No Chance for Normalized Russia/US Relations in Our Lifetime

No Chance for Normalized Russia/US Relations in Our Lifetime | us-and-russia-flag | Special Interests World News

The problem lies in Washington, not Moscow. Russia is proudly independent, refusing to bow to US demands – unwilling to accept a unipolar world run by a dominant .

No nations should let another control how they’re governed. Most sacrifice their sovereignty to Washington. Refusnik countries are targeted for regime change – the defining way how ruthless imperialism works.

Russia/US relations are the most dismal in decades, worse than any time during the Cold War when MAD (mutually assured destruction) prevented the unthinkable.

Earlier America had leaders like Eisenhower and Kennedy. In his farewell address, Ike called the military/industrial complex a “potential enemy of the national interest…a distorted use of the nation’s resources…fail(ing) to comprehend its grave implication…(affecting our) livelihood (and) the very structure of our society.”

JFK transformed himself from a warrior to peacemaker. He favored rapprochement with Soviet Russia and nuclear disarmament.

He opposed Pax Americana enforced dominance. He and Nikita Krushchev signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty – banning atmospheric, space and under water nuclear tests.

Reagan shifted from calling Russia the evil empire to defusing bilateral tensions.

He cooperated with Mikhail Gorbachev to end the Cold War – the most significant achievement of the 20th century after defeating Nazism and imperial Japan.

In 1987, they consummated the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on elimination of these weapons, stepping back from the brink of possible nuclear war.

In June 1988, a bipartisan Senate ratified the treaty by a 93 – 5 majority – impossible to achieve now. Then a new era of peace was possible. Today the threat of nuclear war is graver than ever – Washington infested with hawkish bipartisan neocons.

Bipartisan Russia/US relations are worsening, not improving – despite Trump, I believe, genuinely favoring rapprochement, perhaps his only redeeming attribute along with denouncing mainstream media fake news.

US presidents are fronts for the corporate/imperial state. Trump likely didn’t know the half of it when seeking the nation’s highest office, co-opted straightaway once elected – America’s latest warrior president, dark forces preventing him from improving relations with Russia.

Putin genuinely wants it, a staunch peace champion, seeking cooperative relations with all countries, wanting raging conflicts resolved diplomatically and ended.

Provocative US-led NATO actions undermine mutual trust. Cold War 2.0 far exceeds the earlier danger.

In his memorable 2007 Munich Security Conference address, discussed in an earlier article, Putin said Russian history spans over 1,000 years, its geopolitical agenda proudly independent – this tradition unchanged today, adding:

“(W)e would like to interact with responsible and independent partners with whom we could work together in constructing a fair world order that would ensure security and prosperity not only for a select few, but for all.”

He has no responsible Western partners, Washington notably hardline and intractable. Its imperial agenda risks unthinkable nuclear war.

Its foolhardy for Russia to believe dismal relations with America “will fade away,” as Sergey Lavrov said Saturday, adding “this shouldn’t be expected before the midterms in November” as US candidates vie to show who’s toughest on Moscow.

Except for brief periods, dismal bipartisan relations haven’t changed since Russia’s 1917 revolution.

The geopolitical agendas of both nations are world’s apart. They’re adversaries, not partners – Washington’s doing, not Moscow’s.

Its diplomatic outreach fails to reach accommodation with the US on vital issues because its dominant dark forces want pro-Western puppet rule replacing its independent government.

As far ahead as anyone dares predict, no change in dismal ties is likely – unthinkable nuclear war far more possible than mutually cooperative relations.

Washington’s rage dominance threatens all sovereign independent countries. It threatens world peace and humanity’s survival.

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