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China, the New Leader of the Corporate-Controlled Globalised World

World News |  | (The Real Agenda News) Many years ago, people used to tell me that one day, China would be the most powerful nation in the world; even above the United States. Of course, it was hard to imagine how that would happen and what it would mean. Today, as Donald J. Trump ascends to power, and ...Read More »

N. Korea Says its Ready to Test Ballistic Missile

World News |  | By: USAFeaturesMedia | North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in a New Year’s address to his nation, said the country is close to testing its first intercontinental ballistic missile, just as the administration of Donald J. Trump prepares to take office. As reported by Bloomberg: Kim Jong Un said North Korea is in the “last stage” of preparations ...Read More »

The Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution

World News |  | The century anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution occurs this year. Any serious examination of The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union must conclude that the systematic eradications of millions and the ruthlessness of the Communist commissars rule was a miserable failure, even by Marxist postulates. Russia today is quite different from the Gulag Archipelago that ...Read More »

Trump’s First Foreign Visit to Meet Putin?

World News |  | Citing a London Sunday Times report, The Hill and Bloomberg said Trump’s first foreign trip as president is expected to be a summit with Vladimir Putin within weeks of his inauguration. If the report is accurate, both leaders will meet in Reykjavik, Iceland. Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer denied it, tweeting “not true ...Read More »

Tanzanian Farmers Face Heavy Prison Sentences if They Continue Their Traditional Seed Exchange

World News |  | In order to get developmental assistance, Tanzania amended its legislation, which should give commercial investors faster and better access to agricultural land as well as a very strong protection of intellectual property rights. ‘If you buy seeds from Syngenta or Monsanto under the new legislation, they will retain the intellectual property rights. If you save seeds ...Read More »

Yemen: Obama’s Little Reported Dirty War

World News |  | Yemen is Obama’s war, one of endless ones he waged throughout his tenure – complicit with Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states, NATO and Israel. After nearly two years of fighting in Yemen, deaths and injuries far exceed reported numbers, civilians mostly affected. Largely ignored US planned and orchestrated genocide is occurring in plain sight, human ...Read More »

Russia Invites Trump’s National Security Advisor to Syria Peace Talks

World News |  | Moscow’s good faith outreach to Washington on resolving conflicts in Syria and Ukraine failed because Obama and neocons infesting his administration want war, not peace. Will Trump’s geopolitical agenda diverge from longstanding US policy? Will he choose peacemaking over endless wars? It’s unlikely, but hope springs eternal. On January 23, peace talks to try resolving ...Read More »

Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal

World News |  | Repeat after me. No Russian hacking occurred. Neither Russia or any other foreign or internal source interfered in America’s election. No evidence proves it. None exists. Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Information supplied WikiLeaks was internally leaked by one of more Democrat party insiders angry over her nomination theft, not gotten by cyberattacks. Pro-Hillary dark ...Read More »

Dutch Court Blocks Truth-Telling on MH17’s Downing

World News |  | America’s Machiavellian long arm reaches virtually everywhere – likely involved in assuring a Dutch court blocked data on MH17’s downing gathered by independent journalists, wanting it kept suppressed to prevent exposing the fraudulent official findings. The incident was a classic false flag. Russia had nothing to do with it. Nor were Donbass freedom fighters involved. ...Read More »

Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike

World News |  | In March 2015, his Likud party won 30 of 120 Knesset seats, over three-fourths of Israelis supporting other parties. With likeminded extremist coalition partners, he remained prime minister after an election he seemed likely to lose. Netanyahu exceeds Sharonian evil, a world class thug, menacing Jews and Arabs alike. A psychological profile of his behavioral ...Read More »

You Realize the Universal Basic Income Is Feudalism, Right? (VIDEO)

World News |  | What does the future hold for average people? Feudalism. And they’ll welcome it with open arms, convinced that they are embracing a smart, fair system that eliminates poverty. The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent in many people today will have them slipping on the yoke of servitude willingly. Here’s what I ...Read More »

US Report on Nonexistent Russian Hacking Made Its Intelligence Community a Laughing Stock

World News |  | The scheme to blame Russia for US election hacking failed. It laid an egg. It made Washington’s intelligence community look like rank amateurs. Americans overwhelmingly disbelieve its rubbish for good reason. With no evidence cited, it lacks credibility. It’s fake news, fiction, not facts, propaganda aimed at delegitimizing Trump’s election and provocatively stoking confrontation with ...Read More »

Globalist Leaders Ensure North American Integration Mechanisms Remain in Place

World News |  | As Donald Trump prepares to become U.S. president on Jan. 20, the future of NAFTA is in doubt. He has promised to either renegotiate or withdraw from the trade agreement. Despite the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, there are still many different existing North American integration mechanisms that remain in place. Over the last ...Read More »

War in Syria Far From Over

World News |  | The past 15 months changed things dramatically on the ground. Russia’s intervention was a game-changer, short of decisive so far. Hopefully liberating Syria from its US-supported terrorist scourge is possible with a changing of the guard in Washington. Trump expressed an intention to cooperate with Russia in combating terrorism, an agenda polar opposite Obama’s if ...Read More »

Venezuelan Parliament Approves Removal of Maduro from Presidency

World News |  | (The Real Agenda News) The Venezuelan National Assembly declared Monday the “abandonment of office” by the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, despite the order against such a vote by the Supreme Court. The parliamentary House demanded an electoral exit to the crisis so that “the people express their will through the vote”. “The only way to ...Read More »

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