The NYT Gives Unindicted War Criminal Feature Op-Ed Space

The NYT Gives Unindicted War Criminal Feature Op-Ed Space | condoleezza-rice | Mainstream Media Politics War Propaganda
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It wasn’t the first time, for sure not the last, truth-telling on vital issues banished from Times pages – notably on war and peace, along with virtually everything about Russia.

As Obama’s national security advisor, Rice supported his naked aggression, including terror-bombing seven countries.

As UN envoy and national security advisor, she was complicit in planning and waging naked aggression on sovereign Syria.

Calling war in the country “agonizing…complex and dangerous” ignored full US responsibility for launching it, continuing over seven years, no end of it in sight.

Rice: “Now, more than ever, the United States needs to clarify its strategic objectives in Syria and pursue them with ruthless discipline.”

Ruthless indeed, the hallmark of naked aggression! Washington’s aim is smashing a sovereign independent state, seeking another imperial trophy.

Moscow’s involvement has nothing to do with “prop(ping) up” Assad – everything to do with combating terrorism abroad rather than having to do it domestically, defending Russia’s national security its objective.

Rice: “The airstrikes launched last week by the United States, France and Britain sent a necessary, calibrated message to Mr. Assad that the civilized world does not countenance chemical weapons use.”

Fact: US-led naked aggression had nothing to do with deterring CW use, everything to do with pursuing regime change, much more of the same liking coming.

Rice: “Most dangerously, the Syrian conflict now pits big players against one another: Israel versus Iran, the United States versus Iran and Russia, and Turkey versus American-backed Kurds. These standoffs risk escalating into sustained conflict, even if worst-case scenarios can still be avoided.”

Fact: Escalated aggression risks East/West confrontation. Flashpoint in Syria could go global, risking nuclear war.

Rice: “Mindful of the lessons of Iraq, (Obama and Trump) administration(s) ha(ve) defined the primary goal as defeating the Islamic State, not regime change.”

False! Regime change IS the primary objective, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.

Rice: “Both administrations urged a diplomatic solution to the civil conflict…”

A bald-faced lie! US naked aggression and diplomacy are incompatible. There’s nothing civil about US-led war on the sovereign Syrian Republic.

US terror-bombing and atrocities committed by terrorists it supports are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, maybe over a million.

Rice turned truth on its head claiming otherwise, falsely blaming Assad. He’s a responsible leader defending his country against US-launched aggression, Russia providing invaluable support.

Like most others in Washington, Rice advocates continued war, US maintaining illegal occupation of Syrian territory – calling her advocacy “nation-building or at least region-building” – no matter how flagrantly in violation of international, constitutional and US statute laws.

She bizarrely claimed “abandon(ing) liberated areas is to roll out the red carpet for terrorists” – ignoring US support for these cutthroat killers.

She ignored reality saying Washington “must sustain its generous humanitarian assistance to Syrians inside the country and in neighboring states…”

No such assistance exists, except to terrorist-controlled areas for these killers, not civilians they slaughter and terrorize.

The US “should renew its push for a negotiated settlement to the conflict,” she added. Russia alone seeks diplomatic conflict resolution, thwarted by Washington, wanting conquest, not stepping back from the brink.

Rice supports all US wars of aggression against sovereign independent nations. So do the NYT and other Western media scoundrels.

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