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Question: Does NASA’s Dark Side Of The Moon Footage Look Fake To You? (VIDEO)

By: The Daily Sheeple | Just asking. Check it out for yourself: We are told these pictures were taken from NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory showing the dark side of the moon as it moved in front of the Earth, lit by sunlight. Funny, the sunlight seems to create a hot spot on the center

Government Wants RFID Tracking Chips Implanted In Welfare Recipients

By: Mac Slavo | – Implantable RFID tracking chips. You know, to stop terrorism. And to keep tabs on all the welfare queens, in order to keep tax dollars accountable. There will be other rationales, too. But really, governments just want to do all the spying they can within their power – and right now,

Global Warming Stolen From Bible? (VIDEOS)

   By “Barry Soetoro, Esq” | Climate scams won’t quit.  Every few years, the scammers get exposed – but they’re making so much money, they can’t stop. How did Global Warming fool so many people, so fast? And why won’t the hoax die? Global Warming – The Pitch What is the Global Warming sales pitch?

EPA Sued For Its Conditional Approval Of Nanotechnology Pesticide

By: Between the Lines | The International Center for Technology Assessment and the Center for Food Safety filed a joint lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on July 27 challenging the agency’s conditional approval of the antimicrobial pesticide product called, “Nanosilva.” The pesticide under scrutiny, which will be used in textiles and plastics, employs

The Universe Is Steadily Deteriorating And So Is The Human Race – Why Is This Happening? (VIDEO)

Did you know that scientists have come to the conclusion that “the universe is slowly dying”?  In fact, they have found that the universe is only producing about half as much energy as it once did, and they have also found that the level of energy is continuing to fade.  Not only that, our sun

Biohacking: Turning Humans Into Cyborgs One Convenient Reason At A Time

(The Real Agenda) You’ll be surprised to know that there is little difference between being human and being a cyborg. In fact, from very young, humans are already transformed into something else than a being of flesh and bone. Apparently, a cyborg is a human who has been subjected to the intrusion of any foreign

Will The Large Hadron Collider Open Up A Portal To Another Dimension? (VIDEO)

What in the world is going on over at CERN? Are scientists playing around with forces that they simply do not understand?  Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are deeply disturbing. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) is purposely smashing particles into

Scientists Develop Robot That Can ''Breed''

By: Nicholas West | TechSwarm – When I wrote an article in January 2014 entitled, “Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045,” it was met with some skepticism to say the least. Although some very influential and credible people in robotics and cybernetics were the ones making the claims, there was a

NHF Leads In The Future Of Health Freedom

  The Need for Critical Thinking Michio Kaku, in Physics of the Future, said, “Science is a double-edged sword; it creates as many problems as it solves, but always on a higher level.” When I reviewed his lengthy book[1] in 2012, I noted, “How can we shape our minds to embrace the constant of change

Are Fungi The Earth's Natural Internet? (VIDEO)

“I believe that mycelium is the neurological network of nature. Interlacing mosaics of mycelium infuse habitats with information-sharing membranes. These membranes are aware, react to change, and collectively have the long-term health of the host environment in mind. The mycelium stays in constant molecular communication with its environment, devising diverse enzymatic and chemical responses to

Off-The-Grid Text Messaging: No Need For WIFI Or Data Plan (VIDEO)

By: Jeff Paul | Coinivore – Open Garden wants you to forget SMS and IM and go with OM — off-the-grid messaging — using their peer-to-peer mesh network. “Forget SMS and IM, here comes OM (off-the-grid messaging)…FireChat creates a new way to communicate with our phones that does not require a data plan or even

Hundreds Of Scientists Issue Warning Letter, What’s Inside Will Drop Your Jaw (VIDEO)

At the (IJCAI) held in Buenos Aires last month, various scientists, physicists, biologists, robotics engineers, and hundreds of other AI experts confessed their concerns via a warning letter stating that the use of Artificial Intelligence to engage select targets without human intervention could cause major problems in the future if something isn’t done now to

How The Microbiome Destroyed The Ego, Vaccine Policy, And Patriarchy

The relatively recent discovery of the microbiome is not only completely redefining what it means to be human, to have a body, to live on this earth, but is overturning belief systems and institutions that have enjoyed global penetrance for centuries. A paradigm shift has occurred, so immense in implication, that the entire frame of

Most Scientific Research Of Western Medicine Untrustable And Fraudulent, Say Insiders And Experts

Fraudulent scientific research is rife throughout the world due to the power of monetary influence wielded by Big Pharma, the giant cartel of multinational pharmaceutical corporations started over 100 years ago by the Rockefellers. This fraudulent scientific research is now so widespread and pervasive it is become an open secret. There is a long list of

Windows 10 Can Collect Your Data For Gov't Agencies - What To Do (VIDEO)

By: Heather Callaghan | Activist Post – Windows 10 OS – the ultimate Big Brother? Of the 14+ million people who have recently installed Microsoft’s new Windows 10, there haven’t been many complaints until now. The system is said to run more efficiently, but apparently someone only recently read the tome of a service agreement.

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