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Will Europe Stop Taking Orders from Washington?

World News |  | America has interests, not allies. Post-WW II, it’s pressured, threatened and forced other countries to bow to its will. Instead of working cooperatively with other nations, it demands subservience, unchallenged global dominance its aim. It tolerates no sovereign independent states, targeting them for regime change by assassinating foreign leaders, color revolutions or war, the latter ...Read More »

Nicolas Maduro Begins Hunting Coup Plotters and Enablers

World News |  | The Venezuelan government began a new offensive against the opposition movement that seeks to complete a Coup d’Etat, and which last Friday appointed a parallel Supreme Court to challenge the regime of Nicolas Maduro. The first victim of Maduro’s hunt for coup plotters was Professor Angel Zerpa, one of the 33 magistrates appointed to occupy ...Read More »

US High Crimes in Raqqa

World News |  | The offensive in Raqqa was planned, orchestrated and implemented by Washington. It’s a scorched-earth mass slaughter and destruction campaign, indiscriminately targeting civilians, the way all US wars of aggression are waged, the human toll of no consequence. Last Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry Deputy Information and Press Department director Artyom Kozhin warned about Washington’s “manipulation” and ...Read More »

Spain’s Economic Terrorism against Catalonia

World News |  | (The Real Agenda News) The dictatorship in Spain is blocking funds that belong to Catalonia to prevent the state from carrying out a lawful referendum on independence. The Executive office, that is, the central government in Madrid, is now regulating the amount of money that flows to the Generalitat, the regional government office in Catalonia, ...Read More »

Worst on Record Cholera Epidemic in Yemen

World News |  | Obama’s war on Yemen, escalated by Trump, bears full responsibility for what Oxfam calls the worst outbreak of cholera “ever recorded in any country in a single year.” Since April, they’ve been over 360,000 known cases, likely many more not officially reported, numbers rising exponentially. By end of summer, they could double because of devastating ...Read More »

US Continues Supporting Terrorists in Syria

World News |  | It’s naive to believe otherwise. It’s central to US strategy since launching war for regime change. Tactics alone changed from then to now, not Washington’s objective – allied with Israel and other rogue states to topple Syria’s legitimate government. In response to Trump’s announced end to covert CIA-arming and training of so-called “moderate rebels” (aka ...Read More »

Over 40,000 Civilians Massacred in Battle for Mosul

World News |  | In all US wars of aggression, human lives don’t matter – the safety and welfare of civilians entirely ignored. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies. A duplicitous Pentagon statement said “(w)e set the highest standards for protecting civilians.” “(O)ur dedication, diligence, and discipline in prosecuting our combat operations while protecting civilians, is without precedent in recorded ...Read More »

Most Europeans Don’t Believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming

World News |  | Among elitists there is a certain global consensus that seems to have been reached on the need to combat climate change. However, the jury is still out when it comes to how real human-driven global warming is and how responsibility for this alteration should be assigned. A survey of 10,000 Europeans, published last week, shows ...Read More »

New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran

World News |  | Security Council action alone may impose sanctions on countries, not one nation on others – the way America and its go-along EU allies operate. Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and other nations are flagrantly illegal. The Trump administration, in cahoots with Israel, is morally and viscerally hostile toward the ...Read More »

Is Brazil truly Cleansing its Politics?

World News |  | SAO PAULO – It is difficult to be optimistic here in Brazil. The reality of politics is very constricting with what is believed to be happening in the political arena, where it seems that judges are cleaning the house. Although Lula has been convicted and there is an open process against the current President, Michel Temer ...Read More »

Mosul Terror-Bombed to Rubble

World News |  | When America attacks another nation, international, constitutional and US statute laws of war are discarded with imperial arrogance. They’re for other countries, not the USA, its rules alone followed. The devastating result is always the same. Wherever the self-styled “indispensable nation” shows up, mass slaughter, horrendous destruction, utter chaos, and appalling human misery follow. The ...Read More »

US-Installed Iraqi Regime Torture and Murder

World News |  |   During the battle for Mosul, freelance photographer Ali Arkady witnessed and photographed torture, abuse and cold-blooded murder of Iraqi military captives – civilians suspected of ties to ISIS, according to RT. He was embedded with an elite Iraqi interior ministry emergency response division, witnessed brutal interrogations to obtain forced confessions from suspected ISIS captives ...Read More »

Donald Trump Supports Coup d’Etat in Venezuela

World News |  | No one enjoys seeing Venezuelans going hungry, being oppressed by the military or not having electricity or running water. Venezuela is a very rich nation and should be in complete ruin as it is now. It is true that Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro have served as oficial destructors of a nation that once ...Read More »

Cholera Ravages Yemen

World News |  | Multiple plagues of Job ravage millions of Yemenis, including devastating US-planned and orchestrated war, famine, and untreated diseases, out-of-control cholera epidemic alone taking a devastating toll. Known outbreaks exceeded 300,000 as of June 30, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The UN currently reported over 320,000 outbreaks in all governorates except one. The ICRC ...Read More »

Did They Really Walk on the Moon 48 Years Ago on the Very First Attempt? (VIDEO)

World News |  |   Ever wonder why they claimed to have walked on the moon, on the very first attempt (even though, right here on earth, Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success), allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with antiquated 1960’s technology (while today a cell phone has one million times the computing power ...Read More »

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