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California Authorities Are Failing to Track and Prevent Abuse of Police Databases

US News |  | By: David Maass, | Police in California have your data literally at their fingertips. They can sit at a computer terminal or in their squad car and check your DMV records, your criminal records, your parking citations, any restraining orders you’ve filed or have been filed against you. They can search other state databases ...Read More »

Hate Laws Intended To Silence Truth

US News |  | **Editor’s Note: Republished from March 16, 2015. We need a good reminder of the suppression of our free speech rights. “In this era of political correctness, some people seem unaware that being squeamish about words can mean being blind to realities.”  Thomas Sowell In a relativism culture of social permissiveness, the non-judgmental attitude, held out ...Read More »

Why Living With Less Can Actually Make You Happier

US News |  | By: Phillip Schneider, Waking Times | Will having more wealth actually make you happier? According to a number of studies an addition to your income isn’t only unlikely to make you happier, but it can make those around you less happy, and you for the fear of losing it. To explain, we must first look ...Read More »

Huge US Arms Deal for Saudi Dictatorship

US News |  | According to Reuters, the White House “is close to completing a series of arms deals for Saudi Arabia totaling more than $100 billion, a senior White House official said on Friday, a week ahead of President Donald Trump’s planned visit to Riyadh.” The Saudi dictatorship is one of the world’s most ruthless, repressing its own ...Read More »

How to Survive World War 3: Prepping for a US Mainland Conflict

US News |  | Aside from everyone nuking each other into mutually assured obsolescence, the World War 3 worst-case scenario for Americans would be if the conflict reached the American mainland. An invasion. A massive assault. The ideas seem unlikely, considering that the last time there was a  full-on war on the American mainland was during the American Civil War. ...Read More »

You Won’t Believe Why Washington State Isn’t Allowed to Prepare for Nuclear War

US News |  | If the government was able to take care of everyone during any foreseeable disaster, there probably wouldn’t be a thriving prepper movement today. So many people have taken it upon themselves to prepare for disasters, because they know how the government often reacts to crisis situations. Our government’s response to disasters is often slow and ...Read More »

Hanford Nuclear Site Spewed Radiation: Confirmed (VIDEO)

US News |  | By: Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub | A total news blackout on the dangerous radioactive release remains in place. The Hanford Nuclear Site has been confirmed to have released dangerous levels of radiation despite a total news blackout. Although officials told 300,000 residents in the area not to worry and that ‘no action is needed,’ it appears ...Read More »

Ransomware Is Tip Of The Iceberg: “You Could See 90% Of Americans Die As A Result Of A Prolonged Power Outage Because The Grid Gets Hacked” (VIDEO)

US News |  | The Ransomware that began spreading across the globe on Friday is still going with more computers reportedly being affected today by new variants of the virus. What we’ve learned is that the attack hasn’t just taken down personal computers, but core government and business networks affecting everything from health care systems and transportation in Europe, to ...Read More »

A Look Inside the Watch List Chicago Police Fought to Keep Secret

US News |  | (Chicago Sun Times) As Chicago endured a devastating surge in gun violence last summer, scores of people with long rap sheets stood atop the Chicago Police Department’s secret watch list, newly obtained records show. One of the men had been arrested 12 times for violent crimes, all before turning 20. He’d also been charged with ...Read More »

Advanced Tactical Censorship (VIDEO)

US News |  | By: Verify Events Research | I’ve been documenting for a while now how YOU my friends could be wasting your time in comment sections on the internet. The new tactic has become not showing your comments. You can’t see them, but no one else can see your posts. One possible sign of this could be ...Read More »

A Psyop Called Awakening

US News |  | By: Sylvain Lamoureux, War is Crime | “If there was such a thing as a global awakening visible we would have seen a massive and exponentially growing number of global disobedience, especially by parents who protect their children as a result of their knowledge, and actions accordingly.” — Willem Felderhof. Denial is a very powerful ...Read More »

US Approves $2 Billion Missile Sale to United Arab Emirates

US News |  | By: Jason Ditz, | Sale Will Include 165 Patriot Missiles. The Pentagon has issued a statement confirming that the US State Department has signed off on a $2 billion sale of US-made Patriot missiles to the United Arab Emirates, adding to the tiny Gulf nation’s ever growing military arsenal. The sale includes 65 PAC-3 ...Read More »

March Against Monsanto May 20, 2017

US News |  | On May 20, 2017, activists in 300 cities on six continents will participate in the sixth annual International March Against Monsanto. Since last year’s march, there’s been no shortage of reports implicating Monsanto in everything from colluding with EPA officials to bury the truth about Roundup’s health risks, to influencing university scientists to write favorable ...Read More »

Militant Leftists Are More An Annoyance Than A Real Threat To Liberty (VIDEO)

US News |  | In many articles leading up to the 2016 election I discussed the problem of “escalation.” Namely escalation on the left end of the political spectrum and the people who identify with it (set aside that this spectrum does not exist for the leaders and gatekeepers that exploit it).  In analyzing the consequences of the inevitable ...Read More »

Bill Clinton Fired the FBI Director the Day Before Vince Foster Was Found Dead

US News |  | By: Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project | On Tuesday, Donald Trump sent waves through the political community when he made the decision to fire FBI director James Comey. While the media went on to compare Trump to Richard Nixon over the incident, and #Nixonian was trending Tuesday night, Nixon never fired his FBI director. In fact, ...Read More »

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