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Ukraine’s War On Press Freedom

  In February 2014, Washington replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist dictatorship. Ruthlessness triumphed over freedom, equity and justice. The State Department’s 2015 country report on human rights said Ukraine “suffer(s) from corruption and deficiencies in the administration of justice.” “Human rights groups and the UN noted there were few investigations into human rights ...Read More »

Brazilian Government Raises The Stakes In Terrorism Fear-Mongering

(The Real Agenda News) PORTO ALEGRE — Let’s be clear: Brazil is in no threat of being attacked by Islamic terrorists. However, the mainstream media and the government have been orchestrating a country-wide campaign to legitimize what they say is proof that ISIS is preparing to attack the country during the Olympic games. Agents of ...Read More »

Brazil Is A Heaven For Cybercriminals

(The Real Agenda News) The countdown for thousands of tourists and athletes from around the world to arrive in Brazil has begun. Brazil is a week away from hosting the biggest sporting event of the year: the Olympic Games in Rio. Brazil is going through one of its worst moments and it seems that there ...Read More »

Despotism’s Triumph In Turkey

  Last Friday’s coup was state-sponsored false flag deception, Erdogan using it to consolidate tyrannical rule – eliminating shaky remnants of democratic governance. Regime authority already is unforgiving, waging slow-motion genocide against Kurds the way America ravished its native people, how Israel massacres Palestinians, NATO and rogue regional leaders complicit through silence. Erdogan partners with ...Read More »

Erdogan’s Staged Coup Has Resulted In A Purge Of 50,000 Teachers, Judges, Soldiers And Government Officials

Barack Obama’s “friend” in Turkey is a deeply corrupt radical Islamist dictator that has just staged a coup to consolidate his grip on power.  As I have reported previously, 1,845 “journalists, writers and critics” have been arrested for “insulting” President Erdogan over just the past two years, and a couple of years ago he had ...Read More »

A Violent Purge Ignites.Turkey, Russia, NATO, US—Who’s Behind it All? A Coming WWIII (VIDEO)

As most of you are now aware, there was a Coup attempt in Turkey aimed at ousting the government, however, the attempts have failed and President Erdogan has proclaimed that the coup was a “gift from God” because it would, “cleanse the army.” In other words, the coup was a “blessing in disguise” because it ...Read More »

Brazil Gets Ready For A False-flag Attack During The Olympics

Rumor has it in Brazil that there is now a group in the country whose members are ISIS followers.  (The Real Agenda News) PORTO ALEGRE — The Olympic Games will begin on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. The event is being prepared with utmost rigor by the Brazilian authorities. They have left millions of ...Read More »

Erdogan Reign Of Terror Following Failed Coup Plot

  He’s back in Ankara, military forces loyal to his regime crushing remnants of Friday’s rebellion. His first order of business is solidifying power, eliminating opposition and hardening dictatorial rule. It’s just beginning. Security forces retook control of state-run broadcaster TRT after rebels seized it. Turkish Airlines resumed flights to and from Istanbul’s Ataturk airport ...Read More »

Gold, Guns And The New Silk Road (VIDEO)

We are always watching for information regarding the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), BRICS and One Belt, One Road (new Silk Road) project. The consortiums listed above headed by China and Russia, respectively, and the latter two being headed by committees from various member nations, are quiet possibly the news story for ...Read More »

Axe-Wielding Terrorist Attacks Train Passengers In Germany And A Police Car Is Firebombed In Florida

Crazy people committing random acts of senseless violence is rapidly becoming the “new normal” in the western world.  On Monday, a police vehicle was firebombed in Daytona, Florida by someone that was enraged by the recent shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  And over in Europe, an axe-wielding Islamic terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar” ...Read More »

Bastille Day Nice Incident: A Disturbingly Familiar Story

Ignore Western media reports, automatically calling these type incidents terrorism, Muslims nearly always blamed. Other possibilities are discounted – notably whether what happened in Nice was state-sponsored false flag terrorism, what seems most likely, though it’s too early to rush to judgment. Here’s how The New York Times, the self-styled “newspaper of record,” covered what ...Read More »

Venezuela Sells Its Gold To Pay The Bills

(The Real Agenda News) Venezuela has gone in a few months from being one of the major oil exporters in the world, to becoming the leading seller of gold on the planet. With a virtually collapsed economy, the Latin American country has decided to sell a third of its gold reserves in the last six ...Read More »

The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate

What just happened in Turkey?  I have been thinking about this for a number of hours now, and I have narrowed it down to two options.  Either this was the worst military coup in my entire lifetime, or it was staged.  I will explain how I came to this conclusion below, but in any event ...Read More »

Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016

We are a little over half way through 2016 and, at the current rate, it will be a miracle if the year finishes without outright catastrophe in half the nations of the world. Some might call these events “Black Swans,” some might call them completely engineered threats, others might call it all a simple “coincidence” ...Read More »

The Turkish Coup In Context: Redrawing The Map Of The CIA Drug Trade

By: Rusticus | It’s been four short days since the July 15, 2016 coup d’état (color revolution?) attempt in Turkey, and already, the open-source research community is well underway in digesting what’s just occurred. President Recep Erdogan was quick to place the blame at the feet of his long-time political opponent (and likely CIA asset), a multi-billionaire ...Read More »

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