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Scientists Just Created A Dangerous New Form Of SARS

By: Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple | It’s been well over a decade since the SARS virus captured the attention of the world, and very nearly devastated the global population. Between 2002 and 2003, the virus managed to infect over 8000 people across 37 countries, nearly 10% of who were killed before the outbreak was fully

Weird Global Warming And Nuclear Science

The oil companies regard nuclear power as their rival,  who will reduce their profits, so they put out a lot of disinformation about nuclear power. – James Lovelock The catastrophic disaster that swept Japan into a new stone age is truly an earth-shattering milestone. Worldwide grief and empathy is real and deserved. If this occurrence

Stephen Hawking: There Is No God And The Theory Of Evolution Better Explains The Origin Of Life

For someone that is supposedly so “brilliant”, Stephen Hawking really doesn’t have a clue.  In a recent interview with Spain’s El Mundo, Hawking publicly declared that God doesn’t exist, that he is an atheist, and that science provides a better explanation of where the universe came from than the Bible does.  While I certainly respect

Organic Food Is Healthier By Far, Finds Study After Study

Organic food is healthier than conventional food by a long way, many studies are now showing. There are two main reasons why: pesticides and nutrients. Conventionally produced food is sprayed with numerous forms of pesticides, from insecticides to herbicides to fungicides and more. In large scale agriculture, these pesticides are petrochemical derivatives. In other words,

Technology: A Good Servant Or Bad Master?

  By: Paul A. Philips | New Paradigm – It is indeed well known that technology has been a good servant in that it has made many contributions. Advances in healthcare, education, crime detection, greater business efficiency, improved communications, life enrichment, saved time, and given us the opportunity to have fun such as that involving

GMO Tomatoes May Soon Be Back On Supermarket Shelves

By: Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease | The beloved tomato is the one fruit many still think is a vegetable. Few also realize that tomatoes were one of the first commercially available genetically modified (GM) crops ever. Under the guise of incorporating healthier and concentrated natural compounds, GM tomatoes are about to make a comeback on

Groundbreaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000% (VIDEO)

By: Johnny Liberty, The Free Thought Project | Jim Murray has been electrifying the world for over 50 years. His lifetime of experience has produced dozens of patents, inventions and now a truly remarkable discovery that can fundamentally change the way that human beings use energy forever. When he was just five years old, Jim

White House Prepares For Total Catastrophic Darkness—What Do They Know That We Don’t? (VIDEOS)

Imagine a day when a catastrophic giant solar flare or coronal mass ejection (CME) takes out our entire power grid system. No more television, no more computers, no more transportation systems; we would literally be driven back to the dark ages and all hell would break loose on our soil causing global chaos. According to

NASA Announces New Key Findings On Mars’ Atmosphere

In the latest in a series of announcements about Mars, NASA delivered new findings on the Red Planet’s atmosphere over a live stream on Thursday. The agency has said that Mars was once was warm and wet, but had its atmosphere stripped away by solar wind. NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft began

DARPA’s New Biotech Unit Will Try To Create New Life Forms

( Yes, sci-fi writers hard up for new material should spend an hour or so perusing the Defense Department’s 2015 budget proposal, especially the section covering the far-out research projects underway at DARPA, where the agency’s mad scientists are working to develop brain-controlled drones, biowarfare, engineer new life forms, and possibly attempt immortality. If last year

The Genius And Scientific Discoveries Of Nikola Tesla

By: Binoy Kampmark, Global Research | What is the Tesla factor?  It might be deemed a mixture of chance and selflessness, that inventive genius which works towards broader, holistic goals; a genius with the selflessness of a shaman and the morality of an ascetic… Wherever one places Nikola Tesla in the canon of scientific discovers and inventors,

Internet Is Less Safe, Less Free And Less Private

(The Real Agenda) The world wide web is becoming a police state in itself where users, who have paid for its construction and dissemination, are less safe and less free to navigate. Internet freedom has declined for the fifth consecutive year, and, not surprisingly governments are the parties the bear the bulk of the responsibility

Surveillance Planes With Thermal Imaging Used To Spy On American People

By: Derrick Broze, Anti-Media | New internal documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal that surveillance planes the agency flew over Baltimore and Ferguson during highly-publicized protests also operated thermal imaging equipment. The documents, obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union via Freedom of Information Act requests, outline how the bureau is using planes

The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

Did you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030?  And did you know that a central database in Geneva, Switzerland will be collecting data from many of these cards?  Previously, I have written

Sleeping Comfortably While White Now Racist, Scientists Claim

By: Mikael Thalen, | Author calls for racial justice over “black-white sleep gap”. An article posted to the National Journal last week claims whites are more likely to sleep comfortably than blacks because of widespread racism. Entitled “The Black-White Sleep Gap: An unexpected challenge in the quest for racial justice,” the article cites several

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