NYPD Cop Caught On Film Unleashing Racist Rant On Uber Driver Is Detective Assigned To Joint Terrorism Task Force (VIDEO)

NYPD Cop Caught On Film Unleashing Racist Rant On Uber Driver Is Detective Assigned To Joint Terrorism Task Force (VIDEO) | Detective-Patrick-Cherry-uber-driver-460x259 | Civil Rights Multimedia Tyranny & Police State US News

An undercover police officer who was captured on video ranting at an Uber driver is assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, it has emerged.

The New York Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident after the footage was posted online involving Detective Patrick Cherry.

One of the passengers in the car captured the exchange after the incident in West Village.

The officer has been named by the New York Daily News as Detective Patrick Cherry of the NYPD’s joint terrorism task force.

Detective Cherry was trying to park his Hyundai without indicating when the Uber driver known only as Humayun honked his horn.

The angered detective pulled over the Uber cab and launched a tirade, questioning the diver’s command of the English language as well as his car control skills.

Detective Cherry is now under investigation by the Civilian Complaint Review Board following a complaint of ‘discourtesy’.


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