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This is what Quantum Computers Could do for You

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology The use of quantum computers could spell the end of privacy and security. Everything a computer does today is based on a series of zeros and ones. These two digits are capable of being combined to store or process information. It has been like this for decades, though scientists have been trying to make the ...Read More »

How To Build A Simple Faraday Cage For EMP Survival

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology Of all of the reasons to prepare, one that we all need to take seriously is the possibility of a catastrophic EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This is a frequent topic in many post-apocalyptic novels and something that most of us are aware of, even if we do not completely understand the science. As I wrote ...Read More »

Instagram is the Largest Anxiety Factory among all Social Media

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology (The Real Agenda News) It is the worst social network for the mental health of adolescents. The most popular social networks are a source of innumerable benefits and advantages for their users, but they also generate unhealthy side effects. A new study, conducted among young British people, focuses on a very particular problem: the well-being ...Read More »

Cyber Attacks Are The Perfect Trigger For A Stock Market Crash

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology The world has been stunned over the past few days by the advent of “Ransomware;” the use of sophisticated cyber attacks on vital systems in order to (supposedly) extort capital from target businesses and institutions. I am always highly suspicious whenever a large scale cyber incident occurs, primarily because the manner in which these events ...Read More »

When Technology Becomes Religion And Science Becomes God

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology Are we in love with how smart we are?  In America today, there are technology companies that have a much larger “cult following” than any religious organization.  And there are millions upon millions of Americans that freely confess that they “believe in science”.  So what does this say about us?  Does it say that we ...Read More »

The Massive Flaw With The Scientific Hierarchy Of Evidence

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology The much-vaunted hierarchy of evidence is regularly referred to by scientists and doctors as a central part of the scientific method. It is the purported gold standard by which we can arrive at the truth of something, and by which we can weigh different kinds of evidence, and determine which should be given more credence, and ...Read More »

Technology Is The Master Of Modern Slavery

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology By: Tom Chatham, Project Chesapeake | The recent cyber attack on computers worldwide is just the latest wakeup call to the future we are blindly building for ourselves. The vast majority of humanity embraces technology like it is their next breath of air. Without it, they feel like they will die. Technology is a double ...Read More »

Chemtrails Exposed: Truly A New Manhattan Project

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology By: Peter A. Kirby, Truth 11 | “The nation that first learns to plot the paths of air masses accurately and learns to control the time and place of precipitation will dominate the globe.” – General George Kenney addressing MIT’s graduating class of 1947 There is overwhelming evidence indicating the existence of a global weather modification ...Read More »

Ransomware Is Tip Of The Iceberg: “You Could See 90% Of Americans Die As A Result Of A Prolonged Power Outage Because The Grid Gets Hacked” (VIDEO)

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology The Ransomware that began spreading across the globe on Friday is still going with more computers reportedly being affected today by new variants of the virus. What we’ve learned is that the attack hasn’t just taken down personal computers, but core government and business networks affecting everything from health care systems and transportation in Europe, to ...Read More »

Massive Global Malware Attack

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology Financial war and cyberwar can be more destructive than standing armies, able to cause enormous harm to many millions worldwide, severely damaging and halting government, commercial, and personal online activities. A statement by US Rep. Ted Lieu (D. CA), House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees member, said the following: “The massive malware attack that hit ...Read More »

Steven Hawking Writes An Angry Letter About The Universe

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology By: Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple | Steven Hawking and 32 of his fellow scientists have written an angry letter about the origins of the universe in response to a recent Scientific American article about the same topic. Hawking, an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology ...Read More »

Shroud of Turin - New Evidence (VIDEO)

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology Artistic or Historic ? When I first heard about the “Shroud of Turin“, I asked “What does the science say?”  When I found out that “Carbon 14 Dating” resulted in a 12th century answer, I assumed that the artifact must, therefore, be a “Work of Art”.  When I discovered that the patch from which the ...Read More »

Former President of Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program, Influencing Experiments on Americans

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology By: Cassius Methyl, Waking Times | Merck & Co. is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturing corporation, and is one of the largest pharma companies in the world. They created such things as the MMR vaccine, and the HPV vaccine Gardasil. As a corporation that has affected the lives of almost everyone around us in the ...Read More »

Trump Admin to Increase Atmospheric Geoengineering Efforts, Spray Chemtrails for Next 100 Years Straight (VIDEO)

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology   By: Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub | High-level Trump Administration officials are planning on conducting a multi-pronged operation to study and test stratospheric-geoengineering within the next 18 months before deploying full-scale chemtrailing operations that could continue for the next 100-years non-stop in an effort to thwart alleged “global warming.” So what is geoengineering? According to a ...Read More »

The Military is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot

Science & Technology |  | Science & Technology By: Patrick Tucker, | Modern sensors can see farther than humans. Electronic circuits can shoot faster than nerves and muscles can pull a trigger. Humans still outperform armed robots in knowing what to shoot at — but new research funded in part by the Army may soon narrow that gap. Researchers from DCS Corp ...Read More »

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