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Is This the First “Sanction” Against Russia? UK Bank Freezes ALL RT Accounts Held In The UK

Reports are emerging that National Westminster Bank, one of the UK’s “Big Five” banks has frozen ALL accounts related to the Russian news outlet RT. Margarita Simony who works for RT tweeted: “They’ve closed our accounts in Britain. All our accounts. ‘The decision is not subject to review.’ Praise be to freedom of speech!” (source) ...Read More »

Is WikiLeaks CIA? Hillary Safe From Fake Assange? (VIDEO)

Red flags suggest Wikileaks may be another CIA operation to swamp voters with tempging yet useless ‘leaks’ until election day. Is Julian Assange just another actor, distracting us to cover for Hillary Clinton while she steals the Presidency? The real ‘Clinton story’ is rape, murder and treason, but Wikileaks keeps dumping thousands of embarrassing emails ...Read More »

Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election? (VIDEO)

  It sure seems like an odd time to be provoking a war with Russia.  As I write this, we stand just a little bit more than three weeks away from one of the most pivotal elections in U.S. history, and Barack Obama has chosen this moment to strongly threaten the Russians.  As I wrote ...Read More »

Russia Orders Relatives Of Officials Abroad To Return Home

  According to Britain’s Daily Mail, “Russia is ordering all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad amid heightened tensions over the prospect of global war.” Putin warned “(p)oliticians and high-ranking officials…to bring their loved ones home to the ‘Motherland,” the Daily mail citing local media. US/Russian tensions are greater than at ...Read More »

What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

When most folks hear the words “Agenda 21” they have one of three responses: Huh? What’s that? Oh yay! It’ll turn the world into Utopia and global warming will stop and life will be rainbows and unicorns again! It’s a plan to remove personal liberty and move us closer to a one-world government. Where the ...Read More »

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Knew Saudis Were Arming ISIS During Wartime (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the latest batch of emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta in 2014, who was then-counselor to President Barack Obama, that said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to ...Read More »

Filipino President Says No To US Military Presence, Invites CIA To Assassinate Him

Crazy little Kim Jong Un of  North Korea has some competition for “Bat-Crap-Craziest Leader of a Small Country.” Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, who famously called Barack Obama “a son of a whore” and has orchestrated the deaths of more than a thousand drug dealers without trials, is in the news again. Duterte has dared the United ...Read More »

When WWIII Begins, It Won’t Matter Who Started It

For some reason, every time I point out that Russia is moving the chess pieces around the board and that we should all pay strict attention to this, a bunch of people pop up in the comments section and tell me that I’m being mean to poor Vladimir Putin and that he’s just a really ...Read More »

The Winged Bull Of Nimrod And Part Of The Temple Of Baal Are Being Displayed In The Colosseum In Rome

If you thought having “the harbinger of Baal” in New York City was bad, wait until you hear what they are doing in Rome.  A reproduction of a winged bull from the ancient city of Nimrud, Iraq and a recreation of part of the ceiling from the Temple of Bel (Baal) are being put on ...Read More »

Possibility For Nuclear War More Real Now Than During Cold War (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | According to some government officials, never before in history has the threat of nuclear war been as high as it is right now, and that includes during the cold war. If you’re wondering which officials, you might want to start with the ones in Berlin that now have Russian ...Read More »

US-Supported Saudi Terror-Bombing Incident Massacres Hundreds In Yemen

Yemen is Obama’s war like all other regional conflicts, others elsewhere – solely to advance America’s imperium, the cost in human lives and vast destruction of no consequence. Washington’s war on Yemen began long before escalation in March 2015, using Riyadh terror-bombing to strike US-selected targets, civilians in harm’s way, massacred freely, facing death by ...Read More »

Haiti Destroyed With Hurricane Weeks After Former Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation ... Hmm (VIDEO)

It was only a few weeks ago when a video surfaced showing former Haitian Senate president Bernard Sansaricq delivering a blistering message to Donald Trump, exposing the Clinton Foundation and explaining how the Clintons tried to bribe him in the early 1990’s when he was Senate president of Haiti. Sansaricq goes on to describe how ...Read More »

Hillary Clinton, The Queen Of Flip-Floppery, On Genocide

“So, just as they caved in to Turkey on the Armenian genocide, Queen Hillary and Bill Clinton could, as co-presidents, relabel the ISIS as non-genocidal simply to spare Turkey any responsibility.” By: David Boyajian, Armeniapedia.org | Few people can honestly dispute that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) is the Queen of Flip-Floppery and that ...Read More »

Global Warming Is Catholic Religion In Disguise (VIDEO)

By: Barry Soetoro | Global warming (climate change) is the catholic religion, thinly disguised. Globalists stole imagery from the Bible to scam you into paying trillions in “climate taxes.” What is your sin? Breathing. How can you avoid hell on earth? By paying trillions to globalist crooks to “save the environment.” but it’s all a scam. ...Read More »

Russia Is Preparing For A Nuclear War With The United States

In Russia there is talk that nuclear war with the United States is inevitable, and they are feverishly preparing to win such a war when it happens. Thanks to tensions over Ukraine, Syria and the price of oil, U.S. relations with Russia are the worst that they have been since at least the end of ...Read More »

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