in New York City which was caught on video for the world ...Read More »

Trump: Only Explosives Could Have Brought Down World Trade Towers (VIDEO)

Major media ‘memory hole’ US presidential candidate’s expert opinion on WTC Of special note on this September 11, 2001 interview with Donald Trump is the Republican presidential candidate’s important remark concerning how the World Trade Center Twin Towers were likely brought down–through controlled demolition. This prescient observation is being intentionally overlooked by major media in ...Read More »

Shocking Interview: Roger Stone Says Michelle Obama Leading Hillary’s Replacement List (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, Alex Jones interviews political insider and former member of Donald Trump’s campaign, Roger Stone, regarding Hillary Clinton’s most recent health flap when she passed out while she was still walking on her way out of a 9/11 memorial on Sunday. Despite domestic reports that deny ...Read More »

Should I Vote? (VIDEO)

I try to stay away from the topic of politics because I believe BOTH political parties are supremely corrupt. As such, casting a vote in either direction may be endorsing and contributing to such dishonestly. Additionally, as a person who makes his continual meager attempts to follow the Rabbi Jesus, this was noted by one ...Read More »

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