Odd Photos of Obama and Michelle on Necker Island (VIDEO)

Odd Photos of Obama and Michelle on Necker Island (VIDEO) | Odd-Photos-of-Obama-and-Michelle-on-Necker-Island | Multimedia Obama Exposed US News

By: Barry Soetero |

Paparazzi catch odd images of Obama with Michelle on Necker Island in the Caribbean.

After getting ditched by Michelle in California, Obama finally catches up to her on this billionaire’s island — or does he?

Long-range photos of Obama and Michelle are grossly distorted — beyond the typical “paparazzi” photos of celebrities “down the beach.”

Unlike most paparazzi pictures, these Obama photos look altered — as if Obama’s facial features are digitally concealed.

Yes, they are telephoto images taken at long range, but Hollywood starlets are photographed at the beach every day — yet their tabloid photos don’t show these bizarre anomalies.

Question: is Obama really on Necker Island in the Caribbean with Michelle? Or is this a digitally-faked public relations stunt to portray the “happy couple” together?


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