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Throughout years of war in Syria, launched by Obama, escalated by Trump, the Times and other media scoundrels blamed Assad for US-led high crimes committed against the country, grievously harming its people most.

After Russia intervened on September 30, 2015 to combat US-supported terrorists at Assad’s request, it’s been vilified the same way.

On Friday, the Times continued its disinformation onslaught, calling Syria’s president Russia’s “greatest problem” in the country.

It’s “greatest problem” is US-led aggression, its support for ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, its occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, intending to remain indefinitely, creating a new 60,000-strong terrorist army to keep waging endless US war for regime change and destruction of Syrian sovereignty.

Instead of explaining what’s going on, the Times and other media scoundrels blame Damascus and Moscow for US-led aggression, aiming to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic, wanting its legitimate government replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

The Times:

Putin “finds himself stuck in Syria, not quite able to find a solution despite having declared ‘mission accomplished’ on at least three occasions.”

“While Mr. Putin’s military intervention established the Kremlin as a major player in the Middle East for the first time in decades, extricating Russia from Syria is proving far more difficult than he envisaged.”

Fact: Washington opposes conflict resolution, undermining good faith Russian efforts, turning Syria into another Afghanistan.

Fact: Putin’s problem is headquartered in Washington. Failure to achieve conflict resolution is because dark forces in America want it continued endlessly, no matter how unattainable their objectives.

The Times: “Assad… resists Russian attempts toward compromise with the Syrian opposition.”

Fact: False! The “Syrian opposition” is comprised of US-supported terrorists and Kurdish YPG fighters. Assad offered amnesty to elements in their ranks willing to seek peace over continued war.

The Times shamefully blames Russia for the endless misery of Syrian civilians – ignoring US-led aggression, its use of terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.

It cited a UN report wrongfully blaming Russia for a US-terror-bombing incident, massacring scores of civilians near Aleppo – similar incidents happening regularly, ignored by the Times and other media scoundrels.

Throughout the US-led rape and destruction of Mosul and Raqqa, the Times, other Western media and UN officials were silent – ignoring genocidal high crimes of war and against humanity.

The Times falsely claimed Russia wants a negotiated settlement to conflict as opposed to Syria wanting it continued to final victory.

The aims of both countries are similar – defeating US-supported terrorism, restoring peace and stability, then rebuilding what Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers destroyed.

The Times: “Iran (is) field(ing) around 60,000 fighters” in Syria – a bald-faced lie. Tehran has military advisors on the ground, not combat troops, not bases as Israel falsely claims.

Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, are defeating America’s aim for regional dominance by preventing the ouster of Assad and replacement of his legitimate government with pro-Western rule.

Its driving US imperial policymakers and supportive media like the Times to make all sorts of outlandish claims, signs frustration and defeat over being beaten on the battlefields of Syria.

The best US and allied forces can do is continue waging endless war, knowing it can’t be won – maybe ending one day in a similar humiliating fashion to the way Washington left Vietnam in April 1975.

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