NYT Big Lies About Trump’s Ties to Russia

NYT Big Lies About Trump’s Ties to Russia | NYTimes-1024x576 | Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda Trump
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The Times gives journalism a bad name. It’s a lying machine, not a credible source of news, information and analysis.

Paul Craig Roberts asked if it’s being “sustained by CIA subsidies.” The agency has billions of dollars to spend on nefarious activities, unrelated to keeping America safe.

The Times is viciously anti-Russia, anti-Trump. “Bring on the special prosecutor,” it roared in a Friday editorial, outrageously claiming Trump administration ties to Russia, despite no evidence proving any wrongdoing or anything out of the ordinary.

In an effort to undermine or oust him from office, it’s trying to invent a Watergate-type scenario, the way Nixon was wrongfully framed for pursuing anti-establishment policies.

The Times wants an anti-Trump special prosecutor the way Nixon was attacked. It rejects FBI director James Comey’s involvement for daring to question Hillary’s integrity, what she abandoned before and after becoming first lady.

Attorney General Sessions is out for The Times because of his support for Trump.

The Times: “Mr. Trump’s unexplained allegiance to that country and its thug of a president, Vladimir Putin, has been a major concern from the start of his candidacy.”

“But the scope of a potential investigation expanded sharply in the last four days, with the firing of Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for lying to the White House about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, and the news that members of the Trump campaign’s inner circle were in repeated contact with Russian intelligence agents last year, at the same time that Russia was actively attempting to swing the election to Mr. Trump.”

Fact: No responsible editor would  publish this rubbish. The Times features it.

Fact: Trump deserves universal support by wanting improved relations with Russia – if he means it by following through responsibly, not so far. Rhetoric doesn’t substitute for policy.

Fact: No credible evidence suggests any improper contacts between Trump campaign members and Russia – none with its intelligence.

Fact: Accusations of Russian US election hacking were fabricated – The Times one of the leading proliferators of falsified claims.

Trump has been in office less than one month. Calling for a special prosecutor is a politicized Times effort to further denigrate and undermine him toward achieving its aim of ousting him.

All public officials should be held accountable for their actions – not by inventing reasons to attack them.

The Times went at Trump throughout the campaign this way. It’s continuing the same jihad post-inauguration.

An independent special prosecutor is needed to investigate The Times and other media scoundrels for fake news reporting, not journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

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