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Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Farther Than They Can Today - 50 Years Ago?

Politics |  | Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon in 1969, on the very first attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with fifty year older technology (a cell phone has one million times more ...Read More »

Mueller Report - Cover-up for Real Crimes

Politics |  | If one listens to the Democrats or the mainstream media, the impression that is being fed to the American public is that the Trump investigation will just intensify. The sacred Grand Inquisitor, Robert Mueller once the darling of the witch hunt, is now a spineless hangman who failed to topple the king. After this tortured process of the ...Read More »

Report on Mueller’s Witch Hunt Exposes Russiagate Hoax

Politics |  | Summarized, redacted or in full doesn’t matter. House, Senate and Mueller probes ended with a whimper, not a bang. They laid an egg, discovering nothing connected to mandate of what was probed. Russiagate has been and remains a colossal hoax. Cooked up by Obama’s Russophobic CIA director John Brennan, it’s one of the most shameful ...Read More »

Trump Signs Ambitious EMP Preparedness Executive Order

Politics |  | After years of the government blowing off concerns about an electromagnetic pulse, President Trump has signed an executive order that will put EMP preparedness in the hands of the White House. What’s in the executive order? The Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses is a first step toward learning more about how an EMP ...Read More »

Is Michelle Obama Going To Run For President In 2020?

Politics |  | When she made a surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, the entire auditorium went into a “spontaneous shrieking hysterical meltdown” when she began to speak. She is the most admired woman in America by a very wide margin, and she is married to the most admired man in America. She released her critically-acclaimed memoir ...Read More »

The Fascism that is Coming

Politics |  | (The Real Agenda News) “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” – Winston Churchill The fascism is basically the kidnapping of the State by private interests along with the creation of a more or less brutal mechanism to eliminate dissent in the face of power. But the fascism that is coming is not ...Read More »

Does the Trump Regime Intend War on Iran?

Politics |  | Trump and regime hardliners running his geopolitical agenda are hellbent for replacing Iranian sovereign independence with US-controlled fascist tyranny. Bush/Cheney neocons prepared war plans to attack Iran, updated over time, not implemented so far. Covert US/Israeli anti-Iran destabilizing actions have been ongoing for years. Trump regime political, economic, financial, sanctions, and propaganda war on the ...Read More »

Pompeo in Cairo

Politics |  | After meeting with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo, Egypt’s strongman illegitimate president, a despot ruling by iron-fisted brute force, tolerating no criticism or opposition, Pompeo gave an Orwellian address, titled “A Force for Good: America’s Reinvigorated Role in the Middle East” – a shameless perversion of regional reality. His remarks were reminiscent of Obama’s hollow ...Read More »

Soft Coup Ongoing Against Trump?

Politics |  | Turkey’s Daily Sabah broadsheet believes a soft coup is ongoing to oust Trump. It’s been brewing since his triumph over Hillary and inauguration in January 2017 – my view, not the newspaper’s. Last year, I said pro-Hillary dark forces and other anti-Trump coup plotters keep throwing endless amounts of dirt against the wall, hoping enough sticks ...Read More »

Mike Pompeo: A Profile in Arrogance, Extremism and Thuggishness

Politics |  | Neocon extremist Pompeo exceeds the worst of his predecessors as secretary of state – no small achievement. He had stiff competition – notably from Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. They’re all unindicted war criminals multiple times over, guilty of Nuremberg-level high crimes. Like Trump and other regime hardliners, Pompeo is hellbent on toppling ...Read More »

Judges Rule Using the Liberal Agenda (VIDEO)

Politics |  | If you though that Supreme Court Chief Judge John Roberts has rehabilitated himself after the monumental betrayal of his Obamacare opinion that mandatory forced coverage would be viewed as a tax, horrified any sincere conservative, think again. This appalling action has been viewed as a response of being blackmailed to a concealed acceptance of the totalitarian collectivism ...Read More »

Presidents Are Selected By Blood And Banksters

Politics |  | *Editor’s note: This article is republished from March 15, 2016. It’s time to revisit this topic.  In the previous essay, The CIA’s Presidents, the influence of the intelligence community in directing and controlling the office of the presidency is presented. But before the clandestine spooks developed their sway on policy and intrigue, the absolute power behind ...Read More »

Ballot Boxes Marked 'Provisional' Discovered in Rental Care at Ft. Lauderdale Airport (VIDEO)

Politics |  | An unusual situation has developed over the past few days in Broward County that calls the ensuing “Florida recount” into further question. “Provisional Ballot Boxes” were found in the trunk of a rental car returned to the Fort Lauderdale Airport. The car was last driven by one of Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes’ employees, more ...Read More »

Shocking Footage Shows Florida Ballots Transported By Private Vehicles Being Transferred Into A Rental Truck On Election Night (VIDEO)

Politics |  | I do not have any explanation for what you are about to see.  On election night in Broward County, one deeply concerned citizen captured video footage of ballots that had been transported by private vehicles being loaded into a rental truck in the middle of a parking lot.  Nobody seems to know why the ballots were transported ...Read More »

The Economy Does Not Care Who Won The Midterm Elections

Politics |  | (Alt-Market) Over the past few weeks I received numerous requests from readers to publish my predictions on the outcome of the midterm elections, but I did not do so for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I view the election process very differently from many people. I do not see it as legitimate in ...Read More »

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