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11-Year-Old Boy Killed During School Gun Grab Exercise

US News |  | Editor’s Note: This tragic story from El Paso stems from the Democratic Party and gun control lobby’s fraudulent and cynical manipulation of school districts throughout the US, which have been convinced they must effectively force students to partake in political publicity stunts (“memorials”) and plead for salvation via more stringent gun control legislation, all with ...Read More »

What Do Prince Andrew And Bill Clinton Have In Common?

US News |  | Elite pedophilia is a common theme in the underbelly of the New World Order. Elite pedophilia is shockingly widespread. It goes all the way to highest levels, as the latest scandal involving Prince Andrew shows. This is not just a one-off incident, nor is it isolated. The numerous examples of elite pedophilia throughout the world are ...Read More »

US Wants OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative

US News |  | The chemical weapons watchdog is notoriously pro-Western. Its year ago fact-finding mission on the alleged Khan Sheikhoun CW incident falsified results. Will its Douma analysis produce similar findings to please Washington and its imperial allies? Its credibility long ago was lost. No Douma CW incident occurred – confirmed by area medical personnel and Russian toxic ...Read More »

World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win? (VIDEO)

US News |  | Everyone is talking about World War III right now, and I hate to be the one to say this, but…all I can wonder is whether we’re being manipulated into a fight we can’t win. This is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that support my ...Read More »

We Are Entering An Era Of Shattered Illusions

US News |  | The structure of history is held together by two essential and distinct kinds of links, two moments in time to which no one is immune: moments of epiphany, and moments of catastrophe. Sometimes, both elements intermingle at the birth of a singular epoch. Men often awaken to understanding in the midst of great crisis; and, ...Read More »

Broadband Adviser Picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Arrested on Fraud Charges

US News |  | By Nick Statt, The Verge |  A broadband adviser selected by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to run a federal advisory committee was arrested last week on claims she tricked investors into pouring money into a multimillion-dollar investment fraud scheme, according to The Wall Street Journal. The adviser, Elizabeth Pierce, is the former chief executive of ...Read More »

These Ex-Spies are Harvesting Facebook Photos for a Massive Facial Recognition Database

US News |  | (FORTUNE)  When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, he tried to describe the difference between “surveillance and what we do.” “The difference is extremely clear,” a nervous-looking Zuckerberg said. “On Facebook, you have control over your information… the information we collect ...Read More »

One Hive at a Time, Backyard Beekeepers Try Saving the World

US News |  | (USA Today) DETROIT — For the past few years, national media have touted Detroit’s comeback story: It endured dark days, went through the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy, and is — literally, with the construction of a new skyscraper — on the rise. The city is about to face a different kind of buzz. “We’re starting to see more ...Read More »

Cops Use Fingerprints Pulled from WhatsApp Photo to Secure Convictions

US News |  | By Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple |  Police have used a photo sent through the app “WhatsApp” to get a fingerprint and used that fingerprint to secure drug convictions against eleven people. If part of your finger is showing, cops can now use that small bit as fingerprint evidence. This new and  “groundbreaking” technique of matching ...Read More »

This Animated Data Visualization Of World War II Fatalities Is Shocking (VIDEO)

US News |  | Peace on earth: a statement heard around the world and an ideal that most of seem to want to yet have no idea how to attain. It seems like conflicts and wars are a reality in every part of the world, every single day. From religious battles to political quarrels, we seem to find a way to ...Read More »

Broward County Sheriff Who Exposed Parkland Shooting Found Dead – Media Blackout

US News |  |   By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire |  A Broward County Sheriff Deputy who dared to question the official narrative around the Parkland shooting has been found dead under suspicious circumstances.  On April 1, Jason Fitzsimon was found dead on his sofa. According to police, the 42-year-old had been in excellent health prior to his untimely death. reports: ...Read More »

Massive Egg Recall: Are Your Store-bought Eggs on This List?

US News |  | Is the carton of eggs in your refrigerator part of the biggest egg recall since 2010?  Rose Acre Farms has voluntarily recalled 206,749,248 eggs after 22 people became ill with salmonella after consuming their products. The eggs were delivered to grocery stores and restaurants (including Waffle House) in these states: Colorado Florida New Jersey New ...Read More »

Grid Down: How to Get Water From Your Well When There is No Power

US News |  | One of the problems faced with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is that your well will not be pumping water into your home.  For those living in urban areas and are relying on municipal water, your water could also be short-lived and it’s important to have a backup plan. Well water is a different matter entirely because it is your well ...Read More »

Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

US News |  | It is often said there only two kinds of people in this world: those who know, and those who don’t. I would expand on this and say that there are actually three kinds of people: those who know, those who don’t know, and those who don’t care to know. Members of the last group are the kind of people ...Read More »

Reality Check: Media Consolidation and News Script Repeaters (VIDEO)

US News |  | A viral video showing news anchors all over the nation reading the exact same words verbatim has people wondering, is this fake news? The promotional content all comes from media giant Sinclair, who owns all of these local broadcast news stations. But is Sinclair the only broadcaster that controls what its anchors and reporters say? ...Read More »

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