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Who Is Anti-Science – Free, Critical Thinkers Or National Geographic?

National Geographic now has a long list of people who it labels anti-science or to be exact who it deems are engaging in a war on science by exercising free and critical thinking – and by forming an opinion which is contrary to the supposed “mainstream scientific consensus” (an illusion by the way). In one of

DARPA Wants To Make A Computer Program That Evolves For 100 Years

By: Jordan Pearson | Motherboard.Vice - The most fearsome specter brandished by the “artificial intelligence will ​enslave us all” crowd is the computer program that can adapt. Not only would such software’s core function evolve and change, but it could survive both new and crumbling physical infrastructure. This week, the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) published

Recent Hollywood Movie Reveals Mind Control Technologies Designed To Depopulate The Planet

During a commercial break on The Common Sense Show in February of 2015, Deborah Tavares told me that I really should go see the move, The Kingsman, because there are so many elements present in this movie which show us where so much of our technology is headed. The Plot Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton),

I Spy From Inside

By: Katherine Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor - ”Science is a double-edged sword; it creates as many problems as it solves, but always on a higher level.” Nano-robots in your bloodstream. In November of 2012, the National Health Federation published a book review on the “Physics of the Future” by Machio Kaku. NHF was the first

Could Humans Live To 500? That's What A Group Of Eccentric Billionaires Believe - And They're Spending Fortunes On The Research They Hope Will Make It Possible

The ancients believed in a magical elixir, a potion that would grant what man most desired — eternal life.  Chinese emperors chased the dream by consuming long-lasting precious substances such as jade and gold, often with fatal effects. Elizabeth Bathory, a 16th-century Transylvanian countess dubbed Lady Dracula, made an even more drastic attempt to conquer

Facts You Need To Know About Home Radiation

There is no doubt that home electronics have made our lives more convenient, more entertaining, and have helped us to stay better connected with those we love. Devices like microwaves and blenders have made food preparation quick and simple. Other home electronics, like televisions and DVD players, have greatly enhanced our ability to entertain ourselves.

The War on Science?

OR The “National Geographic” magazine, a well-known propaganda tool of the government disguised as “independent” media, recently had the above cover story. As the populous wakes up to the fact that corporations control the media and government, and thereby label their products as “safe”, “scientifically proven”, and “promoting health”, simply to increase sales of unsafe

Tech Giants Poised To Bathe Earth In Microwave Radiation

“International Public Health Coalition Says Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Human Life and Health” Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) via MemoryHoleBlog Google, Facebook, and three other companies (here, here, here, here, and here) are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from

The Next-Generation Weapons That Russia Will Use Against The United States In World War III

The Russian military is in the midst of a sweeping modernization program, and it is currently developing some incredibly impressive offensive and defensive next-generation weapons that are designed to be used in a future war with the United States.  The key to winning World War III will be to strike hard and to strike fast,

19 Ways To Question Your Reality

To question your reality in today’s world is a sure sign of sanity. In an ever delusional world where lying newsmen tell fake news, where mendacious politicians spin every event, where mass murder is conducted under the guise of a fake war on terror, where mass-produced food poisons and where medicine kills, it is a

2014 National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero Award

KATHERINE A. CARROLL –  The NHF Board of Governors voted to present the NHF Health Freedom Hero Award for 2014 to Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor for her unceasing efforts on behalf of health freedom and the National Health Federation. The Award was presented to her by NHF President Scott Tips on the occasion

The TSA/DHS Police State Expands To Biometric Iris And Fingerprint Scans At Airports

By: - New York-based CLEAR, has iris and fingerprint scanning kiosks at TWELVE airports with more to follow! They verify travelers’ identities through fingerprint and iris scans which are integrated into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) existing Pre-Check system. CLEAR iris scanner: CLEAR fingerprint scanner: Irony: Earlier this month I reported how the TSA/DHS thinks terrorists own & operate mall

How Social Media Became A Mental Health Minefield

In February 2015, University of Missouri-Columbia researchers confirmed what many of us have already suspected: Facebook causes depression by triggering feelings of envy. This isn’t the first time a link was established between social media use and mental health. A 2012 study, commissioned by Anxiety UK, discovered that sites like Twitter and Facebook aggravated feelings

The Coming Of Transhuman Society (VIDEO)

On this edition of Real Politik James speaks with Southern California-based independent researcher Sofia Smallstorm. She has written extensively on hidden agendas and complex events since her controversial work on 9/11. In the process of researching that topic, she discovered the phenomenon of artificial clouds, geoengineering, or “chemtrails.” From this Smallstorm came to acknowledge the

Robots To Take Over Half Of US Jobs Within Next Several Years, Expert Warns (VIDEO)

By: Sputnik News - An expert in machine learning warns that advances in technology could mean the replacement of nearly half the US human workforce with computers over the next two decades. University of Oxford Associate Professor Michael Osborne evaluated 702 occupations in the US and predicted 47% could be taken over by computers and machines in the foreseeable

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