Obama Orders Pentagon to Attack Al-Nusra? Hold the Cheers!

 Obama Orders Pentagon to Attack Al-Nusra? Hold the Cheers! | al-nusra | Government Obama Exposed Pentagon Special Interests World News

According to the Washington Post, Obama “ordered the Pentagon to find and kill the leaders of an al-Qaeda-linked group, Al-Nusra in Syria that the administration had largely ignored until now and that has been at the vanguard of the fight against the Syrian government, (unnamed) US officials said.

Fact: His war on ISIS is phony. It’s destroying infrastructure and massacring civilians in Syria and Iraq – while pretending to be fighting terrorists, the elements America created and continues supporting in all countries where they’re deployed.

WaPo: Obama is “concern(ed) that (al-Nusra) is turning parts of Syria into a new base of operations…”

Fact: Obama continues using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers to oust Assad and destroy Syrian sovereignty.

WaPo: His “move underlies the extent to which (he) prioritize(s) the counterterrorism mission over efforts to pressure President Bashar al-Assad to step aside…”

Fact: The way to defeat terrorism in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere is for Washington and its rogue allies to stop arming, funding, training, directing and otherwise supporting these imperial foot soldiers.

WaPo: “The United States has conducted sporadic strikes in the past against veteran al-Qaeda members who migrated to northwestern Syria from Afghanistan and Pakistan to join al-Nusra and whom US officials suspected of plotting against the United States and its allies.”

Fact: Washington supports these fighters along with Pentagon-led “coalition” warplanes waging war on Syria, not on any terrorist group operating in the country or Iraq.

WaPo: Obama’s “new order gives the US military’s Joint Special ¬Operations Command, or JSOC, wider authority and additional intelligence-collection re-sources to go after al-Nusra’s broader leadership, not just al-Qaeda veterans or those directly involved in external plotting.”

Fact: Obama wants Syria turned into another US vassal state, gaining another imperial trophy.

WaPo: “(A)ides say Obama grew frustrated that more wasn’t being done by the Pentagon and the intelligence community to kill al-Nusra leaders given the warnings he had received from top counter¬terrorism officials about the gathering threat they posed.”

Fact: Washington continues supporting all terrorist groups it claims to oppose – in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Claims otherwise are Big Lies.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will continue US aggression in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. He accused Obama of making a mess out of the region. He can’t undo spilt milk but can stop spilling more of it.

Once in office, he’ll have a chance to change policy responsibly – a key test on whether he’s for endless wars or diplomacy to resolve ongoing ones.

A Final Comment

In response to the Washington Post’s article, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said “in foreign policies and diplomacy, reactions are given to official statements, and as yet we have not seen anything of the kind.”

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said “(t)he new (US) president was elected only two days ago so it is too early to make any plans.” At this time, Russia intends no counterterrorism cooperation with Washington.

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    • Jeffersonian

      ROFLAO! Obama or Hillary, or McCain, or Kerry will never kill one of their paid militants/NATO operatives to overthrow (fill in the blank country filled with Gold and independent strong currency system!)!

      Just more bs!

      The make the fearporn propaganda videos (like Osama Bin Laden Video Tapes where he kept getting younger, shorter, and eventually a midget from a totally different race that they then switched to Audio tapes after people couldn’t stop laughing after watching “Osama” video). Just like the ISIS Beheading videos where they don’t show a single beheading, that is obviously recorded inside a bollywood-style studio, in front of a green screen, using fake lighting and fake wind, then never mention anything about Allah just before taking the very fake plastic dagger up to the throat and sawing a couple times without a drop of blood or grimace of pain or resistance of the alleged ISIS prisoner, then cut the video to show a very fake plastic dummy without a sign of body hair and fake blood poured out and the guy’s face pasted in so bad that a 10 yr old could have done better with Elmer’s Glue!

      The propaganda videos that our “National Intelligence” (oxymoron) pushes and is their only proof of this so-called terrorist group, has led to the death of hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent babies, women, elderly and men MURDERED ON OUR DIME! I’m fed up with the BS! Rita Katz (Zionist NSA Contractor and former Mossad agent) is the ONLY PERSON THAT CAN FIND THESE VIDEOS OF OSAMA, ISIS, OR WHATEVER BOOGYMAN THEY CLAIM WE MUST GET! So you mean to tell me that this Mossad zionist and her group of 20-something kids working for her are the only people that can seem to find all of these videos on the internet (even those that haven’t even been uploaded………Yes the bee-otch bragged in an interview that they “found” one of the greenscreen fake beheading videos before ISIS was able to download it)! Now I don’t know much about computers and the internet, but I know dammn well that you can’t obtain videos from the internet that have never been uploaded to a single computer! Now how does our wonderful CIA shills and NSA govt minions are never able to find these FAKE beheadings!?! Gee? Could it be because Rita Katz is paid to Make the freaking things?!! Hmmm! Just a wild guess!

      Sheeple need to demand an end to the Propaganda and an end to the fake muslim terrorists that they claim are popping up everywhere where the CIA has deemed we must overthrow for the banking cabal and oil barons!