North Korea Moves Missle Launchers To The East Coast

North Korea Moves Missle Launchers To The East Coast | 109222746 | Military Military Weapons News Articles Science & Technology US News War Propaganda World News

North Korea has moved two mobile launchers with Scud missiles to the east coast. According to officials with the Defense Ministry of South Korea, the country has been closely watching the maneuvers in the DPRK. The military explained that the data on the movement of additional missiles had been obtained from the satellite.

DPRK officials had previously announced their readiness to start a dialogue with South Korea and the United States, in the event the UN lifted sanctions from the country.

During the past few weeks, North Korea has been threatening South Korea, the U.S. and Japan with military actions. The peak of intensity occurred when Pyongyang said foreign nationals should leave North and South Koreas. To crown it all, the joint Kaesong industrial zone was closed and Musudan ballistic missiles were installed.

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