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Hillary’s New Book Now Has A Rating Of 4.9 Out Of 5 Stars (After Hundreds Of 1 Star Reviews Were Deleted)

Politics |  | Hillary Clinton’s new book entitled “What Happened” is the hottest selling book in America at this moment, and thanks to the deletion of approximately 800 one star reviews, the remaining reviews make it sound like it is a masterpiece. As I write this article, “What Happened” currently has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on ...Read More »

September 23 - Just Another Day

Politics |  | As you are reading this on an “Alternative Media” website, then you probably have heard a bit of hype regarding September 23, 2017, as potentially being a day of religious “End Times” significance. On this day, the position of the stars, as seen from earth, appear in such a way that some believe it is a ...Read More »

Hillary Almost Proposed ‘A Universal Basic Income’ In 2016, And The Idea Is Catching Fire Among Grassroots Democrats

Politics |  | Should you get free money from the U.S. government every month simply for being alive?  That may sound like a crazy idea to many of us, but the truth is that this will likely be one of the biggest political issues in the 2020 presidential election.  At this point, 40 percent of all Americans already “prefer socialism ...Read More »

Trump Heading Toward Confrontation with Iran?

Politics |  |     Trump, neocons in Washington, AIPAC, Netanyahu and likeminded Israeli hardliners are militantly opposed to Iran – for its sovereign independence and opposition to US/Israeli imperial aims.   Monday in Buenos Aires on a Latin America tour, Netanyahu raged against Iran, wrongfully accusing the country of terrorism, ignoring Israeli high crimes of war and ...Read More »

The Pathological Psychosis of Progressive Politics

Politics |  | Avoiding politics is a goal that the vast majority of brain damaged graduates of government schools share. For the average trained bottom feeder, parroting the “PC” script for acceptance into polite society is a prerequisite to achieve their distorted image for self-esteem. Testing the conformity boundaries needs to be avoided. Playing the acceptance game means ...Read More »

She’s Back: Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

Politics |  | Hillary never went away, hanging around like a bad aftertaste. Her new book due out in September is titled “What Happened” – well known to everyone paying attention. Why she lost to Trump is absent from its pages, fabricated reasons substituting, blaming everyone but herself – the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history, ...Read More »

President Trump Wants Tax Cuts, But Once Again The RINOs In Congress May Block His Agenda

Politics |  | It has become exceedingly clear that we need to try to remove as many establishment Republicans from Congress as we possibly can in 2018. Even though the Republicans are in control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the “Make America Great Again” agenda is not being implemented, and the blame ...Read More »

Bright Light of 9/11 Truth Shines THROUGH Trump Afghanistan Speech- Is There Still Hope?

Politics |  | There were several things that stood out to me about the recent president Trump Afghanistan speech. Some good and some bad. The bad part of the speech was best expressed by former Intelligence and counter Intelligence insider, former diplomat, former presidential adviser and Psychiatrist doctor Steve Pieczenik who often appears on Alex Jones’ show offering inside ...Read More »

Trump’s Afghan Strategy: Forever War and Occupation

Politics |  |   Trump’s Monday address on Afghanistan didn’t surprise. What a difference an election makes! In 2013, he tweeted: “We should have a speedy withdrawal” from Afghanistan. “Why should we keep wasting our money – rebuild the US!” In 2014, he denounced Obama for “keeping our soldiers in Afghanistan for at least another year. He is ...Read More »

What Is Conservative Populism?

Politics |  | Do you consider yourself a conservative? Many well intentioned but misguided souls like to maintain a fallacy that they are part of the right-wing; especially when they support Republicans. These bewildered partisans have bought into an illusion that a conservative is a supporter of the status quo. They often believe that any politician who proclaims ...Read More »

Antifa Extremism

Politics |  | The solution left wing extremists propose is as toxic as fascism its adherents oppose – the cure as bad as the disease. Extremism in all forms is dangerous and unacceptable. Antifa elements call themselves anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobia. Their militancy makes them dangerous. They’re unrelated to traditional left-wing political activists opposed to violence. Earlier anti-fascist ...Read More »

The CIA and Hollywood

Politics |  | Joseph McBride is an American film historian, biographer, screenwriter, and professor in the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University. McBride has published eighteen books since 1968, including acclaimed biographies of Frank Capra, John Ford, and Steven Spielberg. His most recent work is “Two Cheers for Hollywood“, which reveals the past and present propaganda uses ...Read More »

Trump Under Assault: Generals and Wall Street in Charge

Politics |  |       Turnover in Washington happens in all administrations, Steve Bannon the latest Trump departure.   According to the National Journal, a Washington-based research and advisory service on government affairs, the average turnover during a four-year presidential term is 72%, an average of 44 staffers leaving the White House.   If Trump’s first year ...Read More »

H.R. McMaster is No James Mattoon Scott

Politics |  | One of the most self-evident admissions out of the Trump administration is that retired General H.R. McMaster is a devote globalist who has gathered the neocons onto his staff and into prominent positions. Make no mistake about this fact, the top gun and National-Security Adviser is working overtime to destroy the America First movement from ...Read More »

Solar Eclipse MEANING

Politics |  | On Monday, August 21st, 2017, America will experience a Solar Eclipse unlike any since 1776, in that the path of “totality” (100% darkness, about seventy miles wide) will stay completely inside of the United States only.  As the America only eclipse of 1776 signified the birth of the “United States”, the America only eclipse of ...Read More »

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