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Slate Presents a Fake News Tool So You Can Narc on Stuff You Don’t Like

US News |  | In a clearcut case of an ironically bearded hipster fox guarding the henhouse of truth, Slate presents a brand new extension that Chrome users can install. The tool not only identifies “fake news” but allows readers to narc on anything they don’t like. Of course, anyone who would accept a word that Slate has to ...Read More »

The Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution

US News |  | The century anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution occurs this year. Any serious examination of The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union must conclude that the systematic eradications of millions and the ruthlessness of the Communist commissars rule was a miserable failure, even by Marxist postulates. Russia today is quite different from the Gulag Archipelago that ...Read More »

Will There Be War On The Streets Of Washington D.C. During The Inauguration On Friday?

US News |  | The stage is set for a potentially very ugly confrontation between radical leftist protesters on one side and law enforcement authorities and Trump supporters on the other side.  It is being estimated that hundreds of thousands of supporters will be arriving in D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump, but it is also being ...Read More »

One Third of Americans Can’t Afford Safe Drinking Water

US News |  | According to a new report, more than a third of the population of America has no access to clean, reliable drinking water. We don’t generally think of the United States as being a country where people just cannot afford to access safe water, but this is becoming more common every day. When we think about ...Read More »

Navy Destroyer Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels in Strait of Hormuz

US News |  | ( In the latest incident of high-seas tension between the U.S. and Iran, a Navy guided-missile destroyer fired a series of warning shots at four Iranian vessels after the Islamic Republic’s boats closed in at a high rate of speed in the Strait of Hormuz, Fox News confirmed on Monday. The USS Mahan tried to ...Read More »

Let the Butthurt Flow Through You: Celebs Record “I Will Survive” (VIDEO)

US News |  | I want to be nice. I really do. But Hollywood is making it impossible. Now, they’ve made a video of Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit, I Will Survive, in response to the fact that Donald Trump, really, truly IS their president. The video appeared as part of W Magazine‘s The Scene, and the publication had this ...Read More »

Planned Civil Unrest Of America Perfectly On Schedule- Here's the Shocking Truth (VIDEO)

US News |  | Look around you. People everywhere in America are sure of what they believe; at least for some emotionally sure. For those hooked on TV, Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda they’re getting emotionally charged ideas fed to them every day by politicians, gatekeepers and celebrities constantly telling them what they should be angry about. This constant ...Read More »

Radical Left To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

US News |  | The radical left is promising to make this the most chaotic inauguration in U.S. history. As I have written about previously, anarchists plan to do whatever they can to disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump, but their plans are not just limited to the main event. As far as the protesters are concerned, any event ...Read More »

Dear Anti-Trump Protesters: Show Your Commitment. Quit Your Jobs

US News |  | Dear Anti-Trump Protesters: I think it’s time that you really show your commitment. That you really prove how vehemently you disagree with soon-to-be President Trump. Stop messing around with these silly protests and put your money where your mouth is. Quit your jobs. Stage a walk-out. Buh-bye. You have principles, right? With all of the ...Read More »

Elijah Wood Reveals Hollywood’s Rampant Organized Pedophilia Problem (VIDEO)

US News |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   At this point in our nation’s history, information and knowledge are key. They will most likely be the two single biggest factors that determine whether we the people are able to retain this republic of ours, or whether we lose it to a tyrannical police state. Right now, ...Read More »

Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers

US News |  | In what appeared to be an orchestrated deception, a coordinated false flag, fake bomb threats were reported at 16 Jewish centers in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee. Police found no evidence of bombs in any of the centers. What happened occurred in the aftermath of America abstaining ...Read More »

Congress Announces ‘Unobstructed’ Criminal Probe Into Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

US News |  | By: The Voice of Reason | With all the reports coming out claiming that well funded far-left activist groups intend to incite the largest riots in U.S. history in the days leading up to and during Donald Trump’s inauguration, there is good reason for well informed Americans to be feeling a bit on edge, or ...Read More »

Anti-Trump Protesters Are Getting Organized to Cause Massive Disruption

US News |  | Remember how I’ve been saying that massive civil unrest is coming with the inauguration? The noisy anti-Trump faction is getting organized to do everything they can to take down his presidency. We are looking at a massive organized protest the likes of which this country has never seen before, all because a bunch of liberals ...Read More »

The Obama Years- Part 3- Dissecting 8 Years Of Psychological Terrorism (VIDEO)

US News |  | The Obama years were no ordinary years. It’s fair to say they were the most mentally traumatizing years of any American presidency. And as I’ve stated before, following the Bush years which brought us the 9/11 false flag and the psychological terrorism of fear and color-coded “terror alerts” that followed, that was no easy task ...Read More »

Celebutards Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns

US News |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   Your News Wire Reports: A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.” “It’s about time people ...Read More »

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