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Obama-Netanyahu ''Fallout'' Is Theater - Planned In 2009

By: Tony Cartalucci | Land Destroyer Report - In a 2009 US policy paper published by the corporate-financier funded Brookings Institution, it was made clear that the US was determined to provoke Iran into a conflict and effect regime change at any cost - up to and including an outright military invasion and occupation of Iran

Brazil Prepares For A Political Earthquake

Everything is allowed in a clean game of debate and political passion, where sometimes the future of a country is played. Even frank and harsh criticism is permitted. “In Brasilia everything ends Friday at two in the afternoon.” Friday is the day when it will be announced who are the politicians -including dozens of senators

Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

  The total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar.  According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment.  And this has certainly been true in the past.  For example, there was a solar

The Origin Of ISIS (VIDEO)

By: Ben Swann | - In the latest episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann investigates the origins of the militant group referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “The name ISIS is one that every American knows,” Swann said “The biggest threat to our national security since Al-Qaeda, right?

Mainstream Media: ISIS 'Jihadi John' Unmasked

Investigators believe that the "Jihadi John" masked fighter who fronted Islamic State beheading videos is a British man named Mohammed Emwazi, two U.S. government sources said on Thursday. He was born in Kuwait and comes from a prosperous family in London, where he grew up and graduated with a computer programming degree, according to the

Russia And The United States Are Already At War

Lavrov accused Washington of violating the United Nations Charter by failing to respect the independence and sovereignty of states and constantly interfering in the internal affairs of those nations. NEW YORK – Russia and the United States faced off Monday by launching harsh accusations at the United Nations Security Council. The U.N. body had a

Mossad Discredits Netanyahu’s Claims On Iran

The foreign intelligence agency of Israel, Mossad, acknowledged in 2012 that Iran was not pursuing the “necessary means to produce nuclear weapons,”. In spite of such statement, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned at the United Nations that Iran was in the final stages of completing their plans to manufacture nuclear weapons. In fact, Netanyahu

UN Report Reveals How Israel Is Coordinating With ISIS Militants Inside Syria

21st Century Wire says… The Syrian conflict continues to develop into a proxy war, pitting various foreign ‘national interests’ against one another, including US vs. Syria, US vs Iran, Saudi Arabia vs Syria, Qatar vs. Syria, Turkey vs. Kurdistan and Iran vs. Israel – to name only a few. So the support network behind Washington’s

Dollar Dump Begins: Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month

By: Mac Slavo | - Earlier this week John Williams warned that hyperinflation will begin to appear in America sometime in 2015. He noted that, though the dollar is currently strong compared to other fiat money, signs that a currency collapse is coming will begin with the sell-off of the U.S. dollar. It’s a known fact

China: The Largest Cheap Labor Factory In The World (VIDEO)

China’s system is one of despotic capitalism, under a “Communist” label. Wages are exceedingly low, productivity is high. These are the social realities of commodities “Made in China”, marketed Worldwide. China is an advanced capitalist economy integrated into the World market. Wages for non-skilled labor in Chinese factories are as low as 100$ a month,

The U.S.-Backed Government In Ukraine Is Starting To Lose The Civil War

The mainstream media in the U.S. is being very quiet about this, but the truth is that the U.S.-backed government in Kiev is starting to lose the civil war.  This week, the separatists captured the very important railway junction of Debaltseve despite the fact that a ceasefire is supposed to be in place.  Buoyed by

Widespread Drug-Resistant Malaria Cases Now Threatening India

Our dependence upon drugs to control the spread of deadly diseases is becoming a double edged sword. On one hand, it keeps the communities healthier, but on the other side, it will only work for so long. We have seen this with many drugs, and each has the same result: over time, the drug is

Five Pieces Of Indisputable Evidence Of Forced Organ Harvesting Of Falun Gong Practitioners In China

By: Uncensored China - Sharp increase of number of organ transplants coincides with onset  of persecution of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa). The number of organ transplants increased immediately after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong in China on July 20, 1999. Over the past ten years, China has performed more than 90,000 various organ transplant operations,

It’s Germany vs. Greece, And The Very Survival Of The Eurozone Is At Stake

Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?  On Thursday, Germany rejected a Greek request for a six-month loan extension.  The Germans insisted that the Greek proposal did not require the Greeks to adhere to the austerity restrictions which previous agreements had forced upon them.  But Greek voters have already very clearly rejected

Gold And Silver – Banker’s Grip On PMs Not Over.

By: Edge Trader Plus - To leave the EU or not to leave the EU, that is the question.  Pick any hour, and you will have an answer that is good until the next hour passes.  While there have been cheers and encouragement for what the newly elected Syriza party has been telling the EU,

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