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Trump And Clinton Win Big On Tuesday

Both candidates moved closer to their party’s nominations. With overwhelming unelected super-delegate support (nearly 20% of the Democrat total), Sanders is too far behind to catch up. Without Republican super-delegates (6.5% of the GOP total), Trump is 400 delegates ahead of rival Cruz, momentum working for him. On Tuesday, he won all five GOP primaries, ...Read More »

Trump Is The Virtual Republican Nominee. Cruz And Kasich Eliminated!

Cruz and Kasich now cling to dirty, backroom tricks to steal the nomination from Trump during the National Convention. (The Real Agenda) Trump is a political outsider, a showman who knows very well how internal politics works, so he runs his own race. The New York real estate mogul is unstoppable in the race for ...Read More »

Negative Views About US Presidential Aspirants

Imagine holding a US election one day with no one showing up. Pew Research (PR) shows less than one in five Americans trust government. Three-fourths say most elected officials serve their own interests, not popular ones. Over half believe ordinary people would do a better job solving problems. According to PR, “the American public is ...Read More »

DARK Act Comeback?

Everybody loves a Comeback Kid—unless that “kid” is the DARK Act. In March, the Senate voted down the DARK Act, the bill that would Deny Americans our Right to Know about GMOs. Since then, Monsanto and its front groups, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) have been using their power, ...Read More »

A New President? Try Again, America

By: Peter Klein, Independent Media Solidarity and Scott Anthony, Flash News Network | REALITY CHECK: Can we get real for 2 minutes? The 2016 Presidential Race has nothing to do with the struggle to repair this broken, malignant and disease-ridden country. You know it, I know it, and I’m about to prove it to most peoples’ satisfaction. My ...Read More »

Don’t Get Rid Of The Guns - Get Rid Of The Criminal Politicians! (VIDEO)

  “How can the act be apart from the actor?” (cf. Psalm 7:8-17) Hillary Clinton calling law abiding gun owners “terrorists” comes to the surface once again.  During a 2014 townhall meeting, she went on to lie in an attempt to belittle, polarize and isolate gun owners by saying that gun owners are a minority ...Read More »

Clinton/Sanders Call Each Other Unfit To Be President

They’re both right, maybe the first honest assessment expressed by any duopoly aspirant since campaigning began last year. Trump ad hominem attacks on other Republican candidates throughout the campaign are in a category of their own – along with similar retorts directed at him. Clinton and Sanders went at it ahead of the April 19 ...Read More »

The Weirdest Possible Outcomes For The Strangest Election In U.S. History

If you are a longtime activist in the Liberty Movement then you are well aware that elections do not matter in terms of the future direction our nation takes. Presidents are puppets of international financiers, and so are most legislators. Whenever a president does attempt to go against the system, he either ends up shot ...Read More »

Censorship Preserved- Sanders Accused Of "Blood Libel" For Hinting Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

Remember the Israeli war crimes in Gaza? The war crimes were at a peak in the summer of 2014, do you remember? Oh that’s right, I forget the Western mainstream media took care of that escalating narrative by focusing all their energy back then on the Michael Brown shooting and then they permanently shifted their ...Read More »

Dancing Around The Truth

Op Ed Commentary                                  This writer has been ‘at it’ for perhaps 16 years now: that being to focus on our Military Industrial Empire. Many of my regular readers and even close friends who agree with me have stated “Oh, you say the same thing over and over.” Mea Culpa! Sadly, with all the myriad of ...Read More »

Bernie Sanders "Under Fire" For Opposing Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Fraudulent Lawsuits

The mainstream media propaganda machine struck with a forceful blow at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. See the size of the letters in the New York Daily News front cover attack. The size of the letters and the headline alone tells a powerful story of the depth and the over-the-top application of the State propaganda we ...Read More »

The Future Demands A Third Party

At this point in the long and revolting primary fiasco, the two party monopoly plays out their orchestrated selection charade for all to see. The most amazing and pathetic attitude among a politically frustrated electorate is why another one can or will provide their consent with the final outcome. The fundamental failure in the American ...Read More »

Hillary’s Phony Way To Defeat ISIS

Her public record as first lady, US senator and secretary of state shows rage for endless premeditated wars of aggression. A Clinton presidency assures permanent wars on humanity, raping more countries than already, risking direct confrontation with Russia and China – the horror of possible nuclear war. I’ve explained many times ISIS and likeminded terrorist ...Read More »

Politics Isn’t For Sissies

Harry Truman once reportedly said “(i)f you want a friend in Washington get a dog.” Political campaigns are rough and tumble, virtually no-holds-barred, notably this year with everyone bashing Trump. His campaign features regular ad hominem attacks on all his rival aspirants, and now Cruz is accused of multiple extramarital affairs. If true, it’s hardly ...Read More »

Pablum For The Masses

Interesting that it was in 1931 that the infant cereal ‘Pablum’ was introduced to U.S. families. A few years earlier Adolf Hitler made these comments (quoted in the fine book by Richard Evans ‘The Coming of the Third Reich’): “All propaganda must be made popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most ...Read More »

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