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Mysterious Deaths Associated With The Clintons

  A reader inspired this article, highlighting the mounting body count “in Clinton world,” naming several most recent examples. Lots more preceded them, revealing the potential hazard of being associated with Bill and Hillary, then from knowledge of how they operate, going public or intending to, dying under mysterious circumstances. Pravda provided a partial list ...Read More »

The Real Hillary Clinton

Who is the real Hillary Clinton? When you listen to the people who have researched Hillary in depth (such as Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash), the people who have worked with her (such as former Clinton insiders Larry Nichols and Dick Morris) and the people that claim to have been molested by her (Cathy ...Read More »

Obama Pushing For TPP: Misinformation And Big Lies His Strategy

US trade deals are jobs-killing weapons of mass destruction. They destroy fundamental freedoms. They ignore eco-sanity. They’re abominations vital to end. America needs fair, not Orwellian free trade. Preventing TPP’s enactment into US law is crucial for all working-age Americans and their families. Obama intends going on the offensive publicly to get Congress on board ...Read More »

Hillary: Seriously Ill From Dementia, Seizures And Blackouts

Besides numerous other reasons relating to affairs of state to keep Hillary from succeeding Obama, her deteriorating physical, mental and emotional health should automatically disqualify her. Her illness is incurable, worsening over time, perhaps incapacitating her in office if she becomes America’s 45th president. In February 2014, Mount Kisco Medical Group’s Dr. Lisa Bardack, Hillary’s ...Read More »

Three Damning New Reports On Hillary Clinton

So much scandalous stuff about her is known, it’s just a matter of time before the next shoe drops. Instead of exposing her as unfit to serve, media scoundrels express one-sided support, focusing instead on bashing Trump, the most irresponsible denunciation of a presidential aspirant in US history. Judicial Watch (JW) is a conservative watchdog ...Read More »

Hillary Suffers From Dementia, Frequent Seizures, Documents Show

(The Real Agenda News) Documents allegedly obtained or leaked from Mount Kisco Medical Group of New York and published on GuerrillaNews, are the latest piece of evidence that Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is indeed unfit to be President of the United States. According to the papers, after conducting a medical examination on Clinton, Dr. ...Read More »

Hillary Clinton Freezes In Fear – Secret Agents Says To “Keep Talking” (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the video below from Elite NWO Agenda, you can see Hillary Clinton as she freezes in total fear at a rally. She has to be told “keep talking” by a secret service agent. If you look carefully, there was a clearly a distinct look of fear on Hillary’s face as animal ...Read More »

Here’s What It Actually Sounds Like When Someone Calls For An Assassination (VIDEO)

The wailing from the left is even more deafening than usual lately.  The current bout of politically correct tyranny and hand-wringing (exactly as Keith Preston wrote about) ensued after they decided that presidential hopeful Donald Trump was encouraging some “second amendment people”  to assassinate his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Well, in all actuality, that is not what ...Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate? (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s health is starting to become a major political issue, and there are many that believe that her health problems may force her to drop out before we even get to election day. On Sunday evening, the Drudge Report ran a photo of Hillary struggling to get up a set of stairs along with ...Read More »

Will Barack Obama Try To Stay In Office If Donald Trump Wins The Election?

If Donald Trump wins in November, will Barack Obama leave office and hand over power in an orderly fashion? Normally we would not even have to ask such a question, but these are not normal times. This week, Obama publicly stated that Trump “is unfit to serve as President” and that he is “woefully unprepared ...Read More »

2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency

Political and economic events tend to swing like a pendulum, or move like the tides.  What you think you know today, according to the mainstream mood, can swiftly change tomorrow.  Sometimes this is mere random coincidence, but often it is engineered by the powers that be.  When discerning coming trends, the only assumption I recommend ...Read More »

RINOs Throw Their Support Behind Hillary Clinton

(The Real Agenda News) RINOs are Republicans In Name Only. That is, politicians and advisers who, despite calling himself a Republican, supports positions that do not reflect the view of the majority of Republicans or that of the presidential candidate. RINOs are used to doing political cross-dressing. At times they wear the Republican outfit and at ...Read More »

How The Election Will Be Rigged and How To Stop It—Clinton Insider Tells All (VIDEO)

Do you ever get bogged down with hearing just how bad of shape our country is in? Or how massive government corruption has spread all the way from the White House on down to Congress? Do you ever feel helpless and incapable of stopping it? Well now is the time to do something about it.  ...Read More »

Nothing To See Here: Mainstream Media Dismisses Concerns About Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues

In their usual fingers-in-ears-la-la-la fashion, the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton supporters are all in denial that there is an issue with the Democratic nominee’s health, despite mounting evidence that something is seriously wrong. In fact, they’re trying to manipulate the issue to make those who are concerned look like they are the ones with ...Read More »

The Stock Market Has Predicted The Outcome Of Presidential Elections With 86 Percent Accuracy

If you want Donald Trump to win the election, then you should be rooting for a stock market crash between now and November.  As you will see below, if stocks go up during the last three months before an election, the incumbent party almost always keeps the White House.  But if stocks go down during ...Read More »

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