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Radio Show Panics, Cancels Truther Appearance, Left-Right Paradigm Preserved

“People are waking up” – That’s what many us of believe. Americans everywhere are often talking this way. Government corruption and conspiracies at an all-time high. The information age exploding, running on all cylinders. It’s a great time to be awakened to the journey of humanity, isn’t it? For anyone awake to the political global

McConnell Introduces Bill To Reauthorize Patriot Act Until 2020

By: Dustin Volz | National Journal – The move may thwart any attempt to reform the NSA’s mass-surveillance authorities. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a bill Tuesday night that would reauthorize a controversial surveillance authority of the Patriot Act until 2020, a push that comes just as a group of bipartisan lawmakers is preparing

Horse Race To The Bottom...

Op ED Commentary –                                 Forget the upcoming Kentucky Derby. We now have the beginning of the premier horse race in Amerika: The 2016 Presidential Race. Yes, it is fast approaching, this one of many fabulous four year events that consume most Americans… helped along by our’ bought and paid for ‘ mainstream media overselling us

Congress Introduces Fast Track Legislation To Help Enact Anti-Consumer Trade Bills

Congressional passage of so-called “trade promotion authority” (TPA) will let Obama expedite the legislative process for pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) bills. The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (TPA 2015) lets Obama and his trade representative, complicit with corporate predators, rush through Congress, with minimal

Don't Put Your Hope In "Conservatives"

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” –President Franklin D. Roosevelt Conservatives are continuing on in their venture of shamelessness and stupidity, debating over the next presidential nominees that have been handpicked.  Furthermore, in many cases, their records have proven them to be corrupt and ineligible. Yet, all

10 Hilarious Modifications Of Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Logo

Should we be surprised that Hillary Clinton has come up with perhaps the worst presidential campaign logo in American history?  This is a woman that has never seemed to be able to do much of anything right, and yet at the moment she appears quite likely to be our next president.  And it is sad

Voting For Hillary? You May Want To Recall The Clinton Body Count (VIDEO)

Voting for Hillary in 2016? If you or anyone you know is thinking about doing such a thing, you may want to read a little further and learn some more about the Clintons. The Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is now official, so America will be faced with the horrendous prospect next year of having to

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “No On SB277″ Speech (VIDEO)

In this address given on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento Robert Kennedy Jr. provides an inspired and detailed analysis of the extent to which the powerful pharmaceutical cartel has effectively captured the nation’s scientific, regulatory, and law-making processes. Combined with the corporate news media’s dependence on drug advertising, this has put big pharma in

Dividing An Ignorant Populace To Debate What Is Illegal (VIDEOS)

“How is it America that these criminals in government know how to lie better than most in this country know how to tell the truth?” – Bradlee Dean (1 Kings 18:21) I have to ask the American people a question:  Do you really want Jeb Bush as president? Really?  Have the American people not judged

Congressmen Speak Out On Obama's 911 Cover-up, Declassify The 28 Pages (VIDEO)

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Congressman Walter Jones and Congressman Thomas Massie on releasing the 28 pages from the 9/11 Report that prove who actually sponsored the terrorist attack. Obama has promised 9/11 victims family members that he would release this report but due to what’s happening with the U.S and Saudi Arabia the

Ted Cruz: First President Of The North American Union? (VIDEO)

Now… before you get your tea bags in a bunch about this Ted Cruz pile on… let’s take a step back to understand what Preps is saying… now, if you love America as much as you say then you’ll listen very closely. So, Canadian born Ted Cruz stands up and says it’s time to step up

Keep Licking The Icing And You'll Never Eat The Cake

Op Ed Commentary –                                Americans love to be diverted. Perhaps it’s our being bombarded since childhood with massive advertising, to the effect of subtle brainwashing. Then factor in the learned desire for the need to gossip which many of us saw in our families and neighborhoods. Mix this all together and you have a nation

Utah Lawmakers Approve Execution By Firing Squad: “Faster And More Humane Than Botched Lethal Injections”

By: Mac Slavo | SHTFplan.com – Utah has become the first State to allow the execution of death row inmates by firing squad. Governor Gary Herbert signed the new law after a close battle that ended in a 39-34 vote in the State’s House of Representatives. The law gives the governor the power to call for an

Hillary Clinton: The New York Times Will Never Tell Us This

By: F. William Engdahl | New Eastern Outlook – If she wasn’t such an ice-cold-hearted person, one might almost feel sorry for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, before she even officially declares her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016 to become successor to Barack Obama as President, she lands in the middle of another

FEMA Targets Climate Change Skeptic Governors, Could Withhold Funding

New rules put Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Pat McCrory, Greg Abbott in bind. The Obama administration has issued new guidelines that could make it harder for governors who deny climate change to obtain federal disaster-preparedness funds. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new rules could put some Republican governors in a bind. The rules

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