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The Middle East Is A Refugee Ticking Bomb

“Sixty-five percent of the refugees are under 25, are marginalized, desperate and frustrated by the lack of a just solution,” says Christofer Gunness, from UNRWA. Regional vulnerability has always existed here but in recent years has exploded with the crisis in Syria and Iraq, the expansion of the Islamic State and instability and crises in

Slicing And Dicing Greece To Pay Bankers

Western societies are banker occupied territory. Financialization let monied interests scam ordinary people of incomes, savings, jobs, homes, overall welfare and futures. Profits alone matter. Paying bankers first is standard practice. Eurozone straightjacket membership mandates rules no just societies would tolerate, including foregoing the right to: • control their own money to monetize debt freely; • legislate

UN Investigation Accusses Israel And Hamas Of War Crimes

A UN report has accused the Israeli army and Hamas of committing war crimes in Gaza during the war of 2014. The group of independent researchers led by the American Mary McGowan Davis requires Israel to provide further details on the targets hit during the offensive for further evaluation. The report also condemns the execution

12 Signs That The United States And China Are Moving Toward War

If the United States and China are supposed to be such “great friends”, why are both sides acting as if war is in our future?  Thanks to events in the South China Sea and the blatant theft of the personal information of millions of U.S. government workers, tensions between the United States and China are

Israel's Response To Everything: Collective Punishment

International law is clear. Fourth Geneva’s Article 33 states: “No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.” It doesn’t matter. Israel systematically ignores all international human rights, humanitarian and other laws it objects to

Israel Bombs Lebanon

Sunday reports indicate an Israeli warplane bombed a remote Lebanese Bekaa region to destroy one of its drones apparently downed. An IDF spokeswoman declined to comment. A Lebanese security source said it’s not entirely clear what happened “but most probably it was an Israeli airstrike to destroy its downed drone” – whether because of mechanical

The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’

In order to understand what is really going on around the globe in terms of the collapsing economy, we must set aside false mainstream versions of reality. When it comes to the EU and its current fiscal turmoil, it is very important to, in some respects, ignore Greece entirely. That’s right; forget about all the

Pope – Positioning Himself To Be Head Of Planned One World Religion?

Pope Francis of the Catholic Church recently came out and released an Encyclical “Laudato Si” (although someone leaked it ahead of time and released it for him) focused on tackling the issues of poverty and environmental damage. As noble as this sounds, however, in doing so the Pope fell into the trap set up by

WikiLeaks Releases Secret Saudi Documents

The more we learn about the secret workings of despotic regimes and faux democracies like America, Britain and Israel among others, the better we understand how they extrajudicially serve powerful monied interests at the expense of popular ones. On Friday, WikiLeaks began releasing around half a million Saudi documents – including Foreign Ministry communiques and

The Pope Of The Dark Ages

While Pope Francis’ speeches call for helping the poor and seeking social justice, in practice he aligns with political movements that want exactly the opposite. Let’s not kid anyone. Pope Francis is not an expert in economics or environmental issues. He did not write his latest encyclical. Political advisers did. He does not understand how

WWIII Near! China Prepares For War Against US As Russia Edges On Nuclear Catastrophe (VIDEOS)

The world’s armies are readying themselves for an epic Armageddon style battle! From Canada’s Project Maple, to America’s Jade Helm, to Europe’s NATO drills, to Chinese and Russian naval war games. Countries are drilling and preparing their troops for battle, and these drills are among the LARGEST drills yet to be initiated! They are preparing

Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States

  As we move toward the second half of 2015, signs of financial turmoil are appearing all over the globe.  In Greece, a full blown bank run is happening right now.  Approximately 2 billion euros were pulled out of Greek banks in just the past three days, Barclays says that capital controls are “imminent” unless

Christiana Figueres Pushes New Globalist “Social Contract”

(The Real Agenda) A popular dictate says that the only way to predict the future is by creating it, and that is exactly what powerful entities such as the United Nations and the groups that support it are doing right now. The future is not coming, it is here and if the UN has its

Pope Francis Says You’re NOT Christian If You Own A Gun

By: Ammoland | Let’s not forget the Marxist pope has plenty of armed guards. Pope Francis spoke with a group of young people at a rally of thousands at the end of the first day of his trip to the Italian city of Turin. Francis started by attacking the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Kiev's Junta Forces Terror Bomb Donbass

Kiev war crimes include using banned chemical weapons, cluster bombs and white phosphorous in Donbass – including against civilian neighborhoods. Reports indicate US experts are helping Ukraine produce chemical weapons for use against rebel forces. Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) intelligence learned they’re being secretly developed for escalated dirty war. Last Tuesday, reported fuel-air (thermobaric) explosives targeted

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